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Welcome to the channel guys, Maryam here or
welcome back, in today’s video I’m reviewing and doing a wear test on the new Kat Von D
true portrait liquid to powder foundation. Yes I’m gonna be applying it to my face, yes
I’m gonna be conducting a wear test and this is going to be solely a product review, so
if you are here for any type of gossip, nope you will not find that on my channel. My opinions
are strictly about the product and my opinions are also not borrowed or sold because we are
team truth. So if you believe in the team truth style then hit that subscribe button,
what are you waiting for and also that notification bell so you could see all of my Wednesdays
and Sundays videos, and now let’s get to this full thorough review and wear test team truth
of the new Kat Von D liquid to powder foundation. Okay first and foremost please excuse my appearance,
these braids and headband combo is for a reason I’m trying to get the wavy hair look so I
braided my hair along my forehead and I need to stick it down so it can glue and dry that
way. Okay, not that I needed to explain that but I really look like a hobo. Anyway we are
here for the Kat Von D true portrait liquid to powder foundation, 40 shades, $36.00 each
available at Sephora, matte finish. There is one ounce of product in this package, the
package is actually really cool and I would even say pretty cute, this is a squeezy tube,
ohh did you see that? This is indeed a squeezy tube that perhaps maybe you shouldn’t be squeezing
so vigorously, and now I have foundation all over the place. Sorry Lee but anyhooo there
is a ball inside this foundation so it must be shaken very well before application and
I went on and I read some of the how to use instructions. Basically what you are supposed to do is shake
this uncontrollable until it’s no longer watery. It still feels very watery to me even on the
website it says to continue shaking if its still watery that means that the pigments
are not disbursed well enough. Oh my God don’t you know that I just worked out today and
it was arms day ughhh. Okay here is medium 39, medium peach with warm undertone. Here
we have medium golden with a warm under tone, I actually think I might be a medium golden
with a neutral undertone. A neutral undertone in a Charlotte Tilbury foundation was also
a little bit closer to olive and the warms were a little bit more orangey, strange it’s
not the naming convention that I’m used to but whatever works. I would say that my closest
match is 42 medium golden with a neutral undertone, that’s the one that I’m gonna apply all over
my face but you know I need a thumbnail so. Hhmm squeezy tubes are great for thumbnails
aren’t they? Enough thumbnail faces that was fun, but now I actually need to remove this
and apply this the way that it’s supposed to be applied, hopefully not splattering all
over the damn place. Okay time to apply this foundation shade 48 in medium, I’m gonna give
it one more shake. I packed my minimize pores by Smashbox into by tray here right in front
of me but then I saw that on Sephora it said that this foundation does not need a primer,
in fact a lot of their reviews said that it’s not really compatible with primers, so I’m
not gonna use a primer so instead I already prepped my face with this Erno Laszlow hydro
therapy gel cream which I love so much it’s an incredible product, it’s great for oily
skin, it works like a primer, my skin just sucks it up and it just leaves it so velvety
and smooth. It’s hard for me not to reach for my primer but I’m gonna listen to instructions
and I’m gonna shake it up and I’m gonna apply this with my fingertips like they said. Also, kind of very weird, I have never really
applied my foundation all the way with my fingers, I generally sometimes like to spread
my foundation evenly across my face with my fingers but I have never completed a finished
application with just my fingers. That’s weird and it’s not my favorite way to apply foundation
but get whatever, let’s just go for it. Now this is a liquid 2 powder foundation which
means that it goes on quite watery, as you saw. And then it quickly sets or settles to
a powder finish. It does go on quite matte and you do need to work kind of fast. Oh damn so what happens if I apply this with
a sponge, clearly says on the website that this is not a sponge friendly foundation but
I gotta see what the ‘t’ is, gotta check it for myself. I don’t know to me I think it
applies just fine, now this is definitely a medium coverage foundation, it’s not full
you could still see all of my freckles here under my eye; obviously this did not do anything
for my constellation over here. Actually, this is Hank, this is Harry and this is Hormona,
this is Chinchilla she is their mom. Alright so one layer is on, gonna observe
it closer I do think this is a pretty nice feeling foundation for someone with oily skin
like myself. I don’t think it emphasizes any pores or imperfections, this doesn’t really
cover them up but at least it doesn’t emphasize them. The finish is incredibly matte which
I like but not everyone likes, a lot of people are feeling the dewy vibes, I also think that
now I have blended out this foundation it’s not actually an accurate match whatsoever.
In my monitor here I can tell that my neck and my face are totally different undertones,
so what I’m gonna do is grab that medium 42, that medium golden with a warm undertone and
I’m gonna apply some on top. I’m only gonna apply this second layer to my areas of interest
that I wanna cover up a little bit more, let’s try with the brush. Add a pinch more here,
a pinch more here, just a smidgey poo more, no it’s not working with a brush you guys.
