PINK Cosmetics: Where Innovation Meets Perfection/ Wo Innovation auf Perfektion trifft

PINK Cosmetics: Where Innovation Meets Perfection/ Wo Innovation auf Perfektion trifft

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The motto of PINK Cosmetics is Waxing at its BEST. The new generation of waxes has conquered the market. At PINK Cosmetics, we have set ourselves the goal of making waxing easier, more successful and more attractive – true to our motto: Waxing at its BEST! On the one hand, we offer high quality waxes for pleasant hair removal already from 1 mm hair length and on the other hand, we train both professionals and beginners through our Waxing Academy. Our top seller is the Next Generation Wax, which comes in six different fragrances. It removes hair from already 1mm hair length and makes waxing experience very pleasant. A special feature is that the Next Generation Wax can be applied in combination with our PINK Pre-Waxing Oil – as a result, the wax no longer sticks to the skin, which is a great advantage, especially on sensitive body areas such as the face, underarms and intimate area. Further advantages of the Next Generation Wax are significantly less skin irritation due to non-allergenic composition, a very low application temperature just above 40° C and its outstanding flexibility – the wax does not break on the skin. Waxing with the Next Generation Wax is very simple. In the first step, we cleanse the skin with the PINK Skin Cleanser. Then we apply the PINK Pre-Waxing Oil in a thin layer, creating a protective film between the skin and the wax. This will prevent the wax from sticking to the skin, resulting in a much better waxing experience. The Next Generation Wax is applied against the hair growth direction with a small or large wooden spatula, depending on the body area. Because the wax stays flexible for a long time and does not break on the skin, several wax patches can be applied at the same time without any problems. The wax is then pulled off against the hair growth direction – as you see it removes even the shortest hairs with the hair roots and is still highly flexible. After the waxing, we apply the PINK Skin Cleanser to soothe the skin and finish the treatment with a high-quality After Care Lotion. In addition to the demonstrations on the lounger where everyone can experience how thorough and pleasant waxing with the Next Generation Wax is, we have also set up a Try & Wax station where all who are interested can experience the great quality of the waxes first hand. We care about the satisfaction of our customers. To ensure it on a regular basis, we have created a variety of options. Since, in addition to a good wax, the waxing technique is also very important, we convey this message in many different ways. For example, there are quick-start guides, extensive training manuals, Skype trainings and eight Waxing Academy Centers throughout Germany where you can train and improve the Waxing Technique. We also regularly send out our Waxing Secrets Newsletter, which provides valuable insights in the Waxing Business. In addition, we started the Depiladora’s Secrets Facebook Group where tips & tricks are shared regularly. Our goal is to build a successful waxing business together with our customers.


  1. also alkoholische Desinfektion braucht man nicht?
    wird im üblichen wax erwärmer erwärmt? für welche Bereiche eignet es sich nicht?

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