NEW Colourpop Disney Designer Midnight Masqueade Collection ( Review + Swatches)

NEW Colourpop Disney Designer Midnight Masqueade Collection ( Review + Swatches)

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Hey guys, welcome
back to my channel. And if you knew my name is
Alayna in today’s video. We are going to be doing
a review on the new color. Pop times Disney collab it is there midnight
masquerade collection and I’m really excited for you guys to see all
the swatches to see the demo and to hear my review
on this collection. So if you want
to hear my opinion on the new colourpop times
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every time I post a video and let’s go
ahead and get right into the review. So I got a super
exciting package today. And I know you guys
already know what it is by the name of the title, but I got the new color pop
times Disney midnight masquerade palette and collection. So I’m really excited to see this collection and try
it out for you guys. So this is the outer
packaging of the palette and I am here for this. I feel like this collection compared to their previous
Disney collection is more of the nighttime
version of that. So I am obsessed
with the packaging so far. I’m loving the Royal Blues definitely gave me
those magical Disney fives and definitely sending me back
into the childhood era where I grew up watching
all these movies and the most exciting part is
when you open it up I die you guys but look at this. Oh my God, so
when you open it up, the first thing you see
is the Disney princesses on the top of You
packaging of these pallets, which I love I love the fact
that they went with that style for this palette
instead of a mirror. I just think it’s more unique. It definitely gives
you more of the purpose of it being a Disney collab when you see all of them when you open up the pallets
and you can see where their inspiration came
from how they got these colors and why they named them
the names they named because of all
of the princesses. So I love that and I
love the detail work that they put into this pallets. With how they
design the princesses, I love that. They add a Twist to their
original costumes and stuff that they wear in the movies and then make them look more
Chic and more up-to-date and more modern. So I love that think
they did a really good job. And then for the palate, of course, I am obsessed
with the color scheme of this palette. I think they did a really
good job with having every shade match something
from the princesses. So it personally I
love the color scheme of this palette. I love the fact that They went
with the neutral shades on the first row these Shimmer and glitter shades
on the second row and then the deep in Darker shade
on the third row. I just think that is
so aesthetically pleasing and we’re not overall
look at the palette. I definitely could see
myself creating so many different looks with it. I can create
a simple loop with this for every day a bold
and Smoky look up there are so many different things
you can do with this and I personally love
the colors in here. So yeah, I think this is
a really great palette that packaging is everything and honestly so far
I am here for it. So one of them is wash the first
row on the palate for you guys. Here is the second row
in the palette. And here is Row
3 of the palette. The next thing that they came
out within the collection was they have a bunch
of Princess bundles. So the one that I have right
here is Tiana’s bundle, but for every princess that they have
in the collection, they do have their
own personal bundle. So each of those bundles
do cost $18 and in the bundle, you will either get a blush or a highlight and you will get
their new formulated liquid lip, which is called
their Luck’s liquid lip and you will get
this kind of packaging if you buy the whole bundle and if you don’t you
can buy the products inside individually, so if you decide to buy
the blush or highlight it is $10 and if you decide to buy
the looks liquid lip, it is eight dollars. So this is the packaging
and this like I said, this one is for Tiana. So as you can see it does have
like her masquerade mask on the front of it
with the greens and the blues on here, which is really I’m pretty so when you open this up
as you can see, we have Princess Tiana
right here and it says down in New Orleans. Yes, honey. I have actually been in New Orleans and it is
so much fun down there. So I definitely Vie
with this whole theme of this bundle and I just love like I said the detail
that they do on the princesses. I think they do a wonderful job. She looks amazing. So when you open this up, you do see the new
looks liquid lipstick and the blush and I love that they continue to add
to Jana on the compact. So when you do have it
in your drawer and stuff, you know that it is the Disney
one from colour-pop. So yeah, I really like this. I think this is
such a great deal and I love the packaging for it. So I actually went ahead
and Swatch to bonus for you guys. So the top one is the blush, which this is called
kissing a frog and the What is the looks
liquid lip and this is in the shade Prince Naveen okay. So now that we got all
the information out of the way. Let’s go ahead and get
right into the palette. I’m really excited. I am ready to see what
this palette is talking about is she cute is she going
to blend on our eyes and she gonna do to do
we’re going to see I’ma let y’all know I’m going to start
with the shade and chanted and this is like a peachy shade. It is not showing up
that way on camera, but it is definitely
a peach literally a straight-up Peach so far. I’m getting You know normal color pop eyeshadow Vibes
