#NykaaLand | Get Lost In The Wonderland Of Makeup Ft. Janhvi Kapoor | Nykaa

#NykaaLand | Get Lost In The Wonderland Of Makeup Ft. Janhvi Kapoor | Nykaa

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When in doubt, just wing it Life goals are like lipstick Never settle for just one I came.. I saw.. I contoured.. Get your ticket to Nykaa Land.. Download the app now!


  1. Janhvi is doing the right thing ! Like other actresses she is not trying to be fake and opting for a seductive body language. She is trying to be herself… Just trying to be a bit more fun ! Way to go girl 👍

  2. Don't fall for this trap😜I uninstalled the app because i was spending too much on this app….in the last 3 months i have saved enough to buy gold 😆😆

  3. I can’t Get over the Fact that how Mediocre she looks, and Her voice .

    But Nykaa Land is Amazing and so is Nykaa for bringing all the Genuine High End products to India.❤️

  4. Have a look 🙈🦋 you will love this place 😍 do subscribe 🔔
    Instagram 📸
    https://www.instagram.com/fashiontiara24/ 👸👰

  5. Nykaa Please stop putting your add literally on every video … You are irritating as hell and I'll never puchase anything from you and tell my friends as well

  6. My new year resolution is getting rid of this app…. to that I can stop getting lost in this and save my money

  7. Hello sweet heart. …..darling bahoot bahtrin badiyaa zabardast open land lo bindast hoke khubshurati aur chik ka apna tal mel bahoot purana RISTA hai jo gharshan se wajud mein aaya too jab tak pura sambhok compile nahi hoo jata ye sab kis liye lipstick chics glow isse chimate raho khul ke samne apni baat rakho dil khol ke baat karo aur apne balo ko mere kandho pe bikherte huye jam ke chakkar kat pat se gir jaun yani zabardast nykaa land ka sawal hai baat teri pakki bharan dandu pakka too lamha ab kis baat pe aake atka darling. …bahoot bahtrin badiyaa i will soon there shortly. ….

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