Pros & Cons of Being a Cosmetologist | Confessions of a Cosmetologist ep.001 | Chantler Tiara

Pros & Cons of Being a Cosmetologist | Confessions of a Cosmetologist ep.001 | Chantler Tiara

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hey guys welcome back to my channel or welcome to my channel if you already know my name chant well what's up so I thought it'd be a good idea to start a busy news segment my channel since I have been in 115 you guys like sad news now but I've gotta be a little bit more interesting to start setting the only channel called confessions of a constant eyelashes where I'm basically just you need as an inside scoop of what despite being a constant colleges on so I'm gonna just be here once we answered questions doing videos give me that with my experience I think on some colleges as you said something you may know if you follow me on my other social medias Instagram Facebook and Twitter then you know that I have been a licensed cosmetologist since November and I currently work from home so I just want to get wanna give you guys some advice before and what is colleges I'm gonna be telling you guys the pros and cons of what so if you interested in the post make sure you guys keep on watching we want to get into the post first something happy something cute something you know get you in the mood to buy some sausages on bleach on you know the reality of why I enjoy being a conservative number one is that you can do your own hair which I feel like in the main number one Pro for any female met by guys too because who wouldn't enjoy that they need to do their own hand like the fact that you can wake up in the morning we pretty head and then a couple hours or minutes later you have your advice together because your hairs that I need you'd have to look in a point with somebody else you didn't have to pay some ideas you just went into the bathroom and you did your hair on your hair or anywhere but a club you know where I put a concert and you ain't gotta worry about booking an appointment matter because you get yourself laid since who wouldn't who wanted my own hair who wouldn't want to know how to do their own hair ain't doing really well you know I think that is the biggest Pro of all times of being a cosmetologist where you don't have to invite anybody else you don't have to worry about was it the microphone can't see your point man you could just get up go do your hair and be on your merry way I remember too is that you make your own schedule so when I say make your own schedule means that you don't have to clock in so you don't have to get up early the morning if you don't want to if you're not a morning person then you don't have to get up in the morning you can start your day off X well then that's what you like to do if you're not a night person you don't have to do hair at night you can start taking appointments at two three four five o'clock you can start don't want to stay taking appointments whenever you feel like it because you make your own schedule you don't have to worry about oh if you're running late to start your job then you're gonna get in trouble or if you don't clock in at 9:00 and clock out at 5:00 that you might get overtime right nobody dictates what timing work if you feel like you want to take one client today gets with this you can take one class today if you feel like you wanna be booked from sunup to sundown you can be booked in time since I now because nobody is telling you when you need to worry the right when you can't work and I just think that dr+ because some days some days you you may not be feeling it and you may say okay well I don't have nobody else to my boots for the rest of the day I'm gonna just close everything out and I'm gonna just go handle what I need to handle or I might just go and means to myself no I did tell you when you need to be behind a chair now what I can't say is if that's only if you are working for it so now if you are cosmetologist and you working somebody that's just a mom then yes you do have a schedule that you have to maintain and you cannot go over all the time and you have to be there when the shop it's open but if you work for yourself and you work at your own salon or you have your own booth and you're paying boot three you make your own schedule also along with that pro is vacation times so if you feel like makes might you want to take a vacation you don't have to put in a request for into a boss you don't have to worry about well what if I happen if I take a whole month off if you want to take a whole month off this you can take a whole month off because nobody is there to check it you you are the boss you know what I'm saying Pro number three is that um you are in charge of your own money meaning you don't have to you don't have to count your hours and make sure that is giving you actual money because after every service you're collecting all your money you feel me so you don't have to be like oh why don't you pay the next week I'm gonna pay so the first time within the last month or every to least listen like that like you are in charge of your money you pay yourself at the end of every service because you are in charge of your money you can fight your prices up just so that you can have it of my vacation or you can book more appointments that month or you can overbooking stuff that might just so you can make sure that you have the money for your vacation you know even though you can do things like that nobody's Tanya pockets you are in trying to get money if you want you can give it in cash out you can get it in cash you can you can do credit cards which is a whole different video about people disputing charges by even gonna tell you people distinctive charges with credit card so me personally I prefer cash and cash out because a little dispute if you can't get your hired a phone number for it is that you're always have a job so what I mean is somebody's always going to need their hard-earned somebody's always getting married somebody's always gonna have enough function somebody's always going back to school and somebody's gonna always need their attorney so as long and people need their hair done you're gonna have a job now I don't only way they should be I were to help with is that you stop expelling yourself and stop promoting it out and you just stop caring and nobody's checking for you but as long as you're out there doing hair and keep on eating their hair done you're always gonna have a job and you're always gonna get ready so fair like I said people always gonna need their hair done and while they're doing their many people are always gonna pay for this so you're in a field that has constant money in rotation that's always somebody's always going to need you alright so the fifth pearl which is the last Pro is that there is no dress code to be a non cosmetologist now while you are in cosmetology school they're gonna tell you you have to wear all black black shirts like pants like shoes and your makeup has to always be done