Nail Foils WITHOUT Glue! | She Modern Water Decal! (Water Slide Nail Art!) | The Polish Queen

Nail Foils WITHOUT Glue! | She Modern Water Decal! (Water Slide Nail Art!) | The Polish Queen

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In this video, I’m going to try nail
foils without glue with these she modern water decal. Let’s dive right in! Hey guys, it’s Clarice, welcome back to my
channel. So here are the nail foils that I have. I chose this flower design and for
the colors I picked silver and purple, and I think it has some holographic in
it too. But before I open these up and get started on that, first we need to
figure out what we’re doing with my nails right. Looking on their website for
some inspiration, I saw the idea of using white or black french tips and I think
they look pretty cool so I’m going to try that out. Okay, um. You never really know how things go
when you’re doing your nails but this is my idea of what I’m kind of going for. So
I’m just using the brush to try to make a french tip. I’m not using any nail
vinyl this time. Usually, I use my French Tip nail vinyls. But I used
a peel off base coat so I’m going to try to get away with doing it this way.
Oh yeah, I haven’t done French tips in a long time. I think my last French tip was
like this rainbow that I did for a collab. And for this nail, I’m going to paint it
black. Just plain black. I might add a flower on it, I’m not sure. For this nail,
we’re going to do a black French tip. Ooh, this looks kind of cool. What do you
think about that guys? And then finally the pinky will have a black French tip
too. So let’s let these dry and then we can continue with the decal. Hey guys I
have a question for you, have you ever used nail foils before and
where did you get them from? Share your answer below. Alrighty so let’s actually
open this up. Okay. Oh I didn’t see that they sent me these too. Oh that’s so nice his snowmen
and wreaths, oh that’s really cute. I didn’t know it was coming with this…
and snowflakes, now I can do a Christmas mani with these. But we’re just
going to continue what the plan and use these ones here for today’s mani. I
think I want to do some of these like half flowers over here. All right, so I think what I see them do
is you like put it in the water like this.
Oh, it’s curling up. All right I don’t know how long that was but let’s see if
this is dry. Oh it’s very wet. Oh look at that,
it came off. Wow! I didn’t cut off that purple line right there.
I need to do that. There. So I would think what would be next is top coat, but let’s
wait until I do all mine before I topcoat them. And, bingk! Come one, sink. And I’ll put this one on the thumb, it’s a pretty big one. I’m going to dip my nail into the water a bit here.
Oh. So yeah, in order for it to lay flat I’m finding I need to make a few
cuts in the edges of the decal. This is so pretty, I love that purple. Alrighty, so I’ve done all the nails. Now
I’m going to take my top coat and I’m going to top coat these, let see what
they look like. All righty so I really liked how these turned out. You can’t see
any of the transparent decal part, that’s pretty much all disappeared. I like how
you can move around the decal a little bit, at least before they dry
before you’re happy where you put them. If you have any ideas on what I could do
with these decals then definitely let me know below. I hope you all enjoyed
watching me have some fun with these. But in my next video, I’m going to try
out gel polish with a lamp that I got and some Born Free gel polishes that they
sent me, so make sure to hit that notification bell I think it’ll be
really fun. The Christmas themed decails… decals they came with. And here are the
comment shoutouts for this video, like this. And what is that little white thing
right there, get that out. But this is my idea of what I’m kind of going for, if
any of you can even understand this. And here are the comment shoutouts for this
video, thank you so much everyone for your love and support. If you enjoyed
this video, please let me know by liking it below. If you’re new here and you’d
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Share this video with your friends, and comment below, your ideas on designs I
could do with the Christmas themed decals they came with. Remember that a smile is
the prettiest thing you can wear, so I hope to see you in my next video, thank
you so much for watching all the way to the end, you’re really the best, and have
a magical day!


  1. It's beautiful ! And for your Christmas foils you could do a compilation of Christmas nail designs , it would be awesome !!

  2. Looks awesome!! Tfs 💜💖💜
    The Holo Glitter ate the newest color!! Love them!!!
    Thanks for the mention too.
    Lot's of Christmas nails with your free foils!😁
    Usually they say with nail polish you should use a water based top coat over foils.. or peel off base on top….
    seems yours did fine!!! Yay! Maybe shemodern redid the foils I know many of their other products where redone.
    I'm a "gel gal " never an issue, so I really don't know much but what I'm told. I've had foils from SheModern, Amazon, Aliexpress, Wish, wins, n I forget😂. Always buying them. ..just like glitter.

  3. Beautiful, I was just getting ready to put my order in to shemodern, those decals are awesome. Now I know what to get, Great video as Always💕✨🥰💕✨✨✨✨

  4. I love SheModern products. Have been using them for ages. I have a playlist on my channel is you want to check them out. I really love what you did with your design. It came out super pretty 🥰🙋🏻‍♀️💙

  5. Very cute mani. I really like the white and black combo! I haven't use water decals on my nails yet only nail stickers. But I would like to try one day 😊✨💅

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