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(music playing) hey guys welcome back to my channel if
you’re new here my name is Howie please don’t forget to subscribe and also hit
that notification bell so you know whenever I upload a video so on today’s
video I’m trying to get… i’m trying to start doing like more talk through videos
instead of just uploading videos and… that’s it? that’s it
just play music. it’s a lot easier for me but I’m trying to do like I feel
like there was once I saw this orange look like a long time ago and she used her
Crease but I don’t have no crease so I’m just going to see how I could recreate
that look with hooded eyes. you know by the way I just finished doing this
eyebrow tutorial if you want see if you’ve always wanted to see how I do
my eyebrows you can check it out definitely came out before this
video so you could totally go check it out right now okay. First things first, you’re
going to go in with a primer that’s probably a lot. you know… (music playing) all right I just put on some tape
because honestly I’m going to need some tape and the Lord to get this through
because what I’m about to do now. i’m just like how is it possible? like…
you have no crease… you have no… But you know what? let’s try to make use of what we have. okay (music continues playing) Would you say you can see that with my eyes opened?
Nope. We are going to go a little bit higher you know what at this point it doesn’t
matter what form this all takes we just need it to be visible okay I’m going to do this eye so it doesn’t
crease I’m just going to like go in with eyeshadow now, so it doesn’t (music continues) I’m just gonna go with this really dark
foundation cuz I wanted to give it that contrast you know I already applied my
what’s it called primer yeah A little bit more (music continues) now I’m about to do my concealer and I’m
going to use dark cocoa simply because this foundation is really dark and I
don’t want the contrast to be super crazy (music continues) now I’m going to go with my Zaron face definer
the contour shade, to contour my face this is what it looks like. It’s a bit dirty.
It’s a lot dirty actually it’s broken so I can tilt it so yeah
need to go in with the contour shade I always forget to cream contour like
honestly, first it started out as me just being lazy but now I generally forget to contour (music continues) we’re just going in with a basic brush
to just blend everything out okay (music continues) all right now I’m going to go into the
matte touch plus essence. matte touch blush that is a tongue twister anyways … i’m going to go in with my note highlighter
as usual like this highlighter has been like It’s so beautiful. That’s why I love it. c’mon guys!!! Look at it I love this highlighter so much (music continues) I forgot to go in with setting spray. So i’m going to set my face and then go back in
with a little bit of highlighter i’m setting my face with the NYX matte
finish setting spray oh goodness then I go in with a highlighter in the
inner corners to just. oooh I didn’t do anything to my waterline it’s fine it’s
fine we’re gonna just let it be (music continues) i’m thinking of a nude-ish gloss so we’re
just going to create this look because I don’t have gloss or nude or ish whatever
so I have a clear gloss I have this and I have my liner it looks black, but I promise you. It’s not (music continues) I feel like my eyes are disappearing. This is crazy, how did i just skip my eyes? Who does that? anyway so the eyelashes I’m going to today is this house of Poland it’s
pretty cheap but it’s very beautiful so I’m not going to do it on camera. I feel like..
I dare not teach anyone how to apply eyelashes no i’m the one who needs teaching, so i’m not teaching nobody. okay, so i’m going to do that, and also probably do. I’m going to do my
mascara as well. I’m just gonna take care of my eyes right now, and be back
alright I just went into the corner of my eyes with this black eyeliner simply
to accentuate kind of you know just a little I didn’t use anything on my
waterline but that’s okay that’s okay so for my lips I said I was going to go in
with i don’t like messing up.. (music continues) (outro music playing)


  1. It’s a beautiful day when sis upload 😍😍😍😍. This makeup look is gorgeous sis. Can you do a how to tie turbans ? I love these turbans you wear . I don’t have a crease really either I always for the most part create one.

  2. Wow I wish I was that good at makeup! I’m a new subscriber and I hope I can learn from you! I would really appreciate it if you didn’t mind subscribing back, it would mean the world to me. Thanks so much!

  3. Wow! That pop or orange is Beautiful!!! This turned out very lovely sweetie! I hope your Saturday is going good! Music was very fun too hehe💖🤩

  4. YES GIRl! I love the orange on you! Its a really great color on you !
    You killed the looks as always girl! Loved the video!

  5. Omg that orange is beautiful! 😍😍😍😍😍 New subbies! We would love if you would check out our and support us as well! 💕✨🤩

  6. Wow I just found you, first let's just say those lips are killing .. you are killing it girl such a great vlog..

    I'm loving this channel.. ringing the bell so you'll be seeing me around

    And I have really good fried chicken, when you have time to stop by and say hi. I just started and would love to hear some feedback. Have a great day 🙂

  7. Why I’m just finding your channel sis , you’re gifted your makeup skill is off the hook . Great stuff love

  8. ‏Omg I love your videos you inspire me to make my own channel and hope to make videos like urs❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😄😀😀😄😀😁😁😁

  9. Hey beautiful I love love this makeup look awesome job you did looking forward to see more of your videos I am new here hope we can be friends

  10. You are so beautiful Hauwa😍. Melanin popping!! New Subscriber here, hope we could support each other😊

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