Privacy visor glasses jam facial recognition systems to protect your privacy #DigInfo

Privacy visor glasses jam facial recognition systems to protect your privacy #DigInfo

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This is the world’s first pair
of glasses which prevent facial recognition by cameras. They are currently under development
by Japan’s National Institute of Informatics. Photos taken without people’s
knowledge can violate privacy. For example, photos may be posted online,
along with metadata including the time and location. But by wearing this device, you can stop your privacy from being infringed in such ways. Compared with previous ways of
physically hiding the face, this technology can protect privacy
without obstructing communication, as all users need to do is wear
a pair of glasses. However, because this system utilizes
the difference in spectral sensitivity between human vision and imaging devices, another method is needed for cameras
that aren’t affected by infrared light.


  1. So I guess you don't mind them reading your e-mail/ text, or recording your phone calls either, right? because you have nothing to hide. People like you, with little regards for privacy, Constitutional rights, and total apathy, are more dangerous to civil liberties than the government. We call people like you "useful idiots." You would make a perfect overseer for the plutocracy, so maybe you should work for government, if you aren't already. Take your blue pills and believe whatever.

  2. those leds would be more usefull around cars license plates. i know one killer was cought becouse it matched the time when person went missing and his car drove by the cctv camera.

  3. Zoz did this with the DEFCON 17 Badge back in 2009. Search YouTube for "DC17 Badge Hack: Anti-Surveillance System"

  4. Why should this be illegal? Do we not have the right to privacy? I haven't done anything illegal but that doesn't mean I'm open to my activities being tracked by facial recognition.

  5. That depends, recognizing the presence a person when the face is not identifiable should not be a big problem. But the real power in automated surveillance systems lies in matching the faces to a large data base of known persons (terrorist watch list, or even a national ID database). This would cease to be possible if one were to use those glasses. The system might still flag you as a suspicious person, but they wouldn't be able to create an automatic profile of your movements.

  6. right to privacy doesnt apply to this, your facial features are not private information, and this is not for your own home, its essentially a camera, plus why would they make it illegal? they could just add ir filters, and your activities are not tracked by facial recognition, your face is, where you are is out of the question as you have to present a pass port (which has your face on it) at the airport, which is where these are most often used, anyway.

  7. BEAT THE SYSTEM– wear fake nasty teeth, sunglasses that don't fit, hats with fake hair attached…just because cameras exist doesn't mean they'll know who you are

  8. Pls people the "LED's light" on the glasses cannot be seen with normal eyes, it just appears on Cameras. So pls stop saying like you will have to walk around with a bunch of glowing led on your face and people will think you weird XD. With just a bit re-decoration the led will be hidden easily.

    But still have to agree this technology should be just for military, security force. It will be disaster if it in the hands of terrorists or criminals.

  9. This is bullshit. First of all, as soon as cctv operator sees your face glowing you get penned for a little chat until they have a law in place to jail you for the monstrous crime of protecting your privacy. Chances are that each of these devices on the market will have unique serial numbers transmitting by rfid and recorded at the time you purchase it with the number of your credit/debit/store loyalty card. I think the only solution is to restrict governments from using public cctv.

  10. Almost every electronic DIY person knew this already. Besides the fact IR LEDs can damage your eye if not properly shielded.

  11. "The Tokyo-based team has developed a device – also a pair of specs – that prevents Glass or similar technology from recognizing a face. The specs are fitted with 11 near-infrared LEDs which shine a bright light, confusing cameras looking to locate a face." It is IR, just looks that way to the camera.

  12. ok u havent done anything illegal but other person yes… the face recognition systems works MUST work in every airport and frontier

  13. yippee. cant come of out the reality of getting a iphone for doing some questionnaire 🙂 . be mature and do this, give ur delivery addr with phone number to make sure you get it. dont run away have a try now >>

  14. No. This is not an argument. In airport there are custom officers and policemen whose job is to do that. You don't need face recognition devices. Safety MUST not prevails over privacy. The issue is politic, not legal. Having in any part of any country devices that logs automatically every people is a way to monitor everyone, not only criminals, and most constitutions of democratic country (should) prevent that.

  15. Only way a camera is privacy invading is if it is in your own home without your permission, at which point you ask them to put the camera away or to leave. If you are in public, then it is not a privacy invasion to have someone take your picture. You're in public, interacting with other people outside of your control is pretty much the definition of being in public.

  16. I think his research is about how to upset the face recognition systems by altering the brightness of certain areas of the face, the IR LED aspect is irrelevant, it could use regular LEDs and achieve the same effect. See the glasses at the end which just use design to stop the facial recognition system.

  17. I call bs on these.. obviously they only stop shitty webcams from filming your face well. They never showed the glasses working directly to the actual camera. And just because some computer system doesn't "pick up

  18. Then use correct statements in your comments. You claim these sorts of things are privacy violating, and they clearly are not.

  19. Yeah yeah… What about a wavelength filter at the front of the camera? FAIL!!
    Unfortunately there is no escape from face recognition.

  20. Cool, until they start putting infrared filters onto surveillance cameras. Then you're back to square one.

  21. Wow, great ! This feature should be added to the hardware of Google Glass, if Google is really serious about limiting the "radioactive" face recognition functions in Glass

  22. Wouldn't be hard to make these yourself.  IR LEDs like these are only about $1/ea at Sparkfun.  Setting up 11 LEDs with resistors, connecting wire and a power source would be extremely easy.

  23. this is the best way to draw suspicions. the reflective material white material is called "mask". the idea with ir leds is quite old and doesn't work on modern cameras anymore. there is no way to hide from the modern surveillance states.

  24. So someone finally made a pair of glasses that actually makes the wearer look more obnoxious than someone wearing Glass…

  25. Good invention but more crimes will be committed.

    I rather have something that can save our world. Like solar panels.

  26. Glad someone is concerned about one area of protecting privacy. If u think intrusive technology is good for safety your wrong, people will always find a way to commit crime and having information constantly collected by different sources will always be targeted by savvy criminals.

  27. I rather wear a stupid paper bag on my head then this stupid shit. lighted like Christmas tree and look like a complete douchebag.

  28. so what, u need to be using it with lights on?this shit is so fucking nonsense.. no one will be around the street with glasses like that

  29. This will only make the wearer being tracked by digital algorithms. Most likely this was made in germany. Cameras don't need face for specification-they have walk analysis and motion line tracking.I saw a video about a german supersecurity prison and its outdated cctv system where there ere much less cameras than a Korean convenience store and that all analog standalone having to be manually rotated. Even african countries have PTZ digital cameras.

  30. its not cheap but technological demand and popularity in the future will drive the price down for example dvd players ipads smartphones etc started first very expensive now in most cases affordable now third competition will drive the price down

  31. It’s time for ordinary citizens to fight back and defeat the constant overreaching of government agencies to invade and destroy our privacy and to control us and to silence the absolute RIGHT of citizens to determine and LIMIT the role that government is playing in civic life.

  32. I sure hope no more than an hour and $50 dollars was invested in that proof of concept because I have those components just laying around in my junk bins. lol

  33. ending surveillance and autocracy is a social problem, not a technological one. i'm glad people are doing what they can, but the only real answer is widespread social upheaval and an end to capitalism.

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