New Makeup Releases | August 2019

New Makeup Releases | August 2019

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Hey guys it’s Lauren welcome to my
channel or welcome back to my channel in today’s video we’re talking about
brand new makeup launches that have either just come out or are coming out very
very soon in these videos I like to share my opinions on the products to
talk a little tea but I also like to share some like helpful information on
when you can’t the products how much you can get them for where you can get them
all of that stuff if you would like to check out more of my videos that I’ve
done like this they’re all kind of called new makeup releases new makeup
launches and they’re in a playlist called what’s new in makeup so I will
have that please linked in the cards up there and in the description box down
below today we’re gonna be talking about the new a BH luminous foundation we’re
going to talk about the new color pop strawberry palette the new lunar Beauty
strawberry palette we have lots to cover I think this is the most products that
I’ve tried to fit in one video like ever so lots to talk about I want to go ahead
and get into it but first I do want to say that all the images that are gonna
pop up on the screen pretty much every single bit of information I’m using in
today’s video came from a treatment one in the Instagram account she’s really
great she keeps things you know she is always uploading so if you haven’t heard
of her you probably have I definitely recommend checking her out I will have
her link in the description box down below so you can check out her Instagram
page there like I said lots to talk about we need to go ahead and jump on
into it so let’s start off today’s video talking about the BH Cosmetics zodiac
palette this one is the leo palette and this one retails for $14 I’m pretty sure
all the other ones do as well these typically come with nine eye shadow and
a highlighter pan palette so nine total nine shades I honestly simply dropped
the first one at the beginning of the year I was kind of bored with it already
I didn’t feel like the colors really represented that sign that they started
off with and each one they just are kind of releasing really random shades so as
you can tell with this particular palette this is like their sixth or
seventh one I think this palette is filled with very neutral shades and I
don’t really think they fit Leo when I think of leo these are not the colors I
think of and problem what I could tell from the comments anyone who was a Leo
didn’t really agree with the color assortment either and these were
described as a bold assortment of dramatic shades which I was kind of
surprised when I saw that cuz I was like these are very neutral and that’s going
from me I love neutrals I can get enough of them but this looks very just bland
to me don’t think that you could even call
this dramatic at all there’s not one shade that I’m looking at in this town
I’m like wow this is really interesting and unique it’s just kind of bland and I
think that this whole collection is kind of like run its course like I’m so
surprised that they’ve continued with this I know that kind of can’t stop in
the middle but like I can’t I really can’t think these are selling very well
I know I’m starting off kind of very like hard shooting blood but that’s just
my whole opinion on it if you are interested in this or any of the other
products that are already available they will be linked in the description box
down below so this one is available now you can go ahead and get it if you want
to but for me it’s definitely a path so out of all the launches that I’m talking
about today I think this next one is the one people are most excited for to drop
this is the new Anastasio Beverly Hills luminous foundation this book I’m kind
of excited for anastacio typically is known for their you know eyeshadows and
their eyebrow products but their complexion products I know they have
like their stick foundation and some blushes that people really like but
they’re not really known for that so I feel like this is kind of a new
territory for them and I’m excited for it this foundation is one fluid ounce of
product and you’re getting it for $38 which I think it’s a pretty good deal I
mean foundations of the drugstore and you know higher-end foundations
typically have about one fluid ounce of product so that is going to be standard
amount and the good thing about it is the price seems reasonable compared to
the other you know higher in foundations that are you know $40 $45 $50 and
upwards of that like this seems like a pretty good deal and this is supposed to
be you know a luminous foundation it’s gonna have medium coverage which I
really like because you know in the daytime I want something the more medium
or light but at night sometimes I like medium or full coverage so this seems
like a pretty good in-between that I wouldn’t really have to like change my
foundation or redo my makeup when I’m going out at night after a long day of
school or something like that and it’s going to have a natural glowy finish
rather than like a completely radiant finish you know you’re gonna have that
radiant look it’s not gonna be something over-the-top it’s gonna be more subtle
