Peak Design 45L Carry-On (After 6 MONTHS)

Peak Design 45L Carry-On (After 6 MONTHS)

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Hey this is Marek of Indie Traveller and
this is the Peak Design 45 liter backpack I’ve been using this for the
last six months now so unlike some of the other reviews out there that looked
at the pre-release version or reviewed it at launch I’ve been able to
test this out on multiple different trips now, including this one right now –
I’m in beautiful Seville in Spain. I don’t think the question is whether this
backpack is any good. I think this is an amazing backpack. However it does have
one really annoying flaw that I will tell you about in a minute. But overall
this is a premium backpack, also at a premium price, but I think what you get
for that is really good. The first thing you’ll notice is that this is a very
sturdy backpack the 400 D nylon exterior also uses some foam padding which means
that it holds its shape even when it’s empty when you put the backpack down on
the ground it will also stand up the material used is weather resistant and
the zippers are all weather sealed the padded shoulder straps are very
comfortable and it’s a fully featured backpack that comes with the hip belt
with the zip pocket and an adjustable sternum strap you can hide away all the
straps when you’re not using them so there’s one thing I’m honestly not
really a fan of and that is the sternum strap it seems really clever and
flexible at first because you can take this out and adjust the sternum strap
look for different heights depending on your preference but here’s the thing you
can also detach it and that of course makes it really easy to lose what
happened on my first trip with this backpack and went to Rome I had two bags
with me so I checked this one in although it’s carry-on size in this case
I checked it in and saw the backpacker returned from the conveyor belt without
it my sternum strap so what happened I think was that I left
it on one side and that’s just not enough to keep it in place if you check
in this bag I do highly recommend taking off the stern strap and putting it
inside your backpack where it is safe fortunately peak design does have
placement straps available so I got a new one but it was a little bit annoying
so honestly I think this is one major design flaw in the peak design 45 liter
although I think it is also outweighed by the streamlined design and all the
other clever little touches that are included in it first one of the coolest
things is that you can expand it from a default 35 litre to a 45 liter size and
I think this makes it perfect for both shorter and longer trips let’s take a
quick look at the compartments on the front is a travel organizer which has
four zip pouches inside two of which can also be accessed from the main
compartment there are various pouches for small items with an elastic material
that prevents items from falling out the inside compartment is very spacious and
can be accessed easily from either the front or from the sides finally there is
a laptop compartment which has plenty of space for my 15-inch Dell XPS so something I do appreciate about this
backpack is that it has so many nice features that even after six months I’m
often thinking oh I think my backpack could do that for example there’s a
secret little pouch where you could perfectly hide your keys or your
passport on the outside there is a magnetic pocket which has two straps for
attaching extra stuff to the outside of the backpack this is also a great spot
for stuffing a rain poncho or something like that all the zippers are weather
sealed and have a rings to lock them and you can fix the zippers with a loop for
added security there is a spacious water bottle pocket on both sides and it even
fits this awesome mug that I found another thing that this backpack does
really well is it has lots of little attachment points and grab handles and
ways that you can attach other things to the pack so it’s really versatile in
that regard we should also talk a little bit about the accessories normally I
don’t really care about the official accessories that travel backpack
manufacturers provide I think they’re usually expensive upsells and you can
get for instance cheap packing cubes more easily on Amazon in this case I
think it’s a little bit different because the accessories fit exactly the
size of this backpack and they include a lot of the same clever design touches
that big design is famous for so for instance here is the electronics
organizer and as you can see it has loads of little pouches and places to
put SD cards or cables or whatever really really nice the packing cubes by
peak design are made of a nice material as well and if multiple zippers so that
you can easily compartmentalize all your stuff and there’s the toiletry bag which
has lots of little spaces to keep your stuff and I make a magic little pouch
that closes like magic so if you are buying this backpack and you have maybe
50 bucks extra to spare I do recommend adding on a few those really
accessories as it’ll really enhance your enjoyment of this backpack all in all I
really like the design thinking that went into this backpack I think the
people at big design really thought about how people are actually going to
use this and that’s not always the case with travel backpacks I’ve reviewed some
of them that just had amazing Kickstarter videos with tons of features
and then you use it in reality and it turns out it’s not as great as it seems
not as usable I didn’t get that feeling with this backpack now if this seems
like a gushing review that’s just because I couldn’t really think of many
negatives to mention the only thing that came up for me was the sternum strap as
I mentioned before I think that it’s just way too easy to lose if you can be
careful with that then maybe that is not a deal-breaker also in this first like
two weeks or so using this backpack I still have to get used to how things are
organized inside it’s a little bit different from other backpacks and
there’s just so many access points like on the side the top that is easy to grab
the wrong zipper so after a while I got more used to that okay
so one thing that I think is really important to highlight is that you can
expand this backpack from 35 to 45 litres I think that’s great because if
you’re traveling carry-on on airlines with more restrictive policies you can
still do that it also makes the bag appropriate for shorter trips like I’ve
taken this on weekend trips and family trips but also for longer journeys I’ve
expanded this backpack to 45 litres and then taking it backpacking in Vietnam
for a month for instance that’s it that’s it I do travel quite minimalistic
Lee if you’re interested in the one bag travel philosophy and you want to see
how exactly I pack there is a link in the description below I think the
last question about this backpack that you could ask is whether it is durable
and to be honest I don’t think anyone knows because this thing has been out
only for a year so far what I can say is that it hasn’t led me down so far and I
think the quality of the materials seems very good with the everyday backpack I
did have an issue where after a while there was a squeaky noise that started
happening so I was walking around with the everyday backpack and I just heard
like weight in the back of my backpack fortunately that does not be the case
with this back leg very happy with that overall I think this back that gets two
thumbs up for me I think it’s really great if you have any questions let me
know in the comments and if you want to know more about the features or you want
to order this backpack there’s also a link in the description below
full disclosure that’s an affiliate link although I don’t do sponsored stuff so
I’m just giving you my honest opinion here alright that’s it for me now it’s
getting very hot and sweaty on this rooftop. I might go down and walk through Seville some more. I’ll see you in another video

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  1. Hah… I was probably bit understated in my conclusion. Really, this is the BEST damn travel backpack I've reviewed. It's close to perfect. If it's in your price range it's easily my top recommendation. (For something cheaper but still good, check out the Tortuga Setout: )

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