NEW Cargo Cosmetics Swimmables Reveal + Waterproof Test | This Week in Beauty 6/21

NEW Cargo Cosmetics Swimmables Reveal + Waterproof Test | This Week in Beauty 6/21

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– Hi everyone, I’m Roxette Arisa and you’re watching This
Week in Beauty with ipsy. So today we are putting a brand new water resistant line
of makeup to the test. This is the Cargo
Cosmetics Swimmables line. It’s super duper cute, so will it wash off, will it work? Let’s see. I’ve got some of the
products from the collection starting off with foundations. This is the Swimmables long wear foundation from the collection. It does come in eight shades,
but I have two here to swatch. So I have warm nude for you guys, which is more of like a medium
olivey undertone foundation. That’s what it looks like right there. And then we have the shade
right here which is mocha. And that’s what the two foundation shades that I have to show you guys look like. This is a really nice formula honestly because it’s supposed to
give very buildable coverage, but it’s very weightless and that’s perfect for the summertime because when you’re
out in the summer heat, when you’re out all day you
don’t want your foundation to be caking up because it’s too heavy, but you still want to have that coverage and you can already see
that this foundation is gonna have that medium
to full buildable coverage. So that is what we want. We have liquid lipsticks
in the collection. So their liquid lipsticks
from the Swimmables collection comes in six different shades. This is the shade
Portofino and it’s actually the one that I’m wearing right now. It’s such a beautiful classic red. And again, I just feel
like for summertime, red is the way to make a bold statement like with a wing and a red
lip, you are summer ready. And these are so cool because
they are very easy to wear. They lie on super easily and they’re very, very opaque, as well. They also stay on your lips really nicely so they’re long wearing, they’re creamy, they’re not gonna like
crack up or get dry on you. It’s super duper nice
and on top of that all, it dries fast and never smudges. Next up we have the
Swimmables eye pencil kit. So this one comes with
four different shades. I have three of them here
to show you guys today. So this is the black shade,
it’s number one Black Sea. We also have number 11, Shelby Beach. And then number 10, which is Dorado Beach. This is actually my favorite because it’s the perfect bronze tone and it’s super duper creamy
and long lasting again. And just look at that shade. It’s so so beautiful for the summertime and I just think that I would get so much use out of this guy. And then we have to swatch this green because it’s a very unique color. I really, really like the formula but also the shade range of these because they’re gonna be
so universally flattering for so many different
skin tones and eye colors which I think is really important when you’re really trying to
make your eyes pop the most. And then we have number one, Black Sea, which is your classic matte black and it’s, again, super duper
creamy and highly pigmented. And these are actually all waterproof, smudge proof and paraben-free. Then we have the bronzer. This is the sSimmables
water resistant bronzer. I thought it was so cool that there is a powder product that is
actually water resistant. And the way that they did that is actually through
silicone coated pigments that are in this product and they basically just cling to the skin and help withstand water. So this is what this product looks like. It does have some shimmer in there so when you’re applying it to your skin it’s gonna give you a
little bit of a glow, but it’s nothing too crazy. It’s not gonna make you
look sparkly or anything, and it’s just gonna give you
that perfect summer bronze. And then over here, we
have some eye crayons. So these are the Swimmables
long wear eye shadow stick. This is the shade Morro Bay right here, which is a nice deep plumy shade. It almost has like pigments
of bronze running through it. And then on the other shade is Botany Bay. So this one is more of
like a mauvey shade, but both of these are so great because they will stay on your eyes for a super long time without creasing. And at first you can smudge them out if you want to blend them in, but once they’re set, they’re set and they are gonna stay on your face all day, all night and
they’re water resistant. So that’s pretty cool, too. So let us know in the
comment section below, do you wear makeup to the beach? Do you wear makeup to the pool? How interested are you guys
in water resistant makeup? We would love to know. And now that we know
what we’re working with, we have to put this to the test. Oh my god, it actually stayed on! What do you guys think? This is pretty impressive. I am pretty darn impressed with that. Like even the foundation and the powder nothing, it didn’t even
move and it’s like, it’s on there, it’s on there for good. So what do you guys think of this result? Let us know in the comment section. Are you gonna check out this collection now for summer? We definitely want to hear from you and I am just so impressed
with this right now. So thank you guys for
watching this episode of This Week in Beauty, and
we will see you next time.


  1. I’m interested in waterproof makeup! I think the line is so unique and cool! Some people do what coverage and to be able to get in water so i think this is great! I’m going to go purchase some!

  2. I would love to try these products. Love all the colors and really good for my. I have to go through physical therapy for my spine and I'm also going to have hip surgery and that means more water therapy. 💖🙌🙌🙌👏✌

  3. Hell yeah I am going to check it, I'm in love with everything you guys have been sending me on the past month bags and I would love to try out one of these😍😍 Maria Madera🖒

  4. I've been using products from the swimmables collection for a few months now and absolutely love them! The eye pencils are my favorite, I keep them in my kit to use on my clients and have a set in my own makeup bag!

  5. It’s literally 109 degrees for tomorrow’s forecast 😎🔫🔫🔫💦☀️☀️☄️☄️☄️💥🔥🔥🌈

  6. Maybe not so much water resistant but definitely more sweat proof high humidity stuff. I'm from the south east and we have tons of humidity that can ruin A great face in seconds. Nothing more frustrating to look good walking out and get in your car only to look like you just melted everything into A hot mess. Ugh!!!

  7. I’m DEFINITELY gonna try out that bronzer and those liquid lips 😍😍 they sell Cargo Cosmetics at Kohl’s and they’re ALWAYS ALWAYS having some type of sale 👏🏻👏🏻 I do own a lip liner a shadow quad a bronzer which is shimmery as well but NOT the waterproof one I personally prefer matte and I have 3 lipglosses from them as well they are a GREAT brand!! I got one of the lipglosses from my Ipsy or boxycharm I cannot remember 🤔 they’re not sticky not very opaque either though 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️ but they are very pretty nonetheless!! Thanks for this little review it was super cool to see NONE of that come off with that water 😲😲😲😲

  8. Well since I will be working the summer school program for my district and plan on hitting the beach at least once a week after school. I guess I'll be needing water proof makeup. I live at the Jersey Shore so I'm more interested in sweat and humidity proof make up.

  9. Very cool! I live in Florida, so I'm always looking for beach-proof makeup. I've been on a quest for it as of late for our 4th of July in the Keys! But a lot of the waterproof and water-resistant products are sneaky! They'll survive a dunk test, but not a dunk and smudge. I know that's asking/expecting a lot, but when that wave comes up and hits you, you WILL try to wipe the saltwater out of your eyes, so even if the products survived the wave, they now have to survive your eye rub while already wet, you know? Please let us know how well they stay on after a dunk and smudge!

    P.S. MAC's new pro longwear waterproof foundation is THE beach foundation. It really does stay on through dunks and rubs and I can't recommend it enough.

  10. This is amazing because I'm deff tired of spending alot on lipsense and eyesence I'm so exited cargo came out with this line. I'm deff a long wear makeup type of girl I hate to reapply every so often

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