Permanent Skin Lightening , Whitening Banana facial | Facial | How to | Sania skincare

Permanent Skin Lightening , Whitening Banana facial | Facial | How to | Sania skincare

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icon to never miss any video.. hello friends welcome back to my channel I am back with
an amazing home remedy and our today’s home remedy is banana facial.. without doing any
further delay let’s get started with video i will share this banana facial in 3 steps..
let’s check out the ingredients first.. we need banana, raw milk, sugar, coffee powder,
1 egg.. Three step banana facial consist of steps
banana cleanser scrub banana face mask.. video is very informative do watch the complete
video.. please consider subscribing and also like comment share on my video let’s get started
with the video.. to make all the three steps we need banana pulp for this we will take
one ripe banana and mash properly into a bowl.. use a fork spoon along with tablespoon to
mash the banana properly without any lumps Banana is a rich source of potassium sodium
magnesium it is a rich source of vitamins which is beneficial for our skin banana contain
vitamin a which locks the skin moisture.. step 1 is banana cleanser add banana pulp
1 teaspoon and raw milk one teaspoonraw milk acts as very good cleanser by removing out
oil and dirt thus giving clear and fair skin Raw milk cleanser is equally comparable to
the market bought cleanser step 2 is to make banana scrub for this u need banana pulp one
teaspoon sugar one teaspoon sugar is a natural exfoliant which removes out the dead skin
cells and get healthy glowing skin if you have acne prone skin or active skin type I
suggest you not to use sugar instead of this you can use Sandalwood powder or chickpea
flour step 3 is to make banana face pack for this we need banana pulp one teaspoon one
egg coffee powder one teaspoon.. mix all the ingredients really well if you have normal
skin type use whole egg if you have oily skin then use white part if you are dry skin then
use yellow part of egg.. my skin type is dry and hence using white part of egg.. yellow
contains fatty acids which moisturizer for dry skin where does egg white contains more
amount of albumin which helps in removes out the oil and tighten up the pores..if you want
such more skin and hair cap images to check out my channel the links are given in i button
and description below.. this video is purely short in sunlight you can see the amazing
before after results.. now let’s see the three steps that is
cleanser scrub and face pack..massage the banana cleanser properly on skin keep it for
about 15 minutes then wash off with water.. after this apply banana scrum and massage
very gently do not rub it harshly..remember you are scrubbing your face and not utensils..let
me remind you the persons with acne prone skin type or active acne do not scrub it with
sugar instead Sandalwood powder or chickpea step 3 is banana face pack apply it
on to your skin keep it for about half an hour until it dries up and wash off with warm
water ingredients used in this face pack are very much helpful to give clear spotless glowing
skin..along with this it also contains several anti-aging properties to remove your wrinkles,
fine lines and nourish your skin and maintain its elasticity.. banana contain using which
fight with acne causing bacteria the pack has dried up I will wash off and show you
you can see clearly see the before after difference if you like the video please consider subscribing
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