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Hey guys. It’s Sandi! Welcome back to CutePolish! In today’s video, I’m going to be sharing how I store my nail polish collection both physically and virtually. I always get a lot of questions about this, so I wanted to share with you all how I do it to give you guys some organisation inspiration for your own nail polish collection. First, I’d like to start off with how I physical store my nail polish. Now, if you’re a long time fan, you may have seen this before, but I store all of my nail polish in 3 big IKEA cabinets. I love these because they have a bunch of shelves for my polishes and they allow them to be visible and on display through the glass. Each shelf has a different color of nail polish on it. From white to pink, all the way to purple and black. I like having it stored this way because it allows me to quickly choose a colour I need for doing nail art designs. Sometimes I wish I had it sorted by brand though, but I’ve recently solved that problem, which I’ll get to in a moment. As you guys can see, my nail polish room is all white and crystal. I’m a little obsessed with this theme and I actually recently renovated my kitchen like this too. Here’s the before and the after! What do you guys think? Now, I’d like to talk about how I newly store and organise my nail polish collection virtually too, and how I manage to continue using a white theme for it. Last month, I downloaded the free organiser and socialiser app called Snupps. Essentially, this app acts as a virtual log for all of your favourite items and collections such as clothes, jewellery electronics and so on. I, of course, use it to track all of my nail polish! All I have to do is snap a photo of my nail polish bottle, upload the image, add any details such as the colour name and the brand, and then I store it on my virtual shelf. I have all my shelves organised by brand name here, which is nice because it’s different than how I have it organised in real life. As you can see, I always stuck with a clean white background for my photos with a piece of glass under the bottles to give a slight reflection. If you’re wondering how I did this, I just slipped a piece of white paper under the glass top of my desk and then I aimed 2 tabletop lights at it. You can choose to keep your shelves private or you can share them publicly with family, friends and followers. Mine are all publics, so if you’d lke to take a closer look at my individual polishes, then come and check out my account and follow. I find using Snupps for my nail polish collection super helpful because it prevents me from buying dupes when I’m out shopping and it also allows me to easily share my collection with friends and family so they can pick out which colour they’d like me to paint their nails before they come over for a manicure. I also love using the “moments” features to take swatches of my nail polish, so I can see what the colour looks like on my nails. I’m still working on adding all of my nail polishes to this app and more swatches. It’s honestly really addicting once you start! Be sure to download this app and check it out! I’ll link it in the description box. I’d love to know how you organise your nail polish collection, big or small, so let me know down in the comments. Also, I’d love to follow you on Snupps so if you have an account or if you get one, be sure to leave your username in the comments below. If you enjoyed this video, please hit that Like button and subscribe to both CutePolish for more nail art videos and CutePlay, my new gaming channel, by clicking these circles. You can also watch more videos by clicking the boxes. I hope you guys are having a fantastic day! Take care and I’ll see you next time!


  1. My Snupps username is @IamHelloKitty
    I used to organize my polishes digitally on Pinterest, but the photos are inconsistent. I have almost 700 bottles of nail polish, so this is going to take awhile 😂💅🏼😂💅🏼❤️❤️❤️

  2. I am not even 1/3 of the way cataloging my goodies on snupps. Am in the middle of doing my books, but am also going to add my nail polish and make up so I can keep track of what I have. Have bought doubles and even triples because of a cover or container change. Grrr. I am @RebeccaJane

  3. I've just started organising my polish collection on Snupps, but my handle is: IndoEireannGirl. 😊🙋🏻💅🏼💜

  4. I really really really love your new kitchen! it looks so much better. THanks for the app my user name on it is idreamincrafts10

  5. I need to reorganize/inventory all of my nail polishes. Right now I have them in a travel case somewhat organized by brand, bottle style, color, then finish. Base coats, top coats, and treatment polishes are their own category.

  6. i also love white combination and about your kitchen tha after look is more luxurious and royal and plzzzzzzzzz can u tell me which nail polosh brands are you using

  7. I will have to look into that app! Currently, I have several bottles in a little basket because I need to make another nail polish holder. Most of mine are actually stored on the top of my vanity on a rack similar to what you would find in department stores.

  8. So jealous..but if I'd keep all my polish??I'd have just as much as u🤣🤣😂😂.I try my best to share with friends n I wish maybelline had never!!done away with COLORAMA..

  9. I have my polish organized by brand numerically. 😊 I always say I'm going to buy a nail polish rack but I have yet to do so. I'll DM you a pic, I would like your opinion. Should I or not?

  10. I JUST got that app. Setting everything up now. I have one shelf for my polish that is like…3 deep. Gonna be buying more shelves soon so it looks better and I can find colors easier lol

  11. Thanks for the Snupps app, I took up using it, and it's awesome and I feel much more organized. In real life I organize by bags, …lots and lots of bags! XD

  12. I remember when she first created her first brand of nail polish, whatever happened?
    LOVE U GURL <3

  13. What on Earth are you doing with a thousand nail polish bottles and a whole room dedicated to them??? Ive never seen anything so ridiculous!

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