Pinkwashing: The Dark Side of the Breast Cancer Awareness Industry Explained…

Pinkwashing: The Dark Side of the Breast Cancer Awareness Industry Explained…

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  1. Based on the information given its a bit of stretch to say that kfc's pink bucket has negatively used breast cancer marketing. Just because some people over eat fast food and become obese ajd develop cancer doesn't mean KFC is in the wrong. They dont force people to eat fast food until theyre obese and develop cancer.

  2. Eh, the KFC thing was weak. By this logic, TV sets are pink-washing if they feature a pink ribbon. TV sets have ads appearing on them, including ads for 🍗 and too much 🍗 makes you fat, which elevates cancer risk.

  3. I think the ten cents per yoplait is fine, you act like thats nothing but thats a cheap cheap product usually 80 cents retail probably 30-40 cents wholesale they don’t make anything giving away 10 cents. On the flip side, them asking you to send in the caps pisses me off thats an obvious tactic to advertise something then make it hard for them to actually donate.

  4. Gotta love it! I had ovarian cancer a cervical cancer at 20 & 30 year's old. An I have to be careful what I use. & I only donate to the L.G.B.T.Q I do not an have not trusted these companies ever. I donate directly only.
    I am due for a mammogram but I'm not getting it done. I have been in remission for a decade.
    When cancer come back for me I'm done fitting. No one talks about ovarian cancer as much as breast which is ridiculous.
    Don't buy these products they don't help. These companies make a circle cycle donate buy products that have cancer chemicals support our brand get cancer rinse lather & repeat. Instead of circle of life it's circle of Cancer. (Yay! Sarcasm)

  5. Your better off going to a sticker or printing company to make your own decals of these pink ribbons on your own. An than donating directly to the Cancer foundation. But make your own decals it's more satisfying I do that all the time.

  6. As someone who’s had cancer I really dislike all the pink stuff for this very reason plus most of the small amount of money that actually gets to research just goes to line the pockets of pharma companies and gets used on drugs that end consumers or nhs has to still pay top money for, even when the research was mostly funded. Research needs to be done into prevention and money out into education not just drug companies profit books. Green washing is getting just as bad, like the bamboo coffee cups that are held together with toxic melamine resin.

  7. 1) Do you think Companies need to be held more accountable for how they market pink ribbon products?
    2) Should they be allowed to put pink ribbons on their merchandise, even if they're linked to cancer?
    3) Should there be regulations around the pink ribbon?

    1 – No
    2 – No
    3 – No

    People who truly care about these types of things will do the homework to make sure their donations/support are going to places they want, and how they expect..
    People who say they care, but do not do their homework?!?!? yea, not up to the rest of the world to hand feed them everything.. Let them feel like they are doing good, even if their contribution is not helping how they think it is.. You risk people just closing up and not trying to help at all when you tell them what they are doing is a waste. Then why bother as everything is a waste and they would have to do their own research just to support something?!?!? Yea they will just give up.

    It is better that any company donates no matter how little or what their up benefit is..
    It is better not to exclude anyone from promoting the awareness..
    Regulations will do nothing but cost more money and take funding away from where it is needed..

    Leave it to watch dog groups to call companies out and get them to be better.. If the whole point of Pink Ribbon is for positive publicity to positively impact your company or charity, then any negative articles, research, exposes, or social media call outs will have much more impact than trying to regulate something like this. We have regulations already in place to keep things relatively on the level, so that if a company or charity crosses the line there are regulatory penalties that can be applied.

    As for Pink Ribbons on merch that have been linked to cancer? So what.. Everything these days is linked to cancer.
    Fast food leads to obesity.. obesity link to cancer?!?!?!? really?!?!?! Anything (most) eaten in excess can lead to obesity. WHY on earth would you want to eliminate a huge segment of the economy from participating in supporting awareness of anything?
    People are going to eat fast food.. Some of those people it will contribute to obesity. Let some of that money and influence that they bring to the table be used to help with the issue at hand..

