New Makeup Releases January 2020

New Makeup Releases January 2020

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Hey guys it’s Lauren welcome I channel
it were welcome back to my channel today I’m going to be sharing my thoughts on a
bunch of day make up lunches that I’ve either just come out or coming out very
very soon in the month of January for 2020 there’s already so many products
that have come out so I’m gonna try and talk about as many as I can thoughts in
this video being too too long but in these videos I just share my thoughts on
the products give some information that I might think you know you guys may want
to know like when the products are coming out how much you can get them for
where you can get them all that good stuff and I will have links to all the
products down below and those links down on this video are going to be affiliate
links which means if you do decide to click on them which you definitely don’t
have to I can’t make a small Commission if you end up going through a purchase
or for some places it’s just if you click on the link so I’m just letting
you guys know now and I’ll I go into that more on my Twitter if you’d like to
check that out I’ve kind of been talking about that I will have my account linked
down below that’s not an affiliate link I mean obviously but you can check it
out down there and if you guys would like to check out some of my other
videos that I’ve done similar to you this one I will have a link to a post
with all of those other new makeup release videos and the description box
down below if you would like to check them out but I’m gonna be talking about
some products like the new armories Zee Anastasio Beverly Hills palette that all
the time that I’m filming it this just dropped today don’t know when that’s
gonna be when you’re seeing this but then also a new collection from
Physicians Formula the name Vinci mascara lots of good
things to talk about would love to hear your thoughts on the products let’s go
ahead and get into it really look at lino just before we get into out I
forgot to mention that all the pictures that I will be putting on the screen are
coming from three different Instagram Beauty accounts and I will have all of
their links to their Instagram accounts down below in the description box if
you’d like to take them out I really recommend it they’re just really great
resources for hearing about new products as soon as you possibly could I love all
three of their handles right here if you would like to check them out manually
whatever is easier for you I definitely recommend checking them out and that is
where I’m able to kind of show you what the products are thanks to them so thank
you so much to all of those pages now let’s really get into it
so my lighting is a little bit like dimmer today and I feel like whatever I
do it out of your video it’s just kind of nice to get cozy it gives kind of
that come for your vibe let me know what you think in the comment section down
below if you hate it I will definitely change it just one of your thoughts I’m
just trying something but the first product I want to talk about is one from
Anastasio Beverly Hills arguably the most popular launch that is coming out
the bunch this is the Anastasia Beverly Hills unreality I believe this is like
their third collaboration with her and all I can say about that is you know
they’ve come out with a highlighter I believe they come up with another whole
pallet with her and I think people really liked that one honestly I’m not
sure where they’re collaborating with her again solely because there are so
many creators you know out there right now and I don’t understand why they have
to keep you know creating products with the same few influencers it seems not
only Anastasio Evelyn Hills but like morphe benefit just a bunch of the
brands out there I don’t really understand but it’s their brand they can
do what they want no one asked me but this palette is going to retail for
$49 and this is similar style to be typical in associate Beverly Hills I
believe 14 beyond eyeshadow palettes but this one is 16 shadows so it kind of
makes up with a price I don’t know how it breaks down you know the amount of
profit that you’re getting maybe you’re getting the same amount but you are
getting more shades you are getting 16 rather than 14 and the shades in here
honestly I was looking at the comments on and believed trend mates Instagram
account and a lot of people are saying this just looks like you know what a
bunch of their palettes are just mushed together and they took the best you know
shades from a bunch of their palettes and just kind of threw them all together
and put a pop of blue and I do definitely agree with that
um I first I was like you know you could say that about any brand any collection
I mean when a brand has so many palettes like Anastacio there’s gonna be overlap
and there’s going to be similarities however this palette really does I mean
the packaging is beautiful the outer packaging but on the inside when you
really look at it it’s like it really looks like they’re soft glam palette and
they’re more vina palette like how to child and out it’ll pop up like it just
looks so much like we’ve seen before and if you have either of those other G
ballots I really don’t know if you mean it or not if you love novena you love
Anastasio Beverly Hills and you want to you know support them and collect from
their print that’s all good and fine like they’re good brand their products
