Nail Stamping – How To Use Cat eye Magnetic Stamping polish

Nail Stamping – How To Use Cat eye Magnetic Stamping polish

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Learn about the new uniqe Moyra magnetic stamping polish. It can be used in several different ways. You can use it as a traditional stamping polish or as a normal nail polish. Available in four popular colours. Using it on the whole surface, it gives a sparkly finish, or you can create the „cat eye”effect with a magnet to make it even more interesting. Apply the Moyra Cat eye Nail Polish onto your fingernails, then without waiting hold the magnet approx. 0,5 cm above the nail . You will see the “cat eye effect” straight away. Wait for 20-30 seconds while the nail polish dries, then you can remove the magnet. Apply Top Coat as usual. There are many different ways to hold the magnet above the nail. Different part of the magnet will result in different shapes of magnentic effect. We are showing you the positions ont he video, but feel free to experiment with the magnet as you like! The Moyra Cat Eye Magnetic Nail Polish can be used for stamping, too. We are showing how to do the stamping with the No. 03 Ornaments Stamping Plate and the No. 30 Cat Eye Magnetic Silver Nail Polish. We use a popular ornamental pattern to create a silvery magnetic design. The No. 32 Cat Eye magnetic Red Nail Polish was chosen as a base colour for this stamping design, but you can stamp on any base colour. The stamping patterns made this way are sparkly, as if they were covered with an effect powder. We are creating the magnetic design now. We are using the 12 PiXL Stamper and the No. 80 Magneto Stamping Plate, whose patterns have been specially designed for magnetic stamping. The ombre design is made with the SP32 Magnetic red and the SP33 Magnetic Blue Stamping Nail Polishes on a black base colour. Apply the two different stamping nail polish next to each other on the same design. Use the scraper on the stamping plate a few times, to make the ombre effect. Pick the pattern up with the stamper and stamp it onto the nail. The clear stamper head helps in positioning. SP Top Coat is recomended to cover the nail. It does not smear your design and it helps the metal particles to move as magnet directs them. Right after the applying SP Top Coat, hold the magnet approx. 0,5 cm above the nail. You will see the “cat eye effect” soon. We are waiting for 20-30 seconds until the nail polish dries on the nail, and , then we can remove the magnet. The Cat Eye Magnet Stamping Nail polish can be used for foiling, too. Now we are going to show you this technique with the No 77. Blossometry Stamping Plate. We are using the Holographic Gold Easy Foil for this design. SP31 Magnetic Gold Stamping Nail Polish will be used for this orchid design. We apply the base colour, which is No.32 Magnetic Red and wait until it dries. Then we stamp with SP31 Magnetic Gold. Moyra Magnetic polishes dry a little slower, so Easy Foil easily sticks on their sticky layer. To cover the foil design, use the SP Aqua Top Coat. Try out the combinations of Magnetic stamping Polish and Easy foil! We want to inspire you with this foil design made with the help of the No. 66 Exotique Stamping Plate. This Stamping Plate is full of trendy summery designs. We are going to use No. 01 Silver Magic Foil. We are stamping with No. 30 Magnetic Silver Stamping Nail Polish and then press foil on it. Our base colour is No. 33 Magnetic Blue Stamping Nail Polish. The selected starfish design is stamped in the usual way. We press the foil on it without waiting. The Moyra Magic Foil sticks on the nail polish. To cover the foil design, use SP Aqua Top Coat. The magnetized nail polish base gives a special effect, a certain depth to the foiled design, like those starfish and turtles were really in a deep sea.


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