PR UNBOXING HAUL!  💕🎁 Loads of FREE Makeup & GIVEAWAY! 🤯


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  1. Literally been watching and following you since day one and you haven't change one bit and you're so real. And the way you're so humble about everything.

    You are so inspiring and I've recently started doing makeup and you're the reason❤
    Love you so much🌹🌹
    Thank you for always being a ray of absolute sunshine❤🌼

    Love all the way from South Africa

  2. I would love to Switch life with you for one day to unbox all these packages 😍😍😍 you really are so a nice person 😊

    Instagram: francescarohr

  3. Aaah so therapeutic as usual! Please do a video with all the new products 😍 Love the benefit book box thing, how creative.. imagine opening that, I'd definitely keep the box 😏😂

  4. aww love you watching your videos just make me happy and relaxed ❤️ dont know really what to say but i do love you and i think you're a sweet and funny girl mwah😘-insta:storai_rai

  5. I really enjoy your videos, i am a makeup artist and i learn a lot from your tutorials. Cheers from Argentina! My instagram is @rochichis and i want to win!!

  6. honestly cant get enough of ur videos!! such good content i could watch for hours..if i hadnt already caught up to all your uploads!!

    insta: @sunnyygolding
    twitter: @sunny46537433

  7. I can honestly sit here for hours watching your videos. I love how you got so excited about drink too ;))

    insta: kaeneexx

  8. OMG!! I just love you and your videos specially these unboxing ones…💜💜💜💜💋💋 Instagram: noorulhudaaa1

  9. Know im two days late but I've been watching ur videos for 2 years now and my favorite series so far was the gemstone one🌹 IG:Caffeinequeeen_

  10. I seriously love watching your tutorials Shannon, it’s something my daughter & I love to do together. We’ve been getting a little haul ourselves to try out some looks 😍
    Instagram: @terinal @ellalarsenxo

  11. hi i love you and follow you on all social media you are really nice and that would mean a lot if i got makeup loves you my role model

  12. I love watching these and taking note of the advice of whats good so i can check it out later….but i always forget to check it out 😂

    Insta : charliekel24

  13. I usually fill a jug full of water and keep it on my desk when I'm studying or something so I don't forget to hydrate myself. I saw a peach lipstick when you held up that Lancome lipstick package 😳. I love everything peach but I can never find a peach lipstick in my drugstores. All of them end up being too light while I'm looking for a deeper peach.

  14. Hi Shannon! I just wanted to let know how much I appreciate you and your modest personality. Your makeup hauls are the best, cause even though you show all your PR packages, you give back to your fans by giving away the makeup you receive cause there is just so much that you can use. That is someone that I inspire to be if I ever become as big as you one day 💕

  15. Hey Shannon!!! I don’t have Instagram nor twitter at the moment but if I would I would to follow! But I been subscribed for a long time and I love your videos and you! Your such an inspiration to me and I’m happy your doing this. Also good luck to everyone and congrats to who ever wins!! If by any chance i do win then my email is [email protected]

  16. I've been following you for ages. And everytime you receive goodies, I get excited as well. You deserve all of it. Thank you for being so honest with your reviews and for being REAL ❤ Also wanna say thanks for always giving us back. We love you! 💞
    Instagram: candice1owe

  17. Can you please do the lancome x camila coelho lipstick swatches I would really love and enjoy watching it and see what colors I like

  18. You are so lucky to have every shad of makeup and other stuff. You are a pretty young woman with and with out makeup. 😊

  19. I wish I had even a fraction of some of that makeup. All the new goodies shipped right to your front door. I'm jelly.

  20. Your so pretty 😩
    You work so hard which is so inspiring to me!

    I don’t have Twitter 🙁
    Insta- hope_dashwood


  21. I love your videos😍 I stumbled across them pretty recently and I haven’t been able to stop watching them!❤️ I’m obsessed!
    Insta- @josiebasargin

  22. I love your PR unboxes

    Never miss a video 😂

    You inspire me to start my youtube as i loveeeeeee makeup so much i am a makeup addict

    Im slowly building my kit and hope to have a lit as big as yours


  23. Your so cute and gorgeous !!! My Twitter is @Park_Jimin2468 and my Instagram is @sparkinson69 !!! But I use Instagram more ~~~

  24. Love love love you so much you’re my favorite youtuber i love watching your videos you’re so beautiful and cuuuute I wish i can meet you ❤️
    I learned so many different thing’s about makeup and how to do it from you ❤️ btw you look amazing with makeup and without makeup love you ❤️
    Insta : nisoben98

  25. I love how generous and humble you are! Love watching your videos, they always make me laugh. Thank you for always giving to us such good stuf, I really appriciate that. I hope that I am going to win, but good luck to everyone.
    E-mail: [email protected] 😊

  26. Something sweet: Chocolate… lol
    Jk but your so genuine and don’t care about the money or subscriber count
    Twitter: molly_dudley29
    Insta: mudley28

  27. I actually enjoy these unboxing haul video of yours more than your declutter videos! I am just so curious about the new products and it is exciting looking into them with you 🙈 Just wish some company’s were more aware of all the waste and trash they are contributing with. Not that environmental friendly. Enjoyed the video Shannon xx

  28. I cannot get enough of these PR unboxing vids, but now I have to stop and go to work 😭 insta: leighhamiltonphotography

  29. Hi Shan, I love you so much and hope you are well. I love watching your videos when I am anxious or down, I love your enthusiasm and love for makeup! my instagram is alyssarosemakeup 🙂

  30. O would love to get the makeup as I want to step up my makeup but makeup can be so expensive!!!!!🤲I have liked subscribed put on postal notifications I would follow you on social media but I'm not allowed it so it would mean the world if I win.

  31. Omgosh you lucky lady, you get so many awesome FREE goodies! Please send me a private message if you can; I have a question for you! xo

  32. you inspire me shann I watch your videos nearly every day my favorite are your food vlogs 😍 love trying your ideas you can contact me on Instagram @sammy_gurl32

  33. I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE you channel! These unboxing are my favourite types of videos! Such a dream!! You have inspired me to make my own Skincare YouTube page now too!! Thank you so much! I can't wait to see your next post! xxx

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