PR Unboxing with hubby | TrinidadYouTuber |Caribbean Youtuber | HairSisters wig | Zomie Ring light

PR Unboxing with hubby | TrinidadYouTuber |Caribbean Youtuber | HairSisters wig | Zomie Ring light

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older hi guys welcome back to my channel
so today I say yeah today we’re going to do a PR of boxing and these are just a
few of the items are sent to me and we’re gonna do a review on what I think
of it and how it works and so on so yeah are there just separate videos for each
item so look out for those items I go through exactly what it can do and how
they look and what I think about it and where you can get it so today just an
unboxing and I still have a few other items to unbox well to receive because
they’re not here yet so when they get here we’ll do that in another video
altogether I have to do a makeup tutorial with some of the actors that is
going to be coming in so yeah so we have a whole lot of stuff going on so just
diving straight into it for those who don’t know me almost I can and yeah
usually plot make videos to Chad stop so yes Abby first item I’m gonna open up
let me get at this this was we see from the lava bar woman sexy all jewelry so
it’s like a few of these lingerie items out every see but it in piece by piece
my shipping company they got the old Wow and material isn’t nice what’s this yeah
so I got this in Allah because you might have a huge butt so we
want to thank you so nice and have I got a sexy thing to clip on we stop it the material is really really nice
some really nice quality and Wow okay yes I’ll put a picture up and I put
it right in the middle here so you can see exactly what it is this sense me
what I like kids I never fit nice a no because I’m hoping for another video
because I have another a few other items company came in this nice it’s a packet at the stroke of the midnight hour when
the world sleeps you will lead to love nature like ah hello my goodness all
right I think the end Amazon companies you can find them on Amazon to do so
interested and see what they have and it seems to be seem to have what I’m seeing
they have a pocket but it was toys what is there and it says it comes with a
sexy lingerie belt but I ain’t evil I am angry on this we go to see my good I
like it Thank You Lana power we will do the M
other video for you all to see yeah so cute I like it and I’ll show you the
other one when it comes in i they had sent me a picture of it and I really
liked that because any gonna rock down with a jeans that one get I won’t sleep
so next item that’s right and this one for that city center easily
make a bad people right so this one was done soil it has a nice little thing
inside of it this one all right so it’s nice but if you have a lot of makeup
item and you don’t know where to store it let me go to one and put your stuff
on it right and it says these things shall never die
the Pew of the bride is beautiful that stood in our hearts and youth that
impulses to world less prayer the dreams of love and truth the longing after
something’s lost the spirits unique ride the striving after better boot these
things can never die what is always a popular tourist trap Dickinson oh gosh
thank you my friends do Oh anybody we make a pact spring oh I like another
little bow on the inside cute so you kind of like please any person so you have a nice little
thing property a little bit stick size that they can put in there any material
mines and it’s fast ik on the inside so in case anything I guess runs off and
has a pocket on the inside but quietly Oh mommy
Oh Anakin exit think so so in case you want to store your brushes and stuff
outgoing depth when I make these Tufts of country you look so nice cushion
look at somebody gnostic saying so when you put your stuff in it it doesn’t move
about so that is so cool I like this I want the company’s name again
soundTouch you read official okay and they are oh you can find them on
Facebook Instagram and the company says exclusively on Amazon so for those who
are interested it’s eurie UI RIE on Facebook Instagram and you can
also eat me LM output of the email address and the information thank you so
much this is so nice wow I’m back because I have like a huge and I might
have a capital cities so this would look well for me to put my brush everything
inside of it and it has this kind of plastic things that in case anything run
so it doesn’t leak into your handbag and you can buy one Oh monie I like it the
inside of it it has this mesh right things you can slide stuff in there and
then there’s the elastic so hook like your brush and so on the side of it in a
bottle and you put it inside this it will keep it in place so it doesn’t move
her on all of you feels good yeah steady I like this thank you you me this is so
cool I will definitely recommend you guys looking them up this is really good
quality even the stitching and everything any bad
so guys you look for them on Amazon and get your bag look at it long zippy bar
thing I thought I hide this from trees and cherish like especially feet I’m a
high bar oh I’m gonna get into the pouch thing
yeah this is absolutely cool so thank you so
much you read oh my word guys good for them on Amazon to catch it
it’s a big I got some additional parts and they have it in this velvet bow and
it’s to me LED ring right Yukie instruction manual this is the
money oh oh what
I think about us I think price it retails for an Amazon and it comes with
