Negative Space ♡ Heart ♡ & Double Eyeliner | Valentine’s Day Makeup

Negative Space ♡ Heart ♡ & Double Eyeliner | Valentine’s Day Makeup

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Today I’m going to show you how to create
this red smokey eye with a negative space heart and gold and black
double eyeliner. I’m first placing some makeup tape, following to angle of my lower lash line. This is going to make the double eyeliner
much easier later on. Keeping in mind where your crease is, place
a little heart. You can use a sticker, but I’m cheap so
I just cut up the same makeup tape. Next I’m packing a matte bright red onto
the lid, bringing it about halfway up to the heart. I’m taking it pretty far past the outer V because I want it to contrast strongly against
the gold liner later on. Use a matte warm pink to blend the edges of
the red into the crease. Then switch to a large fluffy brush to really
blend that out and smoke it towards the brow. Repeat the process of building up pigment
and blending it out until your blending is seamless and your colors
are intense. There needs to be a strong contrast between
the eyeshadow and your skin tone for the heart to show clearly. Next I’m highlighting the brow bone with
a soft beigey pink with iridescent glitter. Gently peel off the heart. So cute~!! I’m using a small liner brush to draw a
thin line of concealer. Then winging it out. This is where that makeup tape comes in handy. With our base complete, pack a metallic peachy
gold on top. I’ve sprayed my brush with a setting spray to help with pigmentation, or your can wet the brush. This is already looking gorgeous,
but I’m gonna take it further by adding a thin line of black eyeliner over the lower
half of the gold. Again, the makeup tape really helps here. Speaking of which, gently reveal your efforts. Now THAT. Is stunning. But we’re not done yet! Line the waterline with a black kohl pencil. Soften the eyeliner with the red. Blend out the edge of the red with the pink. If necessary, go back in with more red. Highlight the inner corner with that same
brow highlight, then finish off the look with some mascara
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  1. I had a lot of fun trying out new techniques with this look! Are there any other techniques you'd like to see a tutorial on?

  2. Hi Miss Anna I need to know what your Facebook is so I can add you on Facebook and yeah I don't have Twitter or Instagram hello see you at School

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