inherence always be done and that's because they want the reason why you had to walk like this because they want you to fade into the background and your clients to be the spotlight and if you don't want crazy colors then they feel like that it takes the attention off of the client and you want the attention to be on all on the kind but when you get back at school you're not going to want to wear black you coming because you're one black for 1500 oh it's bad when you start working freighters though you're going to put on in the colors now you can wear whatever you want whenever you are doing someone's hair you can look however you want when you're doing someone's hair because like I said earlier you're your own boss nobody's in charge you know it's telling you how you couldn't work or what you look like me go to work but what I will say is if you don't put together people are not going to come sit in your chair because I know me personally if I'm getting my makeup done and I see you're making one daily basis and it's not up to par I'm not letting you touch my face or if I decide that I want somebody else to do my hair and you you say that you could do my hair but when I would come to your shop and your hairs all over your head I'm not sitting down I'm going to leave so yes you can wear whatever you want that's the pro but I would always say stay professional like this I would go to work like this I would do somebody's hair like this because I feel like I'm gonna keep my hair my hair is done makeup done I have other kids with her outfit I would go to work like this now sometimes you might catch me slippin if I'm doing your hair early in the morning and I fixed seven o'clock in the morning I might be in here with a binding on I might do a t-shirt and some shorts but most of the time I'm doing that it's a claim that I've had and rotation already and they already know me and they know they know my work they know my work and I don't have to worry about them thinking oh my I hope this girl's my bike and do my hair because they already know that I know what I'm doing but it's just a new client interesting believe baby I'm gonna be I got a a poll of being a cosmetologist is that you don't have a dress code you don't have a uniform you don't have to wear a button-down shirt with slides you don't have to wear a shirt with no logo in it anything like that but that's if you work or if you are a self-employed custom college it's not if you worked with somebody else they may have you where I started color they may have you wear scrubs sometimes they may have polo shirts with a logo on it you may have to worry about they may say that your hats are all black but if you are self-employed I'll just be now that we got all the pros out the way all the good stuff all of this you start out the way it's time to get into the time so for the first time is client and your policies so the whole thing about um your prices and your policies and what you will do what you don't do how to client feel you should do oh they really they really need their bikes today because a lot of clients feel like they are entitled to a lot of things okay they're gonna tell you how much they think you should charge to them even though you have set prices you may have a website with power seasoning and your policies gonna say one thing and they spit on concealer door knocking on your door trying to tell you another thing and you can you can refer them to your policies what they feel when I felt like wow the customer's always right and no matter what your positive say I'm still going to me and said that would get you all automatically by I see you later and you still won't get charged that kind of wanted some customers not all some customers feel and a lot of things Oh car number two is that people do not read okay this is a really important one so say you have your policies on your website and you tell your clients before booking please read all policies throughout and make sure you understand everything your policies and thing no extra people come with your hair wash the blow-dryer no King unless being serviced no food and drinks you can say whatever you want any policies people will not read any of it they don't come with their hands dirty they don't come with buildup they don't come with their boyfriends they're gonna bring their kids and the kids gonna be running around breaking things and all because they didn't read the policies are that you post something on Instagram about obsession everything about that especially you will list under your pictures and guess what I'm Ida still on DM you in today what I gotta do to get the session what the session include how I get 50% off they can actually don't questions like that and you're gonna really be sitting there like I literally took the time to type up this caption to let you all know so that way you don't have to be in me you can go straight to my website and book so you don't have to wait on me to reply back and you still ask any question but yeah that's what people do not really do not expect them to read you you can put it all in caps and red underline in bold and they still when I read you will you know put warning in front of it and they still in early these people will still be in you and I shoe does anything that you that's not a big con but it can't get aggravating when you have people on a daily accident questions that you already anything whether you feel your social media platforms all on your website somebody still might actually the questions Oh Kahn number three is that although this is a career that you will make money in throughout your lifetime a bunch you are doing hair this is also a very undervalued career some people think that it doesn't take much to be a cosmetologist doesn't take much to be a hair stylist or no Turkana makeup artists it's on the third but it actually takes a lot of work it takes a lot of hours a lot of learning people think that oh you can just wake up one day one day and know how to be hair and that's not always the case they don't really value the art of being cogs in time because I feel like cosmetology in a whole is an art and people need to respect the more because we go through a lot of school and we're always learning no matter what always minor whether it be in school on email after school you taking classes to enhance yourself you're always rebuilding and rebranding you're always having to market and put yourself out there and you're always doing hard work but nobody sees your hard work because that's that's not what people want to see people just want to see oh she's not a baby so it can't get everyone oh she nodded it they can't get out hard I could do too and people really respect it which I don't understand because they should respect cosmetologist more in my team I might build by whatever car number four is your clients will think that you are the therapies that they hear the doctor and then they'll think that you're also a magician magician almond days you allow them