were not having any trouble with the blending. It’s going on really
nicely very smooth and it is looking nice. Yeah, that’s a really
nice everyday peachy shade. I feel like it looks
really pretty next. I’m going to go in
with this shade right here, which is nutmeg. I would say. This is more like a terracotta
orangie Brown shade and I’m going to just
continue to add that into the crease, but it’s going to help add
a little bit more depth. So you’re going
to take that shade that is a pretty shade right
here definitely pigmented. I’m just laying that on top of that Enchanted
shade and I feel like they are going
to be really good shades to complement each other. Every time I use
colour-pop eyeshadows. I’m always impressed with how good they are
every time just like how do y’all be making
these good-ass eyeshadows for such a cheap price
like every time kind of shook like I swear they
always are pigmented. They blend really nicely. They have great color schemes. They’re always
putting out stuff. I swear they do not sleep. They are literally
coming out with something like every week it is insane. Now. I’m going to take
this red shade Gaston and I’m going to add this
in the outer crease and a little bit
in the center of the lid. I think that’s going
to be a really nice shade. I love a good red Shea and I’m really excited to see
how it’s going to Blink because red is definitely
a tricky eyeshadow to work with when you’re making them. So yeah, we’re going to see
how it Blends on our that Roche. It does have a little
bit of kick out. You just want to dust
off your brush after you pick it up. So the pigmentation is
definitely there with this red like it just said boom on my eyes, so she
did not come to play today. So far, I’m really
impressed with this red is actually really pigmented
and it’s not like blue doing that blending away junk after you like have
a pigmented shade and it just Blends away
after you start blending it. It is staying there
and it is not moving. So so the next day
I’m going to be taking is the shade Merryweather, which is this royal blue shade
and I’m going to apply that on the outer crease. I think it’s going to look
really great with that red. So we’re just going to go
Timberland that right on it and if you’re curious
of what brushes I’m using them actually using the eye brushes from the Jaclyn Hill times
more fee collection. So I’m always using
those brushes because I feel like they definitely blend
the eyeshadow really well and I think you’re really nice. Okay, so I’m just going
to pack that on first before I blend it. This is going to be slow. Okay, so I definitely can tell what this blue you
definitely want to make sure you’re packing it first before you blend because I feel like it’s going to be a shade that we’re going to have
a little bit of trouble with so you just want to make sure
you pack it on and get the color payoff that you want first
and then start blending it. And this is definitely
just going to be a packing and blending packing
and blendy kind of thing. You’re just going to keep
packing the blue shade on and bling it out until you get the payoff
that you want. So I’m gonna go ahead and cut
the crease really quickly and then we’re gonna come back and I’m going to apply
some of the shimmers or Glitters on my eyelids
and we can see how it all comes together. So I’ll be right back. So I’m back. I’ve already cut the crease and I’ve added a little bit
of Meriwether and outer crease and really He didn’t get
into the lid Shades. So I’m thinking the first shade
I want to go into is Mama Odie, which is this really nice green
brownish reflective color. I’m gonna go ahead and add
that in the first part of the cut crease and then I’m going to take
this shade frog and wife, which is this really
nice reflective green shade and I might add
that right next to it. Okay, so we’re going
in with a mom. Mod, this is
a really pretty shade when ice watch this. It definitely was
one of the shades that stood out to me
the most in this palette. Oh my God, that is so pretty. And as you can see,
it is extremely pigmented. It looks amazing. I love it you guys, okay. So that is the first shade and now I’m going to go in
with the green shade. Like I said right here frog
and wife and this is more of like an emerald green shade
and I’m going to pop that right next to that shade. This is gorgeous. And now I’m gonna go back
in with the shade Merryweather, which is that blue shade
and we’re just going to blend that back and forth. So it Blends in with that green. So that is pretty much
the isomer go ahead and add some lashes and liner
and do my base makeup. Then I’m going to come back
onto the lower lash line put on the blush
in the liquid lipstick and then we’ll be done. So I’ll be right back. Okay, so I’m probably
going to take a mixture of all the crease
Shades we use some intake and chanted nutmeg
Gaston and Meriwether and I’m going to take
all those and blend it on my lower lash line. And then I’m going to go in
with that red shade Gaston. I’m just going to bring
that like a third of the way in on the eye. And then I would go back in
with the shade Merryweather, which is that royal blue shade and I’m going to deepen up
the lower lash line just on the outer part. So you definitely want
to make sure you don’t bring this shade all the way in. I just want to write
in here looks like this shade right here, which is spinning well, and I’m going to add that as
an inner corner highlight. I don’t know if you guys can see
that but it’s definitely like a pinky reddish color. I think it’s really pretty. So now we’re going
to go ahead and get into the princess bundle. So we’re going to go
ahead and use this blush. And this is the kissing
a frog blush. I actually really