are supposedly really good however I did see that this is a new I don’t know if
all the shades are a new formulation but this is a new shadow formulation so I
don’t know if it’s going to be better or worse um we’ll just have to wait and see
for some reviews so next we have another pretty popular product it is the
affinity Beauty mascara it’s called the full frontal mascara and it retails for
$24 this product I believe will be available
in stores on January 16th as well as online
Sephora and on fifties website but this mascara it claims to be a curling
mascara a lengthening mascara and a volumizing mascara that is
water-resistant so that’s kind of a claim Sonia I’m pretty excited for this
just because you know I feel like 50 overall especially like staple products
um they just do a really good job at and I like how they are steadily you know
adding to their range they didn’t come out with a product a bunch of products
all at once which makes me think they’ve really honed in on this formula and I
definitely hope they have I’m it supposed to be ultra lightweight which
is something I really hope it is because that would actually make me want to
purchase a I very rarely end up being like really drawn to higher end mascaras
there’s very few I think that are worth the money therefore I don’t you know I’m
not constantly looking at those however the light weight makes me kind of
excited just because lately I’m just feeling like my mascara it’s just so
heavy I don’t know it feels like it’s like weighing down so if it truly is
light weight I definitely want to try it I’m gonna wait for some reviews though
as I do with pretty much all of these products next I’m gonna talk about the
elf putty eye primer this is kind of an expansion upon their putty primer that
people seem to really enjoy they also just expanded the you know different
versions of the body primer that they have not sure what other universes of
that they have but people seem to really love the original so I’m glad that elf
is expanding upon something that they have done really well people love that
original primer and I feel like this is gonna be a hit I don’t know why I just
feel like people are gonna really enjoy the five shades that they’re coming out
with for the eye primer they look like they’re gonna be like cool and tinted
hopefully they will work and off bTW patchy and honestly based off kind of
what I’ve heard about the el primer being very silicon based I like silicon
this is weird but I love silicon based primers for my eyes not all the time but
like sometimes when I want it really kind of just a nice smooth base I would
use a just a face primer that’s in silicone base and it works really well
so I have very high hopes for these they’re gonna be five dollars and
honestly I’m very happy for elf because I feel like whenever they come out with
something they do a really good job of it’s you know a good product they’ll
expand upon it and they won’t expand upon it to you
you know filth or anything we’re not gonna like beat it till it’s dead or
whatever but they just kind of do as much as I can to expand them on it
without doing overkill and I just really appreciate that and I think that is
something that should definitely be highlighted for elf
because they do a great job at that so the next product is the elf hydrating
camo concealer another product from health and honestly I think this is a
good idea to you I’m not exactly sure how it’s gonna go down simply because I
heard a lot of mixed reviews on the elf camo concealer the original version
which I believe is a little bit more mattifying a little bit more full
coverage and this one is supposed to be still very full cartridge but it’s just
supposed to be you know a little bit more hydrating and look a little bit
more I don’t know dewy but just a little bit more satin like I have that more
satiny finish and this is going to retail for six dollars just like the
other one which I really appreciate because a lot of times like I know color
pop came out with their new concealer or whatever and I know it has hyaluronic
acid in it but that’s their version of the hydrating concealer and I want to
try it but I’m like why does it have to be three dollars more than their
original concealer I don’t know but I mean I’m not knocking them I’m just
saying a lot of times I feel like hydrating concealers are more expensive
than mattifying ones and I’m on the hunt for a really good hydrating concealer I
am gonna wait for some reviews because like I said they were abused on the
original camo concealer were polarizing I would say people either loved it or
they hated it and I feel like a lot of the complaints surrounding it being just
way too heavy and I’m hoping that because it’s more hydrating of a formula
people will enjoy this one more because it won’t be as heavy because typically
hydron concealers are not heavy like some more modifying formulas can be next
up we have a product from Marc Jacobs these were beer sequins glam liquid
glitter shadows in these retail for what is it $26 yes so $26 for each one I
believe they’re six different shades and these shades are very pretty I don’t
know if there’s one I can take particular like point out and be like I
need that shade just because when I’m looking at them I’m like either have
that shade or I’m really not interested in that shade
however I’ve heard great things about like they have these little shadow pots
and they also have shadows like I should have palette formula or form and people
seem to love both of those so I’ve heard really great things about their eye