to talk about another style is or what's going on a new life then they're gonna always want to come to you and talk about things that happen in our life and not say that it's bad but we hear it constantly hearing about other people's problem it brings your move down the bridge you're back down you start to get their stress that they had like to make stuff for you and that's that's that's not good so like I said they'll think that they're you're their therapist and they don't want to talk to you about that film is I don't want to talk to you about how low reread cheating on them last month and honestly you could care net and you don't want to be rude about it so you sit there and listen but if that's the case and you don't even care about it you know time Athenian kind of means to go try to stretch a subject and make it more about hair about okay well you he shouldn't get that but when so like for me to actually a clip or something like that like just make reverted back to hair because like I think you don't want other people stress on you because bad makes you stressful and girl you don't want to stress because stress things wrinkles involve it if you don't need it also they also think that you're there doctors don't say like I don't know they might have like a rashes on their around their hands and you how many know what's going on because yes they eat you by like diseases and stuff me hair school but they don't teach them how to cure certain things and stuff like that they just tell you to refer them to their primary care physician and the people will think that just it's around the hairline that you know exactly what they need to fix er I don't know the doctor who is it magician kind of goes hand in hand because somebody would come to you with boss fights and hair that will grow and then he'll be like well what I could never get my hair to grow what I could do to get my edges to grow what I couldn't is what I think and you can give them suggestions but who's to say that church suggestions won't work because something else might be internally wrong with them and they don't want to go to a doctor because they like old my hairstylist told me I just brought some oils on my style and I'm gonna be good at my hair gonna grow back when really they may have alopecia or then they have some type of like bacteria on the staff that is eating away on their hair and it's making it fall out and get over they know that because they're not going to or a doctor they're thinking that you're their doctor and as far as a magician girl I don't have people sit on my channel with no edges and they want you to get them baby hairs hi hi hi alright they don't have bald spots and they'll show you I wanna cornrow straight to the back but I need you to cover my boss like heavy and you're like wow like they think that because you are hairstyles that you know how to make things appear that aren't there or make things go away that they don't want their and I don't really the only way I can give you a Jesus with a wig and most people do not like me especially a lot of older older ladies they they're not instance the week that we wear it now like they'll go to the hair some of my ways and then they want you to make that one look natural I didn't want you to curl it and if synthetic hair and you try to explain to them that big something carried on curl you it's gonna burn you need real hair but they don't want to pick price for it so it's just a whole lot of like that and it's just something that you have to prepare yourself for I don't know like easy you really have to tell you but I don't know and they're gonna give me when you supposed to be the hair stylist you should know how to make number 5 is family and bringing discounts so a lot of people who are very close to you who are either family know your family or a friend they feel like they aren't entitled to discounts just because they know you but no you not compare your bills knowing you're not gonna get you to the classes that you need to take knowing you not gonna get the color that you survive so when it comes to family friends discount you can't give them out to everybody like the family for those that use the discount babies I keep it with you in hair school they're gonna help you pay for hair at school they did not help you pay for those products that you're using in their hair they're they're not helping pay your rent you guys feel your light bill you want a baby not helping you do that but they want you to do their hair for free like you have to do those same people standing in France it's going to be a hard conversation but you had to let them know that I'm sorry but if I were somebody else you would paint them and that's what a lot of people don't realize like they feel like well my little cousins do hair so I could just go to her and she won't charge me no I'm still gonna charge you because if I didn't do hair you would still go to that other person and pay them so why not pay me like I never understood that but it is what it is you're gonna have people that's like oh well I changed okay but I gotta change my life and they need to be paid so one because pay me with a I'm your cousin and I can't go to Cox like babe I can't go to a lot of people like that and I can't go to the energy people like that so I need my queen but need my money if any comment below how many people have actually put you to do their hair for free just focus just on the strength of you they know you a you know them let me know in the comments below please Marcy we want to take a poll today baby let me know in the comments below how many people have actually to do their hair and put break just because they know people don't want to discount because this weekend I'm not sure watch others fit in food my price is the same them at a world aging you got to go to okay when the issue wedding your birthday your anniversary your funeral whatever my price is still the same I don't know what no discount is I don't even know how to spell a discount and it that's real and then if it would like to be quite honest special occasion baby that that's a little bit more that's a little bit up there so you really don't want to know how much I want told you put a special occasion okay so all right France I hope you guys enjoy this first episode of conventions of a cosmetologist if you get it make sure you give this video a big thumbs up as well as comment down below on which is your favorite pearl and which is your favorite car and let's have a discussion down there okay also make sure you guys subscribe and hit the bell button right next to it so that way you get notified every time for this video I'm gonna try to get these confessions of maybe once a week I don't know Thursdays we'll see how it goes I'm a week go but I try to get it up once a week and if you had any other topics that you want to know about make sure that y'all leave it down in the comments below and like always I love you

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