    What needs the most scrutiny are the charities. Less on the administration side (fancy offices and high salaries for the executives) and more into the nuts and bolts of where the money is needed..

  8. I thought this was gonna be about how Breast Cancer gets disproportionately more research money that any other cancer.

    Can we make a video about that too?

  9. I have bought pink cups. But I always make sure that they are in no way connected to Susan G. Koleman. I wish you had included a bit on them literally suing smaller charities if they use the wrong pink ribbon. And their ceo making 7 figures

  10. Hold on… so fast food companies can’t donate to cancer research because they’re food in high quantities could cause obesity and obesity could cause cancer?? What a reach! That discredited the whole piece for me.

  11. Companies should be more transparent upfront and let the public decide whether or not to purchase the goods and/or services

  12. 7:10 I think the math might be wrong here. Based on the visible document, it looks like about 20% of Susan G. Coleman's Program Services costs went to research, not 20% of their total donations.

  13. I think research companies need to be more transparent with how their funding is distributed. I've had a few family members deal with breast cancer and it was only through these experiences we learned how corrupt some of these organizations can be.
    Thank you for sharing this information, it's not right for any company to use this kind of cause marketing if their products run the risk of what they are funding to cure.

  14. I remember watching RSA Animate's video to a speech on the ethics of charitable giving, and it was really a light bulb moment for me. Instead of doing things, or directly aiding the people who are doing things or the research that is doing things, people buy stuff that puts whatever cause on the label and feel like they've done their good deed for the day, like they've meaningfully contributed because they bought something. It's worse than useless because not only does it fail to accomplish anything much, the feeling of satisfaction with the purchase tends to let people think that they don't need to do more. It's not just breast cancer research, and I definitely felt like the Susan G Komenn Foundation was a disappointing lie, "charities" abuse all kinds of causes.

    Last year I wanted to donate an old-but-running car, and I decided to find a charity that helps veterans out with transportation. Charities that say they help veterans are often so fraudulent and exploitative that I found it difficult to figure out which ones to trust and ended up going with Make-A-Wish instead. They're such effective grift because not only do people feel great about donating, they get to feel patriotic too.

  15. Thank you for this. I've got pink ribbons inked onto my shoulder to remember my mom, my sister, and my friend. I think I knew about all of this, but it's hard to know what to do. Breast cancer is a scourge. It makes me feel so helpless.

  16. I remember the yoplait yogurt campaign. I ate the yogurts with my mom and sister and we all saved the lids. My mom was a teacher at the time and encouraged other teachers in the school to give her the lids so she could send in huge batches of them at once.


  18. As a cancer survivor I want to thank you for creating this very educational video! This is a constant frustration for me and my fellow survivors. We are always trying to explain exactly what you laid out here to people and now we can just share this video. The small donation amount per sale and the total donation caps that exist while companies still take in money are one of the slimiest things….along with the way the charities misuse funds. So sad!! 😢

  19. Seriously? I started watching you guys because of Phill, who is fair and impartial until the end, after that he shares his opinion as an opinion. Rouge Rocket seams to share opinions are fact, seriously you lead off the the stupid "liked to cancer" studies, you are so manipulative its discussing… you know what else is "linked to cancer"? gasoline (benzine) so anything which is carried in a vehicle is "linked to cancer". you are all discussing and need to stop with this reporting your momentary outrage because you spent 30 minutes googling something and found an "expert" who agrees with you. seriously you need to hire some science literate people on your staff and empower them to raise the fact that your half assing your shit. you release 2-3 stories a week? spend some serous time researching each rather than just trying to crank them out as fast as possible because you think your audience is stupid… you got most of your radiance from the PDS, which is fairly well educated and reasoned. you cant pull this shit.

    Seriously, you are deluding your brand i like phill, and the PDS, and ive tried to watch the rouge rockets, and even was a patreoon supporter for some time, but have pulled back because of your lackluster research and lack of understanding and ability to vet your "experts".