It’s weird but it really feels like the brush sucks up the product instead of dispersing
it. So yeah indeed you need to use something that’s not super porous like a sponge or like
a brush, perhaps a silicone sponge, I don’t have one of those handy but I definitely should
try this foundation with that. One undertone is definitely better than I expected but still
this is feeling just a little bit too light for my preference and also for my neck. I’m getting the sense that this is a learning
curve type of product, you can’t just pick this up and apply it the way that you normally
do with all your other favorite foundations, this is something that you definitely have
to play around with, especially when it comes to covering up certain problem areas and you
know what else I’m noticing, is that a little bit definitely goes a long way, I do not need
all this foundation on my forehead, why did I just place it there, I have no idea. Damn
it and now my hands are so messy I can’t pick up anything, maybe this would be a good reason
to use a brush. Let’s soak up some of that product. This finish definitely feels very, very powdery
and although I wasn’t sure how exactly to apply this on or how to make it work, it somehow
is working, it’s not looking very caky, it’s looking pretty natural and its definitely
making my skin look a lot more healthy, almost like I’m not wearing foundation. But don’t
quote me on that just yet, I want to see how this works with actual powder and obviously
I want to see how it wears. I’m gonna quickly finish up the rest of my face I will show
you all the products that I’m using, first Boi ing concealer from Benefit my new fave
and also close dupe to the Tarte Shape Tape. Gonna need to cover up that animal and also
some of these and let’s make it even on the other side. Okay so the good news is that these 2 products
are actually working well, gonna set my under eye with this Elcie Cosmetics translucent
powder and then I’m gonna lightly set the rest of the face with my Charlotte Tilbury
airbrush flawless finish. Next I’m gonna add some Estee Lauder Bronze
Goddess Bronzer, this is in shade 1, and just a smidge of warmth even though I need much
more than a smidge. I’m applying all these products because I definitely wanna see how
this foundation performs with other products that I love to use, my other faves. Just a
pinch of warmth here, pinch of warmth here alright Laura Mercier La Palette natural.
Use this highlighter shade, alright and now let me complete the rest of the face, just
my brows actually and I will be right back for the final finish and then of course for
the wear test, brows are on, hair is looking much better and now let’s observe that skin
finish. This side of the face, my better side of the
face that’s not currently breaking out like a teenager is actually looking really, really
good. The pores are not emphasized, the complexion looks even and smooth, it’s very matte but
not dry matte, like a natural radiant kind of matte if I can call it that. This side
of the face however, is not looking as good and as well perfected as the other. Clearly
I’m also having a major breakout over here and also on my nose and it’s not looking as
flawless so that tells me that this is the type of foundation that is probably meant
for skin that’s already on the perfect side. Yes it does cover up spots, yes 2 layers will
give you a more build able medium coverage, however if you have any type of acne or acne
scars or anything with texture I do find that covering it up and blending it out, specifically
spot treating with this foundation is just a little bit problematic, there is for sure
a learning curve but overall at first glance, at my first impression my face looks pretty
good, I could get used to this type of coverage and this type of a matte feel being that I’m
an oily skin girl. Now that I have settled that, let’s see how
it wears so cueing in that time warping music that you all love, let’s do this. Back in
the filming room, new make-up look I did film that one, I also had some dinner, I also Netflix
and chilled, so it’s been almost 8 hours of me wearing the new Kat Von D true portrait
liquid to powder foundation, this is what it looks like at this point. Looking at myself
from a distance I feel like my skin looks pretty flawless, really good. This side of
my face which was my healthy side of the face without any breakouts looks amazing; my forehead
looks really good, not too much of an oil slick. This side of the face however, definitely
is showing some signs of emphasis on this Hormona right here but overall I feel like
the foundation has really worn very well, surprisingly well. I really didn’t wanna like
this foundation from the beginning. I felt that the whole application with the fingers
process was just a little too tedious, it was just a bit too much of a learning curve
happening there, even for someone like myself who tries foundations and wears make-up all
the time, it was just all a little bit too weird and different from what I’m used to. At the same token I think I actually appreciate
how weird and different it was, it was definitely something new and I am liking the skin finish.
The bottom line is I think this foundation pass the wear test with flying colors and
I’m gonna keep on wearing it. Honestly there has been so many amazing foundations that
I have discovered lately, I don’t even have enough space to keep them all, I’m gonna need
to do a foundation purge you guys. Do you want me to film that video because I just
might. Anyway thank you for watching and for subscribing, I have other foundation reviews
right here, you know the drill, click on those videos and I will see you in the next one,


  1. Good Afternoon Maryam and #TeamTruth. Rock your hobo braids you’re amongst friends. I wear KVD lockit in my current foundation rotation. Almost lost me at no sponge. Love you Maryam. 🥰🥰

  2. #teamtruth #donotbuyituntilitryit I tried her very first foundation launch and unfortunately it didnt work for me… so excited to hear about this 😊

  3. Oh I’m so glad for this review 😃
    I love KVD products and wanted to try this foundation!!
    The wear test did it for me .. it’s a must buy for me😍 it reminds me of the Pat McGrath foundation.. which works wonderfully with applying with fingers!!
    Thanks again for another amazing review 💕💕💕

  4. I love how every time I ask you to review/tutorial a new product/look on Insta, you end up replying to me with "Already filmed it! It's coming soon!" 😂 I'm really glad you tested this one. Thus far, my overly sensitive skin has done extremely well with all Kat Von D products. However, because of my experience with other foundations from brands I typically do well with(ABH, UD, TooFaced) being entirely negative, I have stayed away from even testing Kat's foundations. But now, I feel a lot more comfortable with going into Sephora, having them shade match me, and give it a test to see if I do ok. So thank you so much, Maryam!

    Just 2 questions: Because it's a "liquid to powder" foundation, do you not HAVE to use a powder over it? And do you feel this aggravated your acne more/less/stayed the same than other foundations you've used?

  5. Hi there Maryam! As always, super gorgeous! I wish more of the makeup you use was available here in Canada at Sephora, sadly we don't have an Ulta here 🙁

  6. I’m watching your gorgeous face now. I’m really excited to see your #TeamTruth review. I just love watching you. Oh. I’m digging the braids ha

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  9. Great video! I have this foundation and I love to wear to school and work. I have combo skin and this works great for me and last all day. It also feel super lightweight and looks natural. Yes to the foundation purge video

  10. Me not supporting kvd aside. I feel like the laura mercier tinted moisturizer would be look better compared to this one. I'm also combo so like anything matte im just sceptical and like the shaking of the bottle would make it a no because I'm lazy. It looks great on you! I'll literally watch anything you review tbh.

  11. I don't like the fact that you have to shake that foundation for so long, it's so impractical!
    I think your skin looks soooo good after the wear test. Just a little bit oily but definitely not as oily as it may get with other foundations, if we compare to the other wear tests you've done lately, including milk makeup and Charlotte Tilbury (even tho I know how much you love CT, I had to say it, you know #teamtruth). Maybe I'm wrong but that's what I can see in the video. I have oily skin too and I want to buy a foundation that lasts all day and controls the crazy shine in my face. BTW, when you go out, what do you use or take with you in your purse to retouch your makeup or to control all the shine?
    Thanks so much for your honest reviews, I love you!!!! ❤️❤️

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  14. People seriously need to get over themselves if they expect youtubers to boycott Kat Von D because of opinions
    Guys guess what you do not have to support her and buy from her but it’s not your right to dictate to someone else what their views should be !

    I’m a Vax’er and I’d rather see this than people still posting reviews on any future Jaclyn hill products after her shady behaviour 🤔🤷🏻‍♀️

  15. This foundation sounds like my dream foundation and you look amazing and naturally flawless. Please do close ups in your foundation review so we can see how it sits on the skin

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  19. Thank you for the review! As I’m reading the comments, I am disappointed people are ‘canceling’ you for reviewing this product. I get the antivaxx thing-I don’t get the YOU MUST HATE HER BECAUSE I HATE HER mentality. Trust me, there a lot of anti Vaxxers out there-she just chose to speak about it like a mensa (dummy). Vote with your dollar. Vote with your view. Don’t like her don’t watch anything associated with her -do not purchase her products. I don’t agree with KVD but I do support cruelty free and vegan brands. Once again, thank you !

  20. Wow, another foundation?! LOL! All these launches, I need a nap! Anyhoo, you look amazing and I thought the foundation looked gorgeous on you! I really appreciate you putting your skin through all these reviews. I have very oily/acne-prone skin (even at 41, still breakin' out) so the feedback you give on a product I trust. Speaking of pesky acne, a video you did awhile back on how to cover-up Henry and all his family, lol, I have been using your technique ever since. It's been a game-changer for me, thank you!

  21. I really like it! I used a damp beauty blender, and it blended out beautifully. I’m not a huge fan of everything she has put out, but I like this.

  22. #teamtruth! I just bought this without watching reviews, but now I’m super excited to try this with full makeup. Was wondering how it would blend with liquid concealer, and your face looks so beautiful. Thank you!!!!

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  27. Good review. When I went to buy this base from sephora the saleswoman told me to apply this base by hand or with a powder brush. I apply it both ways and I really like the result. Try applying with a cute powder brush. That's how they pointed me in sephora 😉

  28. Not a KVD fan, but she makes some incredible product…not gonna lie, this is great foundation if you already have good skin.

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