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Can slurp it up. – Okay bad idea.
– Yeah, not with a tomyum soup. *Next station, Beauty World.* What’s up guys, My name is Rainier. And welcome to another episode of NEXT STATION. Where I bring you around Singapore, Using the MRT system, To find the best things to do, Best things to eat and the best things to see Right here in the vicinity. But before that, Let me introduce my special guest. – It’s you again!
– Yes it’s me. Actually, I just moved here. – Really ah?
– No lahhh. The reason why I call this my second home is because Back in my JC days I had tuition here. And.. I always play touch rugby at Sixth Avenue. I go there every single Saturday when my season starts So are you ready to explore? Yes! Let’s Go! Alright, so we are here in Ng Kim Lee Confectionery. And we actually bought a load of old school bakes. And this is actually my favorite in Singapore. This is the portuguese egg tart. So I’m very excited for you to try this Okay let’s try! Okay, I’m gonna give it a shot. Why do you like this egg tart? The crust itself, it’s very different from the biscuit kind. I think that one is a bit too thick. But this is very flakey, very airy. Okay it’s quite nice. It’s very sweet. The main point here is really the filling. It’s a smooth curd. Finish it, it’s your favourite. Does it hold up to your version? Different people got different preferences la. I don’t like puff pastry, So I prefer my egg tarts to be like the Tai Chung kind. They actually a lot of other old school bakes. We asked the staff what her favourite was and she mentioned, She mentioned. – She mentioned this.
– Pandan Cake. James, this is very precious. Lucky we caught it. Oh my god, it smells amazing, just smell. And can you look at Oh my god, it’s so airy and fluffy. It’s so fluffy I’m gonna die! Mmmmmmmm! The smell is very strong, but the taste is not overpowering. Yeah, it’s like subtle pandan. It’s not like the PANDAN!, it’s pandan~ Wah, I think this is better than your egg tart eh. What?! Okay, I swear by the egg tarts, okay. Alright so right now we are in Sin Ma Frog Porridge And we actually got the Gongbao Frog. My absolute favourite. Okay, so if you don’t like spicy, you can take the Jiang Cong Frog (Frog with Ginger and Scallions). But, this is way better. Aside from the Gongbao frog, We actually got the porridge on the side Because it tastes better, it compliments each other very well. Gentleman mah. Single and Avaliable guys~ The porridge is not out of this world, it’s just plain porridge. But, when you add the sauce, it becomes out of this world. What is your favourite part of the frog? I think it’s the belly leh. Huh? Got belly meh, frog got belly? It’s the one that they *sound effects There is this very tangy kick to it. The reason why I like this sauce right, It’s like sweet, it’s spicy, it’s savoury So if you eat Gongbao Chicken, it’s exactly like that. Just that the frog is so tender. As a Westsider, I think this is like the best frog porridge I ever tasted. If you never tried this, you MUST try this. There’s a lot more food that we are going to cover, Let’s go to the next location! Tadah! So right now we are at level 4 of the Beauty World Centre. And this are all the stuff that we got! From here we have the Butakin Ramen, The Hanbaobao Spiced Pulled-pork Burger As well as the Top1 Ban Mian. So right now we’re gonna try the special Tonkotsu Ramen from Butakin. And it goes for $6.90. Which is super cheap. I tried this a lot of times, what stood out for me is the meat. Actually from the looks of it right, it looks very presentable. Restaurant-level kind of food. So let’s dig in! Actually they’re very generous with the meat eh. The meat itself has a very thick cut. I think it can afford to have a little bit more taste for the soup. Because like, it’s a little bit bland. So next we have Hambaobao This is spiced pulled-pork. And I’ve also tried it before also because this is ma hood. Give it a try. They have gourmet burgers at only $5. They also have like fusion burgers. Like crispy pork belly. Something like Roasted Pork Rice but in a Burger. The flavour just explodes in your mouth I don’t need to eat the I remember the flavour already. It’s soft and it has a tuna consistency. That’s the texture of slow cooked meat. Which I think is damm nice. Cause it can absorb all the flavours. It’s a good burger la, It’s just very good. Next up we have Top 1 Ban Mian. And the cool thing is, you can customise it. Okay, let’s go. I like Mee Hoon Kueh better than Ban Mian because Every single shape is different. There’s a play on texture. The mouth feel is very satisfying. I like Ban Mian because you can slurp. This one right, when you order, the auntie will already warn you. Tom yum? It’s very spicy ah! Usually when I eat tom yum banmian elsewhere right, I’ll be like ‘Walao you call this tomyum, walao not spicy one’ But here is like ‘huh not spicy? BAM!’ You don’t eat so fast ah, later you choke. Can slurp it up. – Okay bad idea.
