Real VS Fake Huda Beauty Liquid Matte Lipsticks | How To Identify Fake Makeup

Real VS Fake Huda Beauty Liquid Matte Lipsticks | How To Identify Fake Makeup

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hi gorgeous people this is me Pankhurie and
welcome to style Talkies so today I will be doing something new something that I
have never tried before on this channel you see how the world is full of fakes
clothes bags watches cosmetics people so I’ve decided to start a new series
wherein I will be comparing a fake product to the real one and I will be
starting the series with huda beauty liquid matte lipstick as we all know
Nika has brought huda beauty to India but the fakes arrived much before the
originals could hit the market I’m sure that you must have seen many street
vendors selling fake huda beauty products and you can easily make out
that they are not the real deal earlier you could easily identify the fake ones
but now with who does growing popularity the manufacturers of the fake products
have really upped their game and their packaging is on fleek so it’s really
difficult to spot the difference between the two now you may feel that only the
products that are being sold on the streets are fake but let me tell you
that many popular Indian websites like Snapdeal Amazon flip card they’re all
selling fake products for dirt cheap prices I bought my huda beauty liquid
matte lipstick from mica in the shade cheerleader and I bought the fake one in
the same shade from snapdeal now the first difference is the price itself the
original is for rupees 1650 while I got the fake one for just rupees 300 but
beware because there are many sharks out there who will sell you the first copy
for the price of the original or even higher so if you do not want to get
duped continue watching this video when you hold both of them together they look
really similar but there are subtle differences which can help you identify
the fake one from the original now can you guys tell me which one is the fake
and which one is the original well this one is the fake and this one is the
original this I bought from mica and this is from Snapdeal now the first
difference is that the original comes with this plastic sheet covering it
while there is no such plastic sheet on the fake one as you can see this is
peeling out but this one it’s just a plastic case which holds the lipstick
while this one though it also has a plastic covering like the
make one but there is an extra plastic sheet covering it when you hold the
original in your hand you know that you’re holding a quality product the
cardboard is sturdy and so is the plastic while the fake it came like this
like totally battered I did not do this to it
it came like this it’s very shabby the plastic feels cheap and so does the
cardboard so yeah you can easily make out that this is not a one thousand six
hundred and fifty rupees product this looks like a 300 rupees product now both
the original and the fake have huda beauty written on one side of the
packaging but if you look at it carefully there’s a slight difference in
the font size this one is the original and this one is the fake now in the
original huda beauty is a little bigger in font size and here it’s slightly
smaller while liquid matte over here is written in a regular font while on the
fake one it is written in bold the other difference is that when you turn these
around like this you can see all the information at the back of the packaging
but when you turn the fake one around like this everything is written upside
down so you actually have to read it like this so that’s one difference which
can tell you whether you are picking up the original or if you’ve got the fake
one also the font at the back in the original is much bigger and neater while
in here on the fake one it’s very cramped it’s smaller than the original
and the information is also going to the side while in the original it ends right
here there’s nothing on the sides now the
barcodes are the same on the fake as well as the original there is no
difference whatsoever these days you can print just about anything on anything
it’s totally up to you but the symbols which are printed at the side of the
barcode they are different so here you have this period after opening symbol
and then you have this green dot over here while in the original you have the
green dot over here and then you have the best before symbol so yeah that’s a
difference which you can used to differentiate between the two
now when you look at the opening and the ending sides of the fake and the real
packaging they are very very different this one is the fake and this one is the
original as you can see the color is very different the fonts are very
different in here it’s very neat while this one is a disaster there’s also a
black band now if you turn it around you can see cheerleader again and
cheerleader is also written on this one but the colors are very very different
and so is the font so it’s the designing everything is different over here when
you look at the other side you will see social media details of huda beauty on
both the fake and the original but as I bought the original from Nika and they
have imported it you have all the importing and distributing details over
here it also mentions the expiry date and the date of manufacture and also the
MRP while there is no such thing on the fake one these two look like twins and
you really can’t tell them apart they both come in similar frosted glass
packaging they have black caps and there’s also space towards the end of
the tube earlier they used to say that if there’s no space then it means that
it is a fake huda beauty liquid matte lipstick but now they’ve copied this as
well so it has become really difficult to figure out whether you’ve got the
fake or the original now I’ll tell you the difference between the two in here
you have hooda beauty written in a smaller font while in the fake one you
have Buddha Beauty written in a much bigger and bolder font now if you look
at the tails of the two lipsticks the fake one has huda beauty icon printed
over it while if you look at the end of the original you have cheerleader along
with other details printed so do check the end of your lipstick before you buy
it the fragrance of the original huda beauty is very chocolaty while the fake
one it smells of chemicals both of them have a doe foot applicