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hey guys it's Jenica and today I'm going to be telling you guys about my Paul Mitchell experience I've been wanting to make this video since before I even started that Paul Mitchell and it took me forever to make it but here I am making it my apollomon shal experience is much different from everyone else's Paul Mitchell experience this is just my school I don't know if all Paul Mitchell's are like this all Paul Mitchell's are different I started at Paul Mitchell on September 13th 2016 and I graduated January 19th of 2017 so they give you a total of six hundred and sixty hours but 60 hours are for like your own personal time I never took any vacation time because I was just really focused on getting my stuff done and I really wanted to get out of there ASAP on my first day of school it was quite boring I have to say estheticians cosmetologist Barbara's nail technicians we all sat in this room called guest artists it's a giant room we went through a syllabus we're gonna sign a bunch of stuff it's quite boring they try to entertain us with some games in between bonus Lee I was like can I just get into my classroom and start learning our second day was really fun because we got to separate and go into our specific classrooms that's when we got to go meet our core learning leaders my core learning leader was amazing I love her so much she's so knowledgeable and she was one of my favorite parts about Paul Mitchell our first day in our classroom is called KITT miss for aesthetics I believe the estheticians get their kits before everyone else does core is just six weeks of so much fun there's a lot of book work there's hands-on and that's when you just get really close with everyone during our first week of core Paul Mitchell has an event that all Paul Mitchell's do it's called shot in the arm they also call it sida shot in the arm they don't tell you any of information about it but leading up to the days they say okay guys on Saturday for a shot in the arm you need to bring a pillow and an ax a book you don't care about in a band-aid oh really with a shot in the arm day everyone comes in two guest artists together all the newbies can't tell you any information about it but it's just one of the best days ever just a little thing I should put out there I'm the one who figured it out so if you've experienced it or you're gonna experience it you what I'm talking about but it was me it was me I can't brag about much but that's one thing I can brag about because I figured it out shot in the arm to test out of core you need to do a written exam and a practical the practical you need to bring someone in what you do is an eyebrow wax and a full facial it's super simple the written is like a hundred questions but they do a great job of helping you study and doing little study games with you you'll have it down no problem once you test that of core you have a core party with your whole class and you guys get to choose a theme of it my SD class had the best core party in my opinion because our core momma did an amazing job of decorating our class and I'll insert pictures here because I know I have some pictures of it that day you just bring a bunch of food you can lounge around your pajamas we had a Halloween themed it watched movies and we just need a bunch of food it is a really great day after core you have two weeks of protégé and in your two weeks of protégé that's just advanced learning you learn like body waxing modalities such as high frequency microdermabrasion on my channel I do have some videos of me at Paul Mitchel during vlogmas and we demonstrate high frequency I think I have another video of some waxing that we did guys are interested in those videos I'll link them below or you can just go search for them in those two weeks of protegé sts do this live event call of avant-garde avant garde is makeup that's not socially acceptable it's not the style or it's not trendy it's just supposed to be different and out there so I did a mermaid look and I actually got to bring in my best friend as my model so I'll show you guys some pictures of that it's super cool because we get to do a little mini fashion show and I also designed the costume myself you don't have to design the costume you could just go out and buy a costume but I decided to just do it cause it's cheaper for me after protegé you become an adaptive and that's when you're on the floor taking clients I love taking clients I met so many amazing people and they're allowed to tip you and you can keep your tips so that's pretty cool Starbucks money and some of your clients may even want to follow you so once you're getting ready to graduate they may ask for your number you can give them your contact info so they can follow you to whatever spa salon you go to I think that's really great because you get to form relationships and a clientele there's different clubs at our school and one of the clubs I was in was called design team you do have to audition to be on design team and my audition was the avant-garde fashion show it was super it's super easy like they make it seem like oh it's so hard to get on design team but it's so simple but the big events that design team has is the winter fashion show for the winter fashion show we have models that come in and we do their hair and their makeup and I was lucky because I got to be one of the models so my friend Jay leaned from my SD class she did my makeup and now insert the pictures here I think Jailene did an amazing job with my makeup we got so many compliments on jailings makeup look I think my class just had so much talent you're an adaptive for like about eight weeks and once you get to 450 hours you become a mentor get mentor super easy you just teach some new or SDS about laundry put stuff away how to fold laundry super simple things but I formed really great relationships