  20. Don't forget the tax write offs!!! A company can write off employee wages, product, and even product that isn't bought and gets distressed, along with much more! This goes for prostate cancer, muscular dystrophy, and many other diseases targeted for nonprofits!

  21. I don't buy pink products because I'd rather donate to an organization directly. If I'm going to spend $25 on a breast cancer shirt, I'd rather just donate $25. I dont need a shirt to show others I've donated or whatever, I don't need to physically get something out of it. Plus, some companies use those donations from the public for tax right offs, right? So I would honestly just donate directly.

  22. The sad realization that gaming YouTubers, streamers and community-led activist groups on social media doing merch drives for charity are a better source for donating directly to the causes you want than major companies and pinkwashing organizations, but are the most shunned and not spoken for groups on this platform and face constant demonetization issues. At least when I buy a limited edition pin or something similar from someone like Jacksepticeye, Markiplier or Game Theorists, I know all proceeds go to a well researched charity or to places like St. Jude's Children's Hospital (depending on the cause that month) and all the money raised by everyone that day go directly to the causes. No fine print that 10 cents up to a cap of X amount raised by the sales are going there, and no worry that only 2% of the $1.3M raised that day is going to make it to the actual cause. Things like these deep dives highlight issues that are the reason why I don't buy products like those at stores or donate via the kiosks because I'm never confident my money's actually going to go where I want it to.

  23. Is Maria okay? The past few videos her voice has been very pitchy, with some very painful sounding squeaks, borderline on grating. It makes it impossible for me to sit through an entire video. Her voice used to be much more even, which is why I ask. It only seems to be getting worse.

  24. This thing cause cancer… that thing is linked to cancer….. That thing IS cancer…. Sounds like we don't understand cancer enough to be upset about everything causing or maybe linked to it

  25. I was really hoping you'd also mention that pink washing makes people think only women can get breast cancer. Men get it too, and it's much more deadly.

  26. Ive been annoyed with breast cancer pink shit for a while. Look HOW MUCH MONEY has been made! Enough to make all the women with breast cancer have comfortable treatment for free. I want to hear about research thats been done with all these donations! Someones pockets are getting lined.

  27. Could disease awareness be taught in school health classes? Like diet nutrition to mental health 🤷‍♀️
    Wtf are kids learning , could we start with our children. Since adults are so set in their ignorance. Maybe if we start at a young age
    Things could turn out better

  28. maybe the ribbon should be a quality stamp of sorts? A company needs to do certain things to earn the right to use the ribbons. Like not using cancer causing chemicals and donate minimum X % of the product price to the charity and ect.

  29. On that paper you used to highlight that only 22% of donations went to research, right below that number was a huge amount going to public health awareness. You also left out of that example the amount that went to employees of the company, leaving most to assume its 78%. That seems a little deceptive to me, like you’re bending the facts to fit the narrative.

    I completely agree with you that a lot of company’s are using the ribbon just to sell products but the question remains, does the company’s motives matter if it makes money for the cause? I don’t think so

  30. Ehhhh idk about regulations but if more people know about pink washing more people will avoid buying those products aka pink washing will damage their branding and sales

  31. There is a documentary on the ribbon campaigns that dives very deep into what they skimmed the surface of in this video. As of writing this, the documentary is included with Amazon Prime Video. Below is a link to the trailer on YouTube.

  32. Komen Foundation is Pinkwashing a fundraiser , Hint Water. This is flavored water in Single Use Plastic bottles !
    I'm a survivor, made bankrupt by treatment, no help from Komen. I'm metastatic, no cure. Komen is evil now.

  33. You just have to turn an awareness campaign into a anime. then people will watch and know. the power of anime ladys is strong

  34. The math at 7:08 is incorrect. Yes, research itself was only 20% of the total program services, but they also have public health education, screening and treatment services listed as expenses. As in, that money is being used to help other parts of breast cancer. That is NOT them taking in a majority of the money and is actually misrepresenting what those numbers mean.

