Nail Polish when pregnant I Kia-Charlotta

Nail Polish when pregnant I Kia-Charlotta

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hi my beautiful souls and welcome to Kia charlotta so in today’s video I’m finally answering a question which we get so often can I wear nail polish or of course the question to us is can I wear Kesha lots of nail polishes whilst I’m pregnant and I obviously feel that it’s so fantastic that pregnant women are you know making sure that the cosmetics that they’re using is safe for them to use and for their baby which is growing inside of them that is obviously important and very amazing but one important thing that I do have to say right in the beginning of this video is that it’s so important to realize that we as care charlotta and obviously any other cosmetics company or any other company out there we’re just a company right we’re creating these amazing products and yes we do pay special attention to the ingredients that we are putting in our products to make sure that there are the least amount of toxins possible whilst keeping an amazing quality in nail polish however we are not healthcare professionals I’m sure most of you know that and understand that whenever you have a question regarding the safety of a specific ingredient of any product but of course in this case our nail polish it is always the best and the safest and the most sure to ask your doctor what he or she thinks about the ingredients and this is simply because like everybody’s health everybody’s health conditions etc also every pregnancy is different everybody is going to have a unique and different pregnancy and of course every body is also different so everybody is going to react to different things in a different way so it is unique to yourself and your pregnancy whether or not you can use certain cosmetic products or not however as our research has showed us there is very little evidence to say that using nail polish is going to affect your baby in any way but there are some ingredients that you should preferably watch out for to ensure the safest pregnancy possible but plenty of pregnant women use nail polishes and Kiera lotta has many pregnant woman who has who have used our nail polishes as well so yes general we can say that it is safe to use EHRs or nail polishes whilst pregnant however do ask your doctor just in case because we do not know your unique conditions your unique health your unique pregnancy anything just make sure to do that if you feel unsure of any ingredient or anything like that when it comes to nail polish we all know that’s one of the hardest cosmetics products especially within the natural cosmetics industry to create 100% natural and organic and green in fact it is impossible it just doesn’t happen so the only thing that we can do if we still want to wear nail polish is to find the safest option is to find the emot– the least toxic often which still works fantastic and has amazing colors etc as you guys might know keratin nail polishes are 14-3 which means that we do not include 14 of the most toxic ingredients so using nail polishes today and this 14 free list also includes the five ingredients that most articles and professionals are going to tell you to avoid when using nail polish when pregnant so because we do not include these five plus the nine other ingredients that we don’t include in our nail polish it’s safe to say that compared to at least the other conventional nail polish brands Carrollton nail polishes are a safer option to use especially when pregnant and if you are a woman who wants to use nail polish whilst you are pregnant we have six tips for you guys which we think you should know before starting to use nail polish to ensure that you are letting the least toxic chemicals into your bloodstream or body as possible so let’s go the number one thing is to avoid the big five so that means use and at least five free nail polish which avoids the following ingredients DPP or any other fascinates formaldehyde toluene xyla and camphor number two closely related to our first tip is to only use free from nail polishes so the least amount is three from nail polish up to fourteen three which is chaos and nail polish’s number three and this goes to those who decided to keep using conventional nail polishes is that keep the window open whilst painting your nails we all know that specific nail polish smell that comes when painting your nails and obviously the more chemicals the air has the more you’re inhaling it and the more you’re also inhaling into your body now this is just a small precaution that we can take and easily take and making sure that we’re inhaling the least amount of chemical as possible obviously we can’t avoid that completely when painting our nails when it comes to free from nail polishes obviously this is less important however the free from nail polishes also have that unique nail polish smell which usually comes from the various solvents used in nail polishes and also free from nail polishes obviously need to use solvents in their nail polishes as well number four again a small precaution that one can take is to avoid getting nail polish onto your skin so I know when a lot of people paint their nails some of us are neater when doing so some of us not so neat and those ones who might not be that neat when doing your nails and we can often get some nail polish onto our skin as well and obviously skin does absorb chemicals and ingredients better into the bloodstream than your nails do even though nails are absorbing a lot of them as well because nails are like our skin so just avoiding to get any nail polish onto your skin especially the cuticle area which is especially sensitive it’s just a good idea and something that you can do as a precautious measure whilst painting your nails when pregnant number five is to avoid fake nails or artificial nails and this is because acrylic nails or gel nails tend to always have more harmful chemicals in them than any other conventional nail polish and especially and the other free from nail polish for example it’s just simply impossible to create those without those more toxic ingredients in them as well and our sixth and last tip is take good care of your nails so this has little to do with using nail polish whilst you’re pregnant but our research also showed that whilst you are pregnant some women are to have the effect that their nails are stronger and more healthy and everything was pregnant while the other half is going to notice a drastic change in the health of their nails in terms of them being more brittle breaking easier chipping easier etc so make sure to take good care of your nails depending on what kind of effect pregnancy has on your nails dry and brittle nails are also going to make nail polish chip easier so if your nail polish all of a sudden doesn’t last as long as it used to when you weren’t pregnant don’t be too alarmed or too surprised and don’t blame the nail polish that much either because it’s simply because your nails are more dry and brittle whilst you are pregnant so that was our video for today and all about using nail polish while you are pregnant I hope this could answer some of your questions especially about using care charlotta nail polishes whilst you are pregnant in summary I would like to repeat that yes in general EHRs and nail polishes are safe to use whilst you are pregnant we have many pregnant customers who have used our nail polishes but absolutely nothing but good things to say so I hope you guys enjoyed this video and thank you guys so much for watching and some of you and most of you perhaps even are probably pregnant West watching this video I just want to say have an amazing pregnancy enjoy the time just embrace the pregnancy you know paint your nails with free from nail polishes if you want to you don’t have to completely avoid it most likely at all but also just enjoy and be in the moment in that pregnancy I can only imagine how amazing it is and what an amazing experience it is and of course congratulations to you I’m so happy for you I’m super excited to see you guys in our next video until then you guys bye [Music]

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