NEW Huda Beauty Faux Filter Foundation Review + Wear Test

NEW Huda Beauty Faux Filter Foundation Review + Wear Test

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hey guys so for today’s video we have
the huda beauty foundation review this is the full filter will hashtag pho
filter foundation I just got this in the mail literally half hour ago I was
stalking and I mean stalking my tracking number waiting for it to be delivered
because I really wanted to film this today coz I have time to film a wear
test normally I don’t have time to film wear test because I go to the gym after
I film and I’m not gonna go to the gym with like a full face and makeup on you
know saying but today I have time so I was like you better get delivered today
so that I can film this and it came so we’re filming this I’m so so so excited
I don’t know this like called my name sorry I just had to raise my camera up a
little bit cuz I realized it was down from when I was filming yesterday but
anyways this was like calling my name this foundation as soon as I saw it I
was like I need to try it I don’t know so I got the brush to which I’m excited
for and the primer to go with it I’m actually surprised it didn’t come with
the powder but anyways we’re gonna test these products out Stacy how they work
together do a wear test I’m super excited I had my eye on the shade tres
leches if that’s how you pronounce it baklava and those two sold out so I was
like great so I just got the next shade which is dulce de leche I believe that’s
how you pronounce it I think this shade will still be okay i swatched it and it
still looks okay so I guess we’re just gonna see either way I’m gonna make it
work alright so I just pulled it up on Sephora and I’m gonna read some of the
claims for you guys so this foundation retails for 52 at Canadian which I want
to talk about the packaging quickly I think the packaging is beautiful except
I really hate how it’s in a plastic bottle I was reading some reviews on
Sephora and one review did make a good point she was mentioning how it comes in
a plastic bottle but a lot of the ingredients in this foundation are meant
to be very good for your skin so it’s not just a foundation it’s almost like
skincare plus foundation which I love by the way but they were pretty much saying
that because there are so many expensive ingredients in here to make the price
affordable who to kind of kept it in a plastic bottle but I mean I just I just
don’t know how true that is you know I’m saying I don’t know there’s a lot of
drugstore brands that come in a glass like I mean the wedding wild foundation
is six dollars and it comes in a glass bottle I just feel like I don’t think it
would have cost that much or to have it in a glass bottle the
reason why kind of bothers me that it’s not in a glass bottle is because when
you see this foundation like when I hold it up
it looks Lux the brand is a high-end brand do you paid fifty two Canadian
dollars for it so you just expect for it to be glass and tonight it’s plastic
it’s like a little bit tacky so if that does bother me I gotta just be honest
about that and I know this is like so petty but I hate how it’s a square coz
when you hold it it’s just so chunky I wish it was a little bit slimmer like I
don’t know just a little bit more of a rectangle shape but that’s super petty
anyways that’s just packaging other than that I think the packaging is really
nice just really wish it was a glass bottle but it does come with a pump
thank you if you like every foundation and needs to come with a pump that needs
to just be like mandatory like you cannot sell a foundation if it doesn’t
come with a pump it’s gotta be mandatory in my chilis anyways I have the claims
pulled up here so this is the hood a beautiful hashtag faux filter foundation
so I was kind of stalking a hooter Beauty snapchat Instagram stories for
the past little while when she was talking about this foundation and it’s
supposed to give you that filter effect like you know when you go on snapchat
you know I look good because you have that snapchat filter on that’s what this
foundation is supposed to give you so it says that it’s medium coverage dry
combination and oily skin any pretty much any skin type can use it it’s
supposed to have a natural finish and it’s a velvety smooth liquid foundation
that delivers well it says full coverage here but over here it says medium
anyways that delivers full coverage in an airbrushed finish for second skin
look hashtag full filters packed with ultra refined pigments that visually
diminish the appearance of blemishes conceal hyperpigmentation smooth skin
and blur imperfections the formula blends seamlessly with skin using as
little as one pump so we’re gonna give that a test today you guys know me I’m
like a 3/3 plus pump type of girl but today we’re gonna use one pump and see
so let’s go ahead and get started I did already just wash my face and do like my
little skin prep but now we’re gonna try out the primer so this is the complexion
primer pre makeup base moisturizing makeup base so this is supposed to be
more on the moisturizing side but so I am just gonna see how this pumps out so
it does pump out and looks like a moisturizer don’t mind my nails you
guys I’m getting them done this week they like need to be done really bad so
