1. so if this guy that is PERFECT needs concealing and correcting and etc……all other man?? what should we do……… mmmmmmm didn't agree with this vid

  2. Oh my days that man is hot to trot. MAC please do another video with that model. I suggest all over body makeup seeing as it's summer. Woo, I need to fan myself down!!

  3. This video is great, not only women wear makeup! 🙂 But less comparing to them please!
    And i agree with everyone, pick a model that actually needs to put on makeup… :p

  4. This video is amazing! Most makeup artists don't understand male grooming. Thank you Neil for explaining it so well! bravo

  5. "The idea is that it looks invisible." Mac says!! Oh course its goin to be "INVISIBLE" the model has PERFECT skin, Now take someone female/male with ance prone skin or blemishes and see if its invisible then?? I hate how ALL makeup companies do this. Mac i love your products, all tho i dont like your makeup artists in Greenville, Sc for the rudeness and jus trying to make u buy something that they sell something TOTALLY diff then your skin color an say its perfect match till get hom an notice

  6. he is comparing the makeup techniques of men vs woman to differenciate them as there is no right or wrong way to do makeup but there are better techniques. if you have acne prone skin then no this video is not for you. lets be real here.

  7. Huns.. if you have acne prone skin you need make up that is going to be sensitive to your skin.. You should known now that MAC make up usually isn't meant for acne prone skin. Go see a dermatologist for help.

  8. Strongly agree 🙂 I've had male clients in my chair whom were terrified at the sight of makeup because of past experiences. Due to the type of skills and methods such as Neil's I have maintain my clients for years! and yes, most of them have perfect skin but makeup is still needed in front of the camera.

  9. Omg I loved it but could you do another video on how to do a flawless face for guys or how to contour or if guys can or should wear blush

  10. Love the BB cream! Such amazing oil control and SPF 35. "All ages, all races, all sexes". MAC is for everyone<3

  11. I'm not of sure what's the purpose of this video.To sell more MAC products???? It certainly isn't to teach anything. Any MUA with good sense knows not to make a man look like a women. And where's the challenge when starting with an absoultely gorgeous model with next to perfect skin??? Here's a thought. How about posting a video featuring a male model with real, obvious skin issues & how one would address them with makeup as invisibly as possible.

  12. Yes he does not need any, but under light of cameras etc. the skin can look quite washed out. Im sure thats what they do it for 🙂

  13. This teaches what exactly? How to make someone with already perfect skin look like they have… perfect skin… erm ok.

  14. The model has great skin, doesn't even need makeup. But good tips and thank God the camera is not all over the place like in all the other videos

  15. Why does the best video MAC have done have to be for men? This vid focus on the model and face and not artisty video crap. The vids for chicks the majority are quite rubbish.

    Also I'm embarrassed yet impressed that Neil has used the same Pro conceal and correct pallet on Derek that I use on myself.

  16. Why couldn't Neil have shown us Face & Body foundation, focusing just on the body! Team thank you Jesus for that fine man! I need a glass of water.

  17. Yes- but as such a powerful brand who can affect social norms, do you not think they have a social responsibility to challenge such ridiculous norms?

  18. theres no shoulds.. he said hes going for a invincible look.. a more masculine approach. undereye concealer completely changes how you look haha

  19. So being masculine, is natural and healthy. Whereas being feminine is synthetic- like plastic which is a form of objectification… that is being perpetuated and normalised.

  20. AND he is defining what men should be to be 'masculine' which idk about you but is it really up to them to define how a man should be? What if he does want to be like a woman- for example?

  21. hes not saying what men should look like…. this video is aimed at those who want to look like they have no makeup on.. lol. but i understand where ur coming from

  22. Why use the fix spray first? Before the moisturiser? So annoying with Mac, every 'expert' does things in a different way, and never explains why! It's as if nobody actually knows how to use products so they make it up.

  23. I agree with some of the comments about the model having great skin to begin with. Mac only uses thin young perfect skinned models for their demos. The only exception is when the Mac senior artists use themselves and those videos are usually horrible. Don't believe me? Go look at that paint pot video with the clown faced girl.

  24. No fair, he's already handsome. Lol. Pick someone who needs a little more help in the skin department. What was the first spray used for (I don't recall you explaining?) 🙂

  25. These are real mac artists–those people working for mac at the malls are bullshit people, theyre always caked up and make me not want to wear makeup period
    But artists like the one in this video make me want to try to achieve makeup looks such as this

  26. Damn he is ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL! His skin is perfect and his nostrils are beautiful too. He is SEXY and HOT in every way!

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