which I definitely do like I was a little nervous when I saw luminous and
the name I was like this may be too much for me I love this is not another matte
foundation coming out because I do appreciate matte foundations I do have
some that I use but I don’t need another I feel like matte foundations are like
all of the rage right now that’s all that brands are coming out with and I
wanted something more you know radiant more glowy and I’m
really glad that Tashia is coming out with this and it
seems really up my alley of course I haven’t tried it but it makes me really
want to so there are fifty shades total in this foundation I always like to
kinda touch on that just because even though this is something that doesn’t
really affect me and I don’t really have the I don’t know I don’t want to say
credibility but I can’t really speak on this just because I do have fair skin I
don’t typically find a problem when I’m looking for my foundation or concealer
shade but these shades do you seem to be pretty equally distributed in each
category and I’m pretty much harp on this and every single one of these
videos I do but I think it’s really important to touch on you know shade
range things because brands are not gonna change if they’re not being called
out on it and anastacio from my perspective seems to do a pretty good
job on this I mean the amount of shades that they have in the fair category they
seem to have the same amount and it be deep category which is something I
really like this is supposed to be a product that’s good for sensitive skin I
believe that it was like a dermatologist tested it’s not supposed to clog your
pores it was clinically tested and it doesn’t have gluten products it’s
fragrance free and it’s a vegan product so I think that this is going to be
something with you don’t really good ingredients and it’ll probably work well
for my skin which I’ve been having a lot of issues lately my skin has definitely
become way more sensitive than before which makes me more comfortable and you
know willing to try this product the next one is another lunch from a BH and
don’t get me wrong I am excited about it but I do kind of have a gripe with this
product and the pricing on it this is the new a BH loose powder foundation why
did I say foundation it’s just a loose powder but it retails for $36 and to me
that’s a little pricey for a even a higher end you know powder I think for
luxury that’s kind of reasonable but for like a high-end product I’m just not
sure like in comparison to you know like the cheap a stouter which is only like
$30 I don’t know this seems a little bit steep especially when you compare it to
the Foundation which is only two dogs more at $38 and I’m typically willing to
pay a lot more for a foundation just because I feel like you know I’m not you
know in the makeup industry I don’t make you know make up but I feel like it’s
probably more difficult to make a foundation that’s gonna work for your
skin then a powder I just don’t know that’s my opinion I
can be completely crazy in this thought that $38 seems a little bit pricey for
whatever this product is but you guys let me know in the comment section down
below because I would love to hear like your thoughts on it but this does look
like a really good product I do kind of have high hopes for it so we’ll see
maybe I will this is going to be a vegan product and
it’s also gluten free it’s just like the foundation these I think the foundations
and the powders will both be launching on Ulta and an associate’s website on
August 4th and they’ll be in stores on August 15th so they are going to be five
shades of this powder they’re gonna have the translucent version they’re gonna
have the vanilla the banana the deep peach and be golden orange so they
people have a lot of different shades so hopefully you know it’ll cater to a lot
of different skin tones but we’ll just have to wait and see until this product
actually comes out next up we have a launch from of course color pop would
even be a new makeup release video if color pop didn’t have a laundry or two
in here but the first one is the color Bob strawberry shake palette this is
gonna retail for $12 just like their other 9 pan monochromatic palettes this
is the first one that I’ve been incredibly drawn to you like I really
want to get it you know don’t get me wrong the other ones look really pretty
but I just I’ve been having trouble justifying like who do I really need a
palette of nine yellow eyeshadows or nine orange eyeshadows which kind of
brings me to the point of that they’ve come out with a lot of these
monochromatic palettes very recently you know they’ve been coming out with them I
think since the beginning of the year which i think is great I think these are
like really cool and they seem to be like good quality don’t get me wrong but
they’ve been coming out with so many releases in general let alone these
monochromatic palettes I mean they literally like a couple days ago came
out with the orange eagle at palette just before this one so I was a little
shocked to see another one come out but this one does look really pretty in this
collection there’s also gonna be some plushies like they’re gonna have the