  35. I think there should be regulations around using the pink ribbon – and other causes – in product marketing. I think that A) If there is a cap on what you'll donate, there should be a cap on what you can sell with the cause marketing B) The foundation you're going to donate to needs to be specified, C) it shouldn't cost the consumer anything OTHER than purchasing your product to donate and D) the product can't be raised in cost if its identical in formula and quantity to what you're currently selling. I mean, the whole point is that the donation is coming from the BRAND, the consumer is simply SUPPORTING the brand by purchasing a product.

  36. "Known or plausible links to cancer" … Are you aware of little this can actually mean? Some of those products have no actual impact proven, just theoretical ones, others have less than 1 in 1M increase, well within margins of errors or things judged acceptable for other group of elements, like food. It's appearance vs appearance. I'd love a talk about how the money raised by pink ribbons foundations is handled instead…

  37. Yeah we need less breast cancer (or cancer as a whole) awareness, and more education. There are so many other diseases/health issues we do need more awareness of since people do not know about them.

  38. This is why when you donate to charity, you should research where there money goes to. That way you don't donate to shams like Susan B.

  39. While at my annual mammogram today I mentioned this video to 3 of the techs. They sounded interested.
    An aspect of breast cancer awareness that gets very little coverage is that anyone with nipples is "eligible" to have breast cancer.
    All of the Pink! Pink! Pink! awareness campaigns drowns out other cancer research needs.
    I was scolded once for "not being supportive enough of women's causes". Even when I said that breast cancer lacked immediacy for me because it isn't the cancer I survived, she didn't relent. That wasn't a good day…

  40. As a colon cancer survivor i can say it’s shocking to see the gap in funding relative to deaths for lung and colorectal cancers considering more people die from them than from breast cancer every year. However I can understand where people are coming from who wouldn’t want to spend their money saving boobies rather than an asshole. 🤪

  41. I normally love the deep dives, but all I got out of this was. "QQ, I did dumb shit without knowing the risk, and now I have cancer – pitty me." The only one that bugged me was the chicken one. Don't over eat, and exercise, and maybe you don't be diabetes, and then cancer.

  42. Breast cancer research foundation. Support it.
    Edit: More than 90% goes to research just like the name would like to entail.

  43. It's breast cancer awareness. Not a cure for breast cancer.. they're not even trying to fix the problem. They're raising money and pocketing it on their work letting you know that breast cancer exist!

  44. I wish that they would have mentioned when talking about Yoplait, how consuming dairy products increases the risk of breast cancer. Other than that, i found it to be a very informative video!

    that is the key word awareness and MANY including the main pink ribbon fight for the cure slogan DO NOT donate to research or to cancer victims So long as they fund AWARENESS
    Their are SOME do what we want them to do but MANY say they are raising money for awareness only do that and are FOR PROFIT

  46. Sorry, but…. I don't want to cure cancer. (And yes, I say that as someone who has had every family member die of cancer, with a high genetic probability of getting cancer herself.)
    But even if I wanted to donate to an organization for cancer research, I would probably not go with breast cancer, and certainly not Komen. If you are going to donate, pick a more deadly cancer and an organization that isn't in it for profits while masquerading as a charity.

  47. If you look at the amount of money the Susan G Komen foundation spends on administration, its insane how much of whats donated to them dose not go to the cause. As a non-profit this information on them is easy to find as they have to report it to the government.

  48. But funny story aside, I’m a bit disappointed in you guys here. You’re using data from the EWG which is a highly skewed organization. They routinely give better ratings to brands and companies willing to pay for them, as far as endocrine disrupters go, the research on them is minimal and we don’t have enough information to know how they actually effect the body and potentially lead to dangerous cancer cells.

  49. If anything there needs to be more regulations on the money that's donated not where it's coming from.

    I frankly don't care who donates the money, I care about how the money is spent and it's actually being put to help people with breast cancer and breast cancer research.

  50. Super informative! I knew there were issues with the money getting to the right place, but I'd never thought about the mental gap between a company trying "raise awareness" whilst also selling products that could aggravate the issue. Love these vids!

