Possibly THE BEST Decoration In The Game?! – Monster Hunter: World. Guard Up Decoration

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Hello there and welcome to another video of Monster Hunter World This video we are gonna talk about one of the best decorations in the game And of course I am talking about the scale guard up This skill allows you to guard against unblockable attacks So what does that actually mean? Well, it means you can block absolutely everything Have a look at some of these clips it can block CTE aku blind It can block tea ostrich supernova It can even block Kamehameha’s Nonie But wait there’s more I tested this out with heavy bogan I customized my bogan to have three shield mods, and I equipped guard up and You guessed it this skill literally blocks everything Unfortunately there are only two ways to obtain this skill, but this can be subject to change in future patches You can also equip 3 Uragaan set pieces to get the buff. The first way is by creating the full work charm from the smithy The second way is to get it from a declaration drop If you are lucky enough to get dropped it only requires one level to slot in My humble opinion. This skill is definitely worth your while at the end of the day It’s up to you. If you want to put guard up at your skill set But this skill is the dividing factor between life Or death Thanks for watching please hit the like and subscribe button stay tuned for more videos and as always happy hunting

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