these stand for tea lights you get all of this school and you also get the
adapter is cute and the pass that attach you yeah for the camera stuff comes and
this is about the bag so this is super super cute brown line yeah so you can
find them on Amazon as well I can hear an Amazon company well it’s not a
company but they sell on Amazon so you can look for them the customer service
is so nice when they contacted me they were like the sweetest thing like ever
so I would really glad you are contacting them so I’m just gonna let
happy buddy like to get up so guys my hobby put it all together and you can
see the difference in my video when it lights in oh my god the thing is like so
cool and it’s so easy to put together they just like screw quick and I have a
video with him putting it all together so you can see how to put the arm the
light together when you purchase it on Amazon but yeah I just decided I can
stick a different light so this is the white light and then you see the
daylight and then you need to adjust it giving it a sort of a yellowish or
orange yet an orange a yellow and orange times sunset field so you see the
difference in enlighten on camera and then it’s dim down and breathable and
this is the actual white light thing oh it’s bright
oh damn it look good Malaika yes yeah so um we are doing a whole
other video but what I can do we can probably bring it across here and even
probably aggressive and groans I can give you a like a look of it quarter
together and I will do a detailed video showing you how to put it together
and the different adjustments it comes with so yeah just give me one minute
okay guys so this is a close up look of its center yeah and it comes with the
pod suite I put a camera and stuff on so let me do the detailed video of it we
will show you so this is how it is yeah it’s cute so yeah guys this is video no
um windy nights we’re having quite acrostic like we’re doing quite a girl
saying I did so this is us using you like no and yeah you can actually see a
huge difference in using us LED light now it’s a large light they may have
these 14 inch one this one is the 18 that I was sent and it’s really nice and
it does make a significant difference in your video quality when you have the
lights in and the company for me so far they have knocked it out of the park
with this like this so nice and it’s easy to set up it’s not complicated as I
said we’re gonna do another video showing you how we put it all together
it just come into perspective epsilon love it and it comes with the manual
which goes into detail about the lights in the event you may have any s use and
they said light type LED an empty diameter 14 inches by 18 inches what
it’s a forty one watt by 50 watt and I’m looking for the voltage and so on notice
changes of modification beta device or blah but that is it and I like it so a
low comedy detailed video of our setting this up and how do you feel
one into doing that videos don’t be talking about it okay let me now know
that for that makeup is all in the camera ah I would be willing to cover
when he is talking so yeah guys all the time only companies who send stuff for
me la la Papa do means we did nice the 40 thing is stuff via camera so this is
what who is you think so if you want to put your food on a hammer any middle of
the night and also for the company that also sends me this bag alright so Yuri
thank you so much this mag is the cutest guys Walton gets its oh it’s so nice I’m
soaked I just love this Kitty to the bag and I
got totally comment a lot of different styles so you see what a different style
see back comes in so you have different options to choose I choose this because
I come out yeah I have two children like to touch up anything anything too much
points significantly too much so I can get me in trouble too
yeah so I just rather choose this so thank you guys for joining us looking
for my next page good to be up any why school so I’m gonna be going through
some of the items that I purchased this the month but Pennywise I didn’t do
quite a lot of shopping just a few because Justin and as you know top of so
many things that already have I don’t really run out of stuff that much yeah
anything series I’m gonna have our anniversary video on Monday you’re gonna
between that with you and so thank you guys for joining us and again I said the
cook-off anyways so well he’s gonna also be a map anyways for video tomorrow
please to do it yeah so bye oh also if you’re interested in purchasing any of
the items all these vendors are available on Amazon so you can check
them out Ali full details in the description box and links to the ice
no links to the items on Amazon so yeah that so thank you so very much
and sitting for next video by an important it’s important


  1. Hi beautiful, you look amazing and I love your necklace. Hi hubby & really nice PR stuff & hubby likes the lingerie. 😂 He’s gonna put it to the test 😂🤣😂

  2. Great video. Watched it from Auckland New Zealand my friend six five sixxxxxx . Keep up the great work !👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  3. beautiful video, thank you very much for such a wonderful video, big thumbs up, stay blessed.

  4. You look amazing in this video – I love the makeup and accessories . Thank you for the great tips today and congrats on growing a channel that makes brands want to send you PR

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