Night Time Skincare | Vlog | Sulwhasoo skincare | natural skin oils | mature skincare

Night Time Skincare | Vlog | Sulwhasoo skincare | natural skin oils | mature skincare

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hi everyone its Gadgetlily I am at work
I am in the parking lot right now and I thought I would film a little bit to
talk to you about what this video is about I’m getting ready to go to work
there’s going to be a party our work party our group is I think there’s nine
of us and we are having our Christmas party with Secret Santa here’s my Secret
Santa gift it’s January already but being in retail
we can’t really have our party during our busy season so we have it afterwards
that we’re having our party and I can’t wait it’s I love my my group my team I
love working with all of them I feel very fortunate and that I have such a
wonderful group my manager kate is excellent and
actually I picked her name you know I’m her Secret Santa anyway and and the
funny thing is that she got my name so I’ll show you what I got her for her
Secret Santa gift yeah we could do that so I don’t know it will show up in the
in front of the camera it’s by who is it by Jose Jose is a a very well known
brand in Japan and the gel will actually warm up and and it will unclog pores and
remove blackheads so you put this on f after you wash your face and then you
wash it off it’s funny because it’s a black gel but then it turns grey when
it’s ready to we’ll be rinsed off so I got heard this
I have to get her my favorite.she shadow shimmering cream egg color and this one
is in blue I put it in that little pouch and I put this is my favorite eyeshadow
and you use your finger to apply and can be used as a shadow primer I don’t know
if they’ll show a well on camera but it’s a mask one of those masks holder so
that when you put your your face mask on the paper mask and you put this silicone
cover or the holder over it I talked about this in one of my videos
so but this one’s really special tis it’s two pieces so it has a upper and a
lower so if you’re just we’re using a eye mask you could actually use just the
top part same with the bottom so it will fit your face a lot better than let’s
say one mask or one one holder and then I attached a a mask from Japan and this
is a very nice brightening mask for her to to use also got another face mask and
this is another Japanese very well known face mask it’s very popular after work
tonight after the party I am actually going to do a you know remove on my
makeup and then my nighttime routine I will videotape that and there’ll be
the second part of this video so it’ll make it more interesting and instead of
just a nighttime routine video which really is not going to be very long and
and have a no film a little bit of the party if I can do that this is my life
and and I just want to show you a little bit about it because it’s related to
beauty and makeup and and that’s what I like talking about and sharing with you
I have these so also serum lip lipstick on and it’s very light in color I did a
video on this too it’s pretty but when it’s on it’s
actually more like a lip tint a very moisturizing serum lipstick but it’s
pretty it’s good for your lips packaging is really cute and it feels good so that’s what I have
on in case you’re curious and I’m going on another trip I won’t say where yet
but follow me on IG and I will post lots of pictures and you will know where
where I’ll be at but I will make some interesting videos for you
when I am on my trip it’s time for me to go to work to punch in and I will see
you later oh I want to say too that we’re actually very loose about our
secret santa there’s no secret about it because we all know who got who and we
actually tell each other what we want so I already I already told Kate that I
want a because Kate got my name so I already told her I want a NARS lipstick
I actually gave her the color I told her the color
on it and I can’t remember the name right now but it’s one of those it’s a
liquid liquid lipstick I think so there’s no surprise but I did not tell
her what I got her so because she never asked me so okay talk to you later you okay Kent you gonna be on you so creativity they are I never heard
anything bad about the baby Alexa turn off the nightlight Alyssa the night


  1. Awesome video lily 😊 You have lovely skin!

    I literally filmed my night time skin care routine last night haha 😊 X

  2. Awww hi Daisy 😍

    That food looks really good!!! I love pasta cavatappi so whoever had that tell them to save me some lol.

    Great tips on the routine! I’ve been looking for a better way to remove my mascara because I’m a little heavy handed and have been wiping off some of my eyelashes lollll

  3. I want that shrimp…when get lazy for a day or two and don't use my products, it really shows…we need this past a certain age

  4. Lily your skin would rival that of a 20 year old, no kidding. Loved your work group party too. They looked like a fun group of ladies.