that wasn’t a one and a half pumps has a little bit of a thicker texture which I
like it smells really that was like a weird and I was like oh I don’t know
what that was this smells really good I’m gonna need an extra pump this smells
really good and I can’t even describe the smell but it smells really good it
smells like a really good perfume without like the heavy fragrance to
scent like it just smells really good but it does feel greasy I don’t know if
you guys can tell but this feels greasy oh yeah I definitely have like a greasy
feeling I don’t know how much you you would love this if you have super oily
skin I have more normal to like I have a super oily t-zone and then the rest of
my skin is more on the normal side but it does need to be hydrated so I guess
you could consider me normal slash combo slash oily t-zone ish this feels greasy
but it feels like a sticky greasy sticky tacky greasy so it might it’s like it
might be a hit and it might be a mess type of things I guess we’re just gonna
have to see so this is the brush how a bomb does the brush look you guys I’m
normally you guys know this normally never buy like the tools that come with
products cuz I’m very stuck with like my Beauty Blender and my brush in when I
saw this brush I was like yes I like that like I think this is gonna be good
it’s dense but not too dense the shape is nice it’s big but it’s not too big
not too small I don’t know why I think this is gonna be good I’m gonna go ahead
and take one pump I think I’m gonna try to decide if I should put it oh there’s
one pump that’s how one pump looks I was trying to decide if I should put one
pump it’s running down slowly if I should put one pump on my face or on the
brush but I think to try and make the most out of it I’m going to put the one
pump on my face so one pump actually gives you quite a bit so again this is
the shade dulce de leche and we’re gonna see how it matches for shade reference
I’m going to leave my references down below so I am gonna Pat
it in cuz we all know that’s just how you get more coverage does the
foundation I think the foundation is the same scent as the primer Wow so you are getting very good
coverage so far like for one pump the foundation I don’t know if this is the
foundation I definitely need to try this foundation with my own primer but I
think I don’t know if this is the foundation or if it’s the primer but it
has like this tackiness you know like this sticky tacky this it’s not like
smooth and liquidy it’s like Oh a big gummy almost but I think that’s the
primary I really think that’s a primary cuz that’s what I said about the primer
is that it hard like this tacky stickiness so I can kind of tell that
the primer is working as a really sticky base like it’s almost working as like a
glue for your foundation in terms of texture I’m not a fan of cuz I feel like
I’m rubbing plaster seen it kind of has that texture which I’m not crazy about
but I think that might just be the primer but I think it’s actually a
really good match for reference I wear Giorgio Armani luminous silk 6.52 faced
sand wet and wild photo focus I mix golden beige and desert beige Mac
I’m like an NC 40 42 just depends how tan I am this definitely has like a
sticky tacky base I’m curious to see if it’s the I know what for sure it’s the
primer but I’m curious to see if the foundation has that texture too so I’m
gonna take some of the foundation on my hand and I’m gonna take a fresh new
foundation brush and see if it has that same texture yeah it doesn’t have that
texture so it’s the primer that has that like tacky sticky like plaster scene
type of feels so here’s a nice close-up for you guys so you can really see how
this foundation looks I think it looks really good even with one pump but I
wouldn’t say one pump is where I would stop I’m gonna actually go ahead and
apply another maybe half a pump I feel like you wouldn’t need two pumps so this
one nation definitely is very full coverage because like I said I’m a I’m a
three pump plus type of gal so if I can get the coverage I want out
of the foundation for one and a half pumps that is in stayin really like the
way this blends and this looks this looks super healthy on the skin like my
skin doesn’t look too matte it doesn’t look too dewy I will say my skin I think
looks more dewy because of the primer I definitely want to give this like 100% I
need to try this foundation with my own primer cuz I don’t know how I I don’t
know if I like this you know first impressions I’m not like blown away by
the primer but in terms of the foundation I am like loving it right now
I’m excited to see how it’s gonna wear I’m gonna do the rest of my makeup and I
will hop back on camera for you guys alright so I just finished my makeup and
I really love this foundation like I’m obsessed with it
I like the primer to kind of sorta you know I’m saying I’m not a fan of how
like sticky and tacky like when you apply your foundation that primer makes
it like there’s a lot of resistance and it’s very tacky and sticky that’s like
the wait that’s the best way I know how to describe it so I kind of like it
because it acts as glue but it kind of feels a bit heavy and a bit greasy the
primer so I don’t know if I’m in love with it I’m gonna have to test it out
more but the foundation though I am loving it you guys I feel like it looks