blush sticks the powder blush is jelly much shadows I think like the ultra
glossy lips they’re gonna be coming out with a lot more in this collection but
really the main thing I want to talk about is the eyeshadow palette cuz to me
that looks really pretty and that seems to be kind of a theme like I said I’m
about to talk about the lunar beauty strawberry palette as well but this
whole whole kind of like light pink pinky I don’t know like this type of
pink I don’t know how quite how to describe
the shade but this seems kind of like the new thing like the pinky reds are
gonna be the new thing I think especially as we’re transitioning from
summer to fall so now onto another strawberry palette this is actually one
that launched first this is mini mus brand later Beauty this is the
strawberry dreams palette which retails for $48 so a little bit of a pricier
palette compared to the color pop wine I find it extremely interesting that these
launch like within like two or three days of
each other just because there’s no way that collar pop could have piggybacked
off like mayonnaise idea in just three days like put it through production had
it ready to go like I don’t think that’s what happened at all I think this just
was a mere coincidence and I think that’s just sometimes what happens these
brands come up with these ideas way in advance kinda at the same time and this
is just what happens and I think you know a lot of people are like this is
unfair to me blah blah blah I don’t really think it is I think that you know
whatever palates better whatever palate gets the best reviews and hopefully the
reviews that are gonna come out about these pallets are gonna be honest
whatever one does will get the most purchases and that’s the one that kind
of should so this palette like I said $48 for 15 shadows which these are
supposed to have like a strawberry scent which is a little intriguing to me but
like then again I just ever since the whole drama get in thing with you know
Manny and everything I think it kind of just showed his true colors and I know
that he’s you know apparently working on and improving himself but like for me I
don’t know like I just haven’t been watching his channel I unsubscribed and
I’m not really interested in anything that he’s come out from leaner Beauty
even this this collection that he’s coming out with will have like a lip
gloss and some liquid lipsticks that I think you can get in a bundle and I
think you there’s also a bundle where you can get like everything in the
collection but you know I’m just not really interested if you want to check
it out I will have a link little linked below because it’s already available but
I don’t know that’s just kind of my two cents on this launch the next project is
one from M cosmetics and this is another YouTube brand it is Michelle Phan who’s
I don’t think on you too many more she’s definitely not a beauty youtuber anymore
but she did come out with her brand shortly after she left YouTube and
that’s in cosmetics these are made color drops which are a serum blush the
packaging on these are really cool so these are gonna retail for $25 I like
love the packaging I was like this is so unique so different and they’re coming
out with four shades or they have four shades because they’re already available
now but they have like rose milk which I think it’s like a blushy pink then they
have like sunset sky which is like their Coralie shade soft amethyst which is
like a berry rosy shade I think and then they have pink nectar which is their
watermelon at pink so I thought instantly when I saw these I was like oh
these are really pretty like I want to get these I’ve been kind of into liquid
cream blushes a little bit recently so like I could kind of just say I like the
price and everything but then I was watching before I had a chance to pick
them up I was watching a video from Lauren maybe T which I
loving recently I’ve been to subscribe to her channel for a long time but
recently I’ve just been watching your videos non-stop and she didn’t a make it
release video she didn’t actually pick these up she was just kind of talking
about them like I was and she mentioned something that kind of stuck with me
which was like these blushes there’s no shade in there that she would actually
use like she loves the light peach the light knobs which I do to you especially
for blushes like those are my two shades that are like my go-to
love the peaches for you know spring and summer and then I love the mob’s for
like fall in winter and there’s not either of those really shades in this
collection like not only shades are enough for me to be like oh yeah like
that’s what I would use I could just try getting that so after thinking about her
opinion on it I really resonated with that I was like I don’t think I would be
getting means but I do think that they’re probably gonna be really good so
if you wanna check them out like I said before I will have it linked down below
because you can go ahead and get them so now onto a palette from Natasha did
ánotá that I feel like kind of is similar to that theme that we were
talking about before with these strawberry palettes from colour-pop and