like this blush. I feel like it’s the perfect
mixture of a mob in a baritone. I think it just gives
you a really nice flush of blush is not like
overly pigmented is definitely a shade I
could see myself wearing on an everyday basis. So I really like that
is definitely going on very smoothly and it looks
really really pretty. I love it. Okay. So now I’m gonna head
and apply the lip and this is their new formula. This is there looks
liquid lip know they came out with Lux lipsticks. So I’m really intrigued to see
how this compares to that because I do have some
of their looks lipsticks and I really like those are
very creamy very moisturizing really easy to glide
on very pigmented. And so I’m really excited to see how that translates
into a liquid lip. So I feel like it’s going
to be very comfortable very moisturizing almost
like a blotted lamp and a Probably combined is what I’m imagining. So yeah, we have
those really pretty shade and this is and this is
in the shade Prince Naveen. Wow, I’m honestly really impressed with this
it literally feels like there’s nothing on my lips and I would definitely
say it’s between Ultra brought it lip
and a satin lip combined. I would say the consistency of
it is more of a thinner formula. Like it literally feels like there’s nothing
on my lips whatsoever, which is crazy. But the fact that it still has a lot of
pigment to it is very surprising with how lightweight
it feels it might. Be my new favorite honestly,
like out of all of them. I think this is by far one
of their best formulas that they have came
out with I’m really impressed some go ahead
and do my hair really fast. I’ll be right back and I’ll give you
guys my final thoughts on this new collection
between Disney and colour-pop. So I definitely think colour-pop
and Disney did a really good job with the execution
of this whole collab. I feel like the first collab
the palette was more. Neutral is a lot
of light shades, you know, like neutrals like Shimmer
Shades in that palette and I feel like this one you definitely getting
that midnight Vibe with this when all the princesses
are going to the ball. I definitely like that. They went with that Direction
with this palette and I love the detail where they did a wonderful job
with the detail work again. I was completely blown away the first time
with the detail work, but they did it again with this one as well also
about the palette. I definitely feel like all this. These were very pigmented. I didn’t have any trouble
with any of the blending, but that is normally
typical for culpa. I feel like I do a really good job with
their eyeshadow formulation. So I really did
enjoy this palette and I know this is something
I will be using so many times. So yeah, I really like this
and then next for the bundle. I love the blush. It was a really
nice color on me. I think it was such
a great everyday mavi red tone it was pigmented. It it was definitely
the same color pop formula because I have a lot
of their blushes and I really do enjoy them. So I love the fact that all of them are going
to have the princesses on them. So when you look
at it in your drawer, you can see like their cute
faces on them and it has a mirror in it as well. So I really like that. So as for the Luxe liquid lip, I love this formula by far
if you are someone who does not like
matte liquid lipstick or lip sticks or anything. Makes your lips feel
uncomfortable or dry than I would highly
recommend this to you. This formula is really creamy is
more of a thinner consistency, but you’re still
getting that pigmentation as if you’re using
a liquid lipstick or a lip stick and I really like that. I like the fact
that it doesn’t feel like I have anything on my lips like it doesn’t feel like I have to worry about it
being on my lips or anything. I know it’s not going to look
dry or crack your anything and it definitely
is not going to just slip lip off because it’s too creamy. It’s definitely a my opinion
in between an ultra bottom lip and a satin lip with a thinner consistency
and I really enjoy this. I really hope they come out
with many more shades in this formula because your girl is going
to be picking them up because I am obsessed overall. I really did
enjoy this collection. I think it is such a great
collection to have especially if you are a big Disney fan
or if you grew up, Up watching Disney movies, and I really think you
will enjoy this collection. This honestly would be
a great gift to give someone for Christmas time. I know that if one of my friends
or family gave me this, I would definitely
be so excited. So definitely keep that in mind if you’re looking
for Christmas gifts, or you have someone in mind, then you might can actually give
this to someone for Christmas. Don’t forget to give
this video a huge thumbs up as well as click
that subscribe button, so you can go ahead and join the fam and turning
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every time I post a video. I love you guys so so much and I will see you
in my next one. Bye loves


  1. Happy Monday Loves! ☺️💗 I hope you guys enjoyed the video! Let me know if any of you are planning to pick anything from this collection!! I love you guys and I’ll see you in my next one! 😘❤️

  2. I was looking thru reviews and when I saw your makeup I was praying it was made from the palette. It's stunning!!!! I could not decide what to buy, which is rare, so I got the entire set. Defiantly following you for future looks.
    Edit to add: I wrote the above before I finished watching the tutorial and all I can say now that's I've seen it is , I AM SHOOK!!! You owned that palette! Mama Odie looks insane! I can't wait for my order.

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