so good I feel like it looks so smooth I only had to use a pump and a half I
don’t know what it is I must have like some sort of intuition because what a
product speaks to me I’m like I know me and you we’re gonna get along I’m gonna
like you and that’s how I felt about this foundation I saw it and I was like
I’m gonna like you we’re gonna be friends and I like it I really really
like it I feel like it looks really good I also just wanted to mention quickly
when I first applied it it was 2 p.m. and it’s now oh it’s for Holi you guys
have been filming for so long I think it’s cuz I took a long time to
straighten my hair and like I was just messing around a little bit I also just
filmed another video but anyways it’s 4 o’clock now so it’s actually been 2
hours so I guess this can be the first check-in – it looks really good so far I
did just set it a little bit with the Fenty Beauty
invisi matte blotting powder I like to use that powder as a setting powder it
works really well for me and I just lightly set my face I didn’t set it very
heavy because I really enjoyed like the natural finish that it gives I feel like
I’m gonna like it even more with my other primers I guess we’re gonna have
to see in terms of the shade I really love the shade dulce de leche so I guess
it was kind of meant to be that the other shades were sold out I really
think this is a really good match for me alright talk about close up here I just
really wanted to give you guys a real real real close-up look at this
foundation so you can see how it looks I feel like it looks really good my nose
is a little bit oily but I could probably set that more just looking at
my little close-up mirror here I think my pores look really good at least it
does in the mirror also I did spray a little bit of setting spray I just put
on about two pumps of this and then I finished off with a little bit of mac
fix+ like I normally would use a setting spray so I kind of wanted to test out
this foundation obviously just in normal conditions so I think it does look
pretty good so far for two hours I’m gonna go on and go about my day and I
will be back just to check in with you guys in a couple hours so it is now at 6
o’clock and I feel like this skin looks really good the only thing I’m noticing
is my nose is pretty oily but I will say it does look like it’s like exaggerated
now cuz the lights are all on me I actually don’t notice anything fading
it has only been 4 hours but there are some foundations on me that within four
hours they do already get a bit splotchy this one looks really good I don’t
notice anything getting splotchy or patchy here is an even more close-up
look for you guys I feel like it looks so flawless and so smooth I’m really
blown away and happy with this foundation so far I also quickly wanted
to mention that I don’t feel any stickiness or tackiness and that
completely went away once I kind of said it with a little bit of powder earlier
when I first did my makeup I was just editing the video and I realized I
forgot to mention that I also realized I forgot to mention how much I loved the
foundation brush so I wanted to quickly pop in and mention that to guys now I
really love the brush I feel like it blended everything really nicely I can
see myself using the brush for sure so yeah I’m gonna check back in with you
guys in two more hours so it’s now 8 o’clock it’s been about 6 hours I would
honestly do a longer wear test it’s just the mailman decided to
deliver my foundation at like 1:30 so if it wasn’t for that I would have already
been filming from like 10 o’clock so it would have had like a nice longer wear
test for you guys but we’re in at 6 hours and it looks so good still not to
mention even that liquid lipstick does to which I will leave lipstick details
down below as well as the lashes I was wearing earlier but it looks really good
you guys the only thing I’m noticing is like issues really oily around this area
but to be fair I really didn’t set it that much I just put a little bit of
powder from setting my eyes there and a little bit of the funky beauty like the
tiniest light layer so for a light layer of powder this looks really good my
foundation normally wears off in this area and along here and here and it
doesn’t like it still looks really good and here’s a nice little close-up after
a full 6 hours I think it looks really good so far the only thing like I
mentioned is you know some oiliness on the nose but to be fair I really didn’t
set it that heavily and if you want to really get super close up why not all in
all and really happy with this foundation so far I’m loving it I think
this is gonna be a new favorite of mine I’m excited to test it out with other
powders and other primers but so far I’m really really happy with it
so hopefully you guys enjoyed this full review first impression and wear test
other than that that’s pretty much it for the video don’t forget to give me a
like thumbs up and also do not forget to sign up for notifications so if you
click the little bell icon beside the subscribe button and you just click all
you’ll get all notifications for all of my new videos so yeah that’s pretty much
it hopefully you guys enjoy and as always I will see you guys in my next
video bye guys mmm


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