shadow formula which makes me have very high hopes for this this is already
available and I just I think these shades are really pretty like the ones
that I’m looking at but I already have them so it’s kind of a toss-up I would
wait in here kind of what people think about these if they’re similar to UV
Stila glitter
there’s liquid shadows because if they are I probably want to try not even
though these are not going to be a do because they are slightly more expensive
I just think you know if they’re good I want to try them because I’ve been
loving these gallery’ shadow like the trend I just been loving it so by beauty
is kind of stepping into another category I feel like coming to this
point the only products that they come out with are lip related and I’m not
knocking that because everything they’ve done for the most part like as a whole
as a brand have been really good products however I’m gonna see more from
them I’ve always wanted to see more from them because I feel like they’ve done
really good at the products that’s coming out with as a whole I want to see
more so they have come out with three new products in a complexion category
and the first one is the change makers supercharged my seller foundation that’s
$39.50 so this foundation is supposed to give a like a medium coverage and a
natural finish which is my two favorite things on everyday I’m pretty much
always wearing some sort of medium coverage foundation if not it’s going to
be you know a heavier coverage that I’m shearing down or a lighter coverage that
I’m building up I like a medium coverage that’s just where my preference is at
and then I also like something with either a natural or satin you know kind
of like a back to it finish to it and so this does look like something that I
think I’d enjoy there’s 32 shades in this the next one is the change maker
flexible coverage pressed powder and that’s thirty-six dollars
there’s only eight shades in this and normally with powders I don’t think
there needs to be as long as you know the range like there’s been apart
equally you know like you have an equal amount of product or shades for people
with a favored complexion the equal amount with a lighter medium in a deeper
they all kind of have the same amount of options to choose from I don’t
personally mind that however with a pressed powder that is if they say
flexible coverage that makes me think that you can build it up to you know
whatever level of card you want and when I’m looking for a more full full
coverage kind of like to replace my foundation look which is what I think
this is supposed to do I want something that’s gonna be as close to my you know
skin tone as possible and it kind of looks like I don’t know with only eight
shades that would be hard to do um you know especially with people of a deeper
complexion so not really sure about this it’s supposed to of allure and mattify
the skin which is something I like blurring I don’t necessarily love
mattifying I don’t know if this is something I’ll be picking up but the
next time she’s the change maker skin optimizing primer that’s $38 this
product is very interesting it’s a mattifying
and hydrating foundation which to me is just like a giant question mark like I
don’t understand I don’t understand whatsoever and then another interesting
aspect to it is it has olive oil as an ingredient and this is a very polarizing
ingredient you can go look it up I’m not exactly sure how it is used in this
product so it could be use and a very like I don’t know a good way where it
doesn’t have there’s a certain ingredient used an olive oil that will
like if you continuously apply it it will break down the skins barrier I mean
I don’t know if this product has that but I would just be interested to know
like I just feel like that’s something weird to have in a mattifying product
especially so very intrigued by this range there’s I really think the product
them intrigues me notices that foundation not something I can see
myself actually picking up this next product is very interesting it is the
first Holly liquid powder oil balancing serum and this product is expensive at
$54 and I know that taja has a primer that’s 50 something
dollars and that is very expensive but I I kind of associate Tasha with more
expensive products kind of the way I do with natasha de Nona with Pat McGrath
like far Sally I do think they are higher and I do think they are not
affordable in any way but I definitely talk their $54 like I’ve just never I’m
like whoa a lot I was really surprised when I was looking at the price but this
product is very interesting it kind of takes this technique that I’ve heard
Jackie on I don’t know if you guys watch her but she um uses this technique a lot
where before she does her foundation she will put down like powder um kind of as
a base and for me that would never work because I have such dry skin but I know
it’s a really good technique that people with even normal skin but primarily
oiler your skin really like to use as a way to just keep their foundation in
place and make it look a little bit better and help their oils from kind of
prevent those from seeping through and it seems to really work especially from
what I’ve heard other people say um I feel like she kind of popularized that
correct me if I’m wrong but this I feel like kind of takes that idea
because it’s like a liquid primer and when you put it on it is a liquid but
then I don’t know if you can see in the picture but it turns to like a powder