  51. I implore people to look at how much money Susan G Komen pays to it leaders! Before I donate I know check to see how much the person in charge gets paid!

  52. Three years ago and old friend of mine died from breast cancer, she wasn't even 30. Since then I have dyed my hair pink every October, it is a small gesture but it does have the effect of people asking about it.
    I don't often donate, but I do try to focus on educating people when they ask about my hair. It is surprising how little most people know about breast cancer and how few women actually think to do even a self exam.

  53. Can you really not wait too see which watch i buy from your sponsor? Really? Wow i had no idea you cared so much about me and my shopping choices, thankyou! i am honored! your honesty knows no bounds random lady.

  54. This is why, when a company asks me to donate x amount for “breast cancer AWARENESS.” Theyre admitting flat out that the funds won’t really go to research or medical support. Awareness rarely means more than “this is a disease that exists!”

  55. I found the same with the money donated for the Boxing day Tsunami , One of the companies that got a massive amount ( i think it was the red cross) decided that they had gotten so much money that they will invest alot of it rather than give it to the places that it was suppose to go , now that is a smart move if your goal was to use the money earned from investments to pay staff and advertising and the other costs , but it seems it just got more bloated with staff doing nothing (jobs for the boys we call it, ie. Job for you sister or bets mate and you make up a job) . But people donated that money to help those people , not so they could invest it , they should have been upfront about it from the start so those donating knew before hand. From what the media found out it was a total con job with money being skimed off the top , and more money going into advertising , the monety seemed to filter down into other companies and made them fat with cash , but donations stayed the same, it was all a total con job.

  56. It's sort of part of a bigger problem, IMO. All these companies virtue signal to appear progressive, say "they care about diversity" and what-not to get people on board with them, and it works amazing as a marketing strategy, but people think these companies actually BELIEVE that, and that it's NOT just marketing lip service, and the public bites into it hard. It's the same story here, the companies as a whole aren't doing this for breast cancer, they're doing it for marketing purposes. Even after they donate their fairly low sum of a couple hundred thousand they're WAY in the green because of causes like this. People need to understand that the only thing big companies care about is the greens. EVERYTHING else is just a means for more green, including diversity, including donations to charity, and including pink sales – everything.

    On the other hand, regulation of the pink ribbon is kind of nuts. Whenever I donate a dollar or something at the register to a cause, I do it knowing that 90%+ is going to get stolen by the top brass and other stakeholders of that company. I don't go into it saying I donated a dollar, I go into it saying I donated $0.10. Just need to get people to understand that. Most of the money donated to charities will be stolen by the top 0.1%, and the same applies for these pink sales. It's purely marketing…but hey, SOME money will still go to that cause, and I guess that's a win, right? It's more than they had yesterday..

    You shouldn't hop on a brand because they donate to X, or their belief is Y, because you're just getting conned, but some money is going to that cause and that's better than nothing.

  57. I wish for a follow up piece on this taking a look at the questionable practices of some breast cancer foundations, ESPECIALLY that Susan G. Comon (or however it is written) one. Their practices are ATROCIOUS. They spend most of their money on celebrities and PR instead of where it matters and are known to basically stomp-out smaller foundations. They are utterly depsicable. Like a real deep dive on them to expose them for everyone to see.

  58. this is a real good case of fear mongering and reaching. these "carcinogenic" chemicals is bullshit. its like saying coffee can give you cancer. or even saying tbat obesity causes cancer is stupid like of course it fucking does. too much of literally anything causes cancer.

  59. I stopped donating to all these organizations, despite two people in my life dying of breast cancer, because I was very upset with how horribly they allocate funds.

    Charity Navigator is the one site that I use to see what non-profits ACTUALLY use your money for their 'causes' and who just pays off their own, and claim 'well we're just spreading awareness.'

  60. My first though was those yogurt cups with the pink ribbons…..despite dairy being correlated with an increase in breast cancer 🙁

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