– Yeah, not with a tomyum soup. So if you like spicy base, you can try their mala or tomyum. For those that don’t like spice, I recommend to try the Dried Ban Mian. Because it’s not as common. But this store serves really good dried banmian. Some say that the best hawker food here is found in Beauty World Centre. But just across the road there’s actually Bukit Timah Market. So I’m actually very familiar with this place But who better to show me around Than somebody who is here every single day. I was actually asking Auntie Nancy for what’s the best food. And she has some recommendations. She’s going to show me around Yeah, let’s go! Alright, so these are what Auntie Nancy recommended for us to try. This store actually sells 3 kinds of satay, They have chicken satay, mutton satay and pork satay. I find it quite fascinating that you dip first And like I just eat the meat first I think the marinate is very important So I want to taste the meat itself first. For me, when you eat satay to me the sauce is damm important So I always dip a lot of the sauce. I think the sauce quite nice eh. You know when you buy peanut butter there is Creamy and Chunky. This is the chunky one. So we’re trying carrot cake next. Do you usually eat the white one or the black one? I have no preference, I always buy half-half. Oh you can buy half-half? But this one, they don’t sell the black. They’re famous for the white. So they only sell the white one, That means the white one must be damm good eh. They so confident until like ‘aiya we no need the black ah’ Oh my god, it’s damm nice eh. Wait, I need another bite. The egg and the kueh, melts in your mouth together. You get what I mean? It becomes like a single thing. Alright so we have the BBQ wings over here. When I was in school right, this was my go-to snack. Like in the middle of the night. What you doing at night? Why you not sleeping? Studying ah. – Wah so hard working ah james.
– School what? Studying or doing what. Chilli very important, not nice I will be angry I love how the lime cuts through the greasiness. The lime goes well with the chilli. It’s like sour and spicy at the same time. A little bit like the Chicken Rice chilli. Walao, everytime i go out with you I become fatter eh. You can just forget about your Gymming. NOOOO. Alright so we have the long awaited desserts. So basically just now he was telling me Xenia there’s this bakery that I will always go after school. Then I was like ‘huh which one?’ Then when I walked I suddenly went crazy Because it is so good. Look at the jiggle Look at it saying hi to you. The best way I can describe the texture It’s a beancurd in a biscuit cup. Really eh, next time my future husband right, Don’t even need to buy me a ring, Just buy me this, I will wear it eh. Xenia’s next favourite is the coconut tart. The reason why I like it is because there’s caramelisation on the surface. Very fragent, and when you bite into it, inside is soft. You can literally see the coconut bits of it eh. There is like this milkiness I would say It’s like very subtle milkiness. It’s like coconut milk. But at the same time it’s not like drenched in it. So you don’t feel so jelak. Next up it’s my favourite The lemon cheese tart. You can see that they are very generous with the lemon parts of it. But if you try the cheese inside is very silky smooth. It’s almost like a cheese lava. The cheese is so silky and super smooth. You can slurp it eh. I think like that the tarts here are definitely the best. Do not miss these if you’re here. In the next episode of NEXT STATION, we explore King Albert Park and Sixth Avenue. See you there!


  1. Nice episode though I thought u will explore a few more statns. And also I think Xenia can this be the guest for every episode too.

  2. recommendations on point! Just had the ban mian for lunch, warning! THE CHILI IS DAMN DOPEZ AND THE KICK IS REAL

  3. I rmb Ng Kim Lee shop outside have a Chinese burning bin thingy and on the cover it says ‘ DO NOT THROW RUBBISH INSIDE. GOD WILL PUNISH YOU’ HAHAHAHAH

  4. Hey TSL,loving this series but can I make a request to add on the information in the description box if the stores are halal or not so your Muslim viewers could know before going down if they really want to try the food out,thank you in advance and keep up the good work 😄💕

  5. the frog porridge standard drop already though..last time was so much nicer..after they changed the chef the porridge became like glue and the sauce is too salty

  6. omg you must try the shao rou fan 2 bus stops after opp king albert park station!!!! It's at Hup Choon Eating House slightly behind Caltex!!! (closed on mondays though)

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