base so it kind of takes that kind of technique and puts it into a product
which i think is really cool like I said good before you know I’m putting on your
foundation I just don’t know like if you could use a powder and it worked out
well most powders are like at the very most
like 30 40 dollars of the very most I just don’t understand why you would
really need a product maybe this would make it really easy and I know people
really do enjoy far selling products and I feel like I’m always like talking
smack about them but this just whoa like it’s just expensive the last one I want
to talk about is a collection from Physicians Formula this is um it’s their
natural defense line so it’s essentially a line that it has like this I believe
it’s called like a 360 total defense meaning that the products are supposed
to protect your skin from pollution from sunlight and also from blue light and I
really like the idea that there is a little bit of like not even a flaw but
the products just don’t seem to have a lot of sunscreen in it and when you’re
using you know makeup with sunscreen and if you’re going to use it as your only
sort of you know sun protection you really need to have it in a really high
concentration levels and I believe the highest level of concentration this has
is SPF 20 which isn’t enough and maybe they’re not meant I haven’t really
looked at you know all the information I drop I doubt they’re making this to be
mint as your only source of sun protection and also like I guess Sun
protect like some some protection is better than none you know like having a
product with SPF is better than having a product with absolutely none um so you
can take that as you will I just kind of want to you know note that they have a
sheer like foundation coming in this and it’s $15.99 which is a little bit up
there but I feel like with Physicians Formula that’s kind of on par with their
brand they’ve always been in my opinion a a more expensive drugstore brand and I
mean really always happen but there was a lot of drugstore and this is a video I
want to do in the future but drugstore brands that are like slowly raising
their prices like they think there’s like but like they’re getting expensive
now this is going to have twelve shades in the foundation so hopefully you’ll be
able to find one I haven’t looked at the shades yeah I’m not even sure if they’re
release at the time that I’m building this but the next product is they
protect your it’s like the protector oil so it’s just basically a primer for your
skin it’s also a 59 $15.99 which is a little expensive especially for a primer
which I typically think primers are like a little bit more affordable in
foundations they’re probably I’ve no idea I’m not in the makeup you know
producing industry however I would think that making a primary a little bit
easier as far as production goes I don’t know them um and then the next product
is the setting the tone finishing powder and this is a 14 $99 powder and it has
SPF 20 in it and I forgot to mention I think I forgot to mention that the
primer has SPF 15 so you’re constantly layering off these products so hopefully
all these layers will allow for that high concentration I’m just not sure the
last one is the triple offence it’s like the multi color state so there’s four
different shades of this stick essentially and this stick has SPF 20
and it retails for fortunate not $14.99 mmm 1199 um and there’s those four
different shades so I’m sure with most drugstore products their prices
fluctuate depending on where you go this does seem like a little bit of an
expensive line however if it’s really gonna protect you from those three
things I feel like it’s you know for good reason I’m sure you guys can tell
it how tired I’m getting I mean I’m honestly shocked that I got through all
the products that I wanted to mention because I had a lot I normally only have
like 5 to 8 and I feel like I had way more products than that to talk about in
today’s video and on top of that I started back this is why I’m so tired
honestly it’s not because I had to talk about this many products but I started
back school today after the winter break and I honestly love my love my break
like I really only had to focus on just a few things and I’m like just hanging
out with friends and family and getting some College stuff done and then working
on my channel and that’s really not that much to like you know handle and now
that like school started back up like waking up at 6 in the morning that is
something we’re gonna have to really get used to again but if you’re right there
with me trying to get back in the swing of things we can do this we can do it
together but yeah I hope you guys enjoyed today’s
video if you did I’d really appreciate it if you’d give it a thumbs up so I
know to do more in the future if you’d like to let me know what your thoughts
are on these products I’d love to interact with you guys in the comment
section down below and if you’re new here I’d really appreciate if you
subscribe enough self promote from me I really appreciate all of your support of
my channel and hopefully you guys know that does every
view every comment like it all means so much to me and little community that
we’ve created it really doesn’t mean so much me so I just want to thank you guys
for that I hope you guys have a great goal of days until my next video goes
live I hope that you’re having a great day right now whatever you’re doing and
I will see you in the next video


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