  5. Just back at the hotel to change before heading back out and saw your upload. Wanted to stop 🛑 in and say hello 👋 and give you a thumbs up. Well done sweetie. Aloha 🌺….Ranalynn 💋

  6. Looks like a fun party and a lovely group of ladies to work with. Glad you had a good time. Also enjoyed seeing your night time skincare routine. Your skin is gorgeous. I've been SO curious about Sulwhasoo. I swear by rose hip and carrot seed oils, too. Happy New Year! – xx, Carla

  7. I hope the party went well dear Lily.. i am new to many of the products that you showed.. it is wonderful to do a party after xmas in january, that is how most people do sometimes, it all depends on the environment where we work. Great video and I love the car chat videos!!

  8. What a fun holiday party…so nice when you have a great boss and coworkers, makes work fun. Thanks for sharing your night routine ~ your skin is beautiful! 🙂

  9. Great video. Found you through Tracey channel. Just subscribed and would love your support on my channel 💖💖

  10. Hello Lily seems its been awhile hope you had a great Christmas and New Year!! We also have our work Christmas party in January because we all work different shifts at the hospital so thats next weekend! Great video so relaxing watching someone take off their makeup! Thnx for sharing Lily! 👍😘😘

  11. 25 likee beğeni benden. çok beğendim. çok güzel içerikleriniz var takipte olacağım, komşunuz oldum zil açtım siz den de kalıcı karşılık bekliyorum. ( ı sub your, can you sub my?, please my dear friends, ı lıke your great videos, please stay connected, ı suppoırt you everytime, ı will stay connected everytime,

  12. Hello Lily!! Thank you for sharing your YT info. I was amazed by your beautiful skin and had to ask about your routine. I enjoyed our short little chat while at Sephoras today and plan to return soon so that we can chat further.

  13. Your skin is so beautiful and glowingggg. I wished my skin could be half as good as yours. I'm 20 but got lots of acne scars. Haha. I love your video ❤❤❤

  14. Hello Lily. I'm a new subscriber. Found your channel by accident. I must tell you that you have the most beautiful skin I have seen on YouTube. I don't know your age, but your skin is gorgeous. Hugs from Seattle.

  15. I just found your channel today and I so love you already! Just so sincere, real, and very relaxing to watch. Now I can't stop watching your videos.. Hope you gain more subscribers! So much love for you GadgetLily ❤❤❤

  16. Lily I really love your skin. I'm 29 soon to be 30 and my resolution for the new year is to take very good care of my skin esp my face with less but best products. I have never applied make up or any special face creams. Can you please make some recommendations since I'm really naive in this area?
    Thank you lily

  17. I'm from mouritius plz mem help me my skin care routine I need your suggestion which product I'm use 39 years skincare routine plz mem help me plz plz

  18. Buenas noches estas muy linda una recomendación sería bueno que nos ayudaras con la traducción en español chaito cuídate mucho

  19. Really..I can only dream of this skin..I have oily skin and never used oil recommend any oil cleanser

  20. Hi lily
    I hv a lot of pigmentation on my forehead and cheeks, can I use hyalunoric acid for my face, please revert, I desperately want this pigmentation to go, please help.

  21. Hello Lily, is it heavy for your skin when you apply many kind of products? Especially rosehip seed oil and carrot oil. Hope to see your reply

  22. You are beautiful!! Impeccable skin, wow..I'll closely watch your routine 😀 I love the Sulwhasoo ginseng eye cream, I'm excited to try more

  23. One of my favorite gadgets I use is the Shiseido face brush. It's lasted me forever with proper care. A HUGE difference if I stop using it for a few's amazing

  24. I really admire the way you pamper your self.. thanks for sharing your idea.. being beautiful from all the makes amazing in my whole like.

  25. HI! Lily! I am new and living in USA. (how about you? …..i saw several your youtube so I don't know where you are. sorry!) Iam interested in your "face mask holder" but the link you made is missing. if you don't mind, could you let me know the updated link for the item?

  26. Omgg your so adorable, i have question, which product do u advice me for my skin? I have normal and litlle bit sensitive skin, (want vegan and cueltry free product) thanks 🙂

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