1. Just started watching your vlogs not so long ago and I loooove them I watch them everywhere especially at work . I’m learning asl and watching other people really helps with learning !

  2. Omg!! ur hair looks so good.. I have watched all of ur videos and I love them!!! I have even been learning ASL bc of you. Keep doing what u r doing bc you are doing it amazingly.. Love you!

  3. Hi! I have no IDEA what ur saying but i subbed and put post notifications on! 😁😁😁 BTW U LOOK SO AMAZING I WISH I LOOKED LIKE THAT

  4. I am new to your channel and I like it very much and I am a big fan for you and you give such an aspiration love you
    I wish to learn ASL but l am form Arab countries so I will learn both Arab and amarican sign language

  5. I really love your hair color i think it looks amazing ❤️and also can you please tell me where you got your accessories/jewels (necklaces, rings and earrings) from i really love them they look so good on you ❤️❤️
    Love you

  6. Show us how you edited your vlog in the beginning, like what’s app you use to edit your videos. Btw, you did a good job with makeup 💄…. 👍🏼

  7. At @1:11 ive read ur lips , u told I LOVE IT 😃 U look absolutely gorgeous 😍 today u were pretty goddamn lighten up 😍 i got some of ur energy

  8. I am hearing and I just love your vlogs😭😭I’m starting to learn ASL by watching your channel like “world” and “eat” and etc.

  9. I wanna learn ASL just so I could understand you without reading. Id love to one day be able to have a proper conversation with you. Other than typing it anyways. This will have to do for now though, soo,, ty for your positive energy, its contageous

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