with those girls and they have so much to offer to Paul Mitchell and they're gonna do amazing out there I really miss them I think I might go visit them soon am i yelling at the camera so once you become a mentor you're getting close to the end of your journey that's when we start to make our mock boards honestly making a mock board kit was a little pricey you can get everything from the dollar store it's just it adds up so stay on top of it cuz it took me forever to make mine so we practice state board we practice the practical wait before I graduated we test it out of state board which means you take a written and then you perform the state board practical Paul Mitchell is really good at prepping you for the practical for state board so I wasn't even worried about the practical for state board and by the time you know it it's time to graduate usually your class decorates your tunnel for you mine was decorated Disney themed it was so cute so pretty much what you do is you walk down your tunnel whole school applaud you down the tunnel it's super short super simple but usually your family's waiting for you at the end of the tunnel it's just a really nice moment because then you get to clock out and never come back I actually got to graduate before anyone else in my class so I was really cool I graduated with honors and on dean's list now I'll explain honours and Dean's List okay let me just tell you honours and Dean's List is a lot of hard work it does cost extra money and some people say it's not worth it but in my opinion I think it's worth it to be on Dean's List much for honors you have to complete all these different assignments it's a lot of printing out pictures of your own work and demonstrating different makeup looks the skin honors is definitely a lot easier than a makeup honors the makeup honors at the end is a thick binder so in total you'll have 3 binders you'll have a skin honors a makeup honours and a Dean's List and Dean's List is also super simple if you're gonna do honors you might as well do Dean's List by that point I hope I did a good job of explaining that if you have any questions you can leave them below it's just your choice if you want to do honors go ahead put 100% of your effort into that it will not accept it if it has any flaws or the cool things about Dean's List is you get a call from when clay Bob one of the creators of Paul Mitchell I haven't got my call yet but it's only been about almost two months so I'm not too worried about it also being on Dean's List just looks better on your resume notice that a lot of people who are hiring really like that they like seeing the name Paul Mitchell they like seeing that I was on Dean's List they like seeing that my attendance was good you really think a job will reject you because you didn't go to Paul Mitchell because you weren't on Dean's List so that's just a choice you have to make for yourself I've never really accomplished much so that's why I made it a point to be on Dean's List and to have great attendance and to have great academics because I don't I don't I mean like yeah like I just I mostly did it for myself you know I don't forget choosing Paul Mitchell I don't regret doing Dean's List I don't regret doing honors I don't regret any of that because I'm very proud of myself from when I accomplished from going to Paul Mitchell I think Paul Mitchell really changed my life and it made me a more positive person Paul Mitchell made me more confident were some people at my school who couldn't stay in a program people get treated differently they're like I had a good experience people treated me right but there's some girls in my class who didn't get treated right and who didn't love their experience as much as I did and it happens and I really hope that doesn't happen to any of you main thing is you need to stay positive even if a learning leader or another future professional upsets you you can't let it affect you and you always have to remember the main reason why you started there and you're doing this for yourself you're not doing this for anyone else so that's kind of the mentality I stayed at the whole time I was there my school did have it's why I'm not gonna say that some girls in my class were overreacting because or not some people weren't treated the same as I was and that pisses me off all the girls in my class were extremely talented we all worked extremely hard some of the learning leaders failed to see that I did a good job of explaining my experience I hope I didn't leave anything out I hope I helped influence your decision on going to Paul Mitchel or not you guys do choose to go to Paul Mitchel please keep in touch with me because I would love to hear about your journey and if you have any other questions I'll be sure to answer below or maybe I'll do like a little Q&A yeah you so much for watching this video please like and subscribe and share it with some of your friends maybe thinking about going to Paul Mitchel if you can relate please comment below and I'd love to hear about your experience so yeah it's gonna take me a while to edit this I hope you guys have a great day and I'll see you guys in my next video bye


  1. Hi. I love your videos. I know you finished school a while ago. But I was wondering if there was anything you wish you would of had like make up or sponges or anything. I’m starting Paul Mitchell next week and I’m leaving my job at a beauty store so I want to use my discount while I have it. Any suggestions would be super appreciated!

  2. there's one Paul Mitchell school here in Alabama. its north Alabama, Huntsville. really hate its far out of my reach.

  3. Hey guys, I really hope you enjoyed this video!
    I'll be doing a Paul Mitchell Q&A, I know some people will have some questions.
    So comment below and I'll be sure to answer them in my next video (:

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