lunar Beauty it kinda has those pinky reds and the salmon and the coral kind
of affect you which i think is going to be kind of like a color story that we’re
gonna be seeing a lot and this is the coral palette from natasha to note it’s
gonna retail for $48 because this is one of her palettes that have five full-size
shadows in it and these are going to be mattes and shimmers so a lot of people
have been talking about how they wished Natasha de nanã would be more consistent
with the amount of product that they’re getting a new palette and the pricing
because it is kind of all over the place but I kind of like it I like that you
have the opportunity to get you know if you’re not really like I don’t really
want to spend $50 on a palette for just by the shadows you can get the $25 ones
which are like mini sized shadows and then she has like this size that this is
the coral palette it’s like with the five full size shadows for $48 and then
she has like her $65 palettes and then her like 128 ones where you’re getting
way more product and I like how she’s not really chipping you if you know what
I mean like she’s not trying to do a money grab or anything like you know how
much you’re getting in each palette it’s very clear how much product that you’re
not like when you’re getting the $25 out you’re not thinking that you’re getting
anywhere near the amount of product that you would get in the hundred twenty
eight dollar palette so I really appreciate that from her inner brand and
I like that she’s trying to accommodate more people and the amount of product in
the price that they’re willing to pay so this is going to be available I can’t
remember when I’m getting in this video of ice
nobody available by the time this video I was live but it comes out August 3rd
so if it’s available by the time the city goes live it will be linked down
below but if not it won’t so we have one last product from ABH this is the liquid
liner which is gonna retail for $18 I know that they have like two other
liners right now but this one really kind of intrigues me like especially the
purple packaging I was kind of like wow this looks cool but this is going to be
a matte black waterproof eyeliner and it has like a felt tip applicator which I
do really like the main like claim to fame with this product is they’re saying
that it’s supposed to be like really easy to use like because of the felt tip
the way that’s like bendable and it’s like customizable whether you want it to
be like a super precise line or you want to do like a really cool design with it
you can I don’t know though I feel like we’ll see how this goes I kind of have a
weird feeling that this is not gonna work as well as they’re saying it is I
don’t know why that’s just kind of my intuition but I think part of it comes
from this is going to be a water-based gel formula and I think that water based
products as well as this applicator maybe the water and like this liner I
feel like will make it more difficult to do intricate designs and to create a
really really precise thin line I think this may be more difficult than they’re
advertising for it to be I don’t know that that’s just my intuition but this
is supposed to be like shaking up before you use it so that could help with it I
don’t know you know what type of formula they used to make these but it is again
a vegan and cruelty free product which I think it’s a really great option I think
that Anastasio really does try and accommodate so many different people
with you know their gluten free products and you know their vegan products and
just being cool too free and all of this stuff that they do to try and
accommodate a lot of people I really do appreciate and I think as a brand as a
whole I think they’re doing a really good job I’m pretty sure they were doing
that before it was you know the brand was passed over to norv inna an
associate’s daughter but they’ve been doing a really good job these will be
available August 6 online August 15th and stores and then August 16th
internationally so get ready for these I think these are gonna be really like all
the rage when they come out alright guys that about wraps up today’s video I hope
that you enjoyed it if you did please let me know in the comment section down
below as well as giving this video a big thumbs up that kind of indicates me you
want to see more of these if you have a product in particular that’s coming out
really soon that I mentioned or even if I didn’t mention it
down below I would love to hear when you guys are looking at picking up or you
know anything that really stuck out to you even if it’s for like a bad thing
but thank you guys so much watching today’s video I really do appreciate it
and I love all of your support if you haven’t checked out my giveaway I do
have a make up giveaway up in my channel right now that is open I will have that
video linked down below and in the cards up there if you want to
check it out I’ve all the information on how to enter in that video as well as
all of the things that you will be winning if you enter so yeah I hope you
guys enjoyed today’s video I hope you have a great color Jason until I post my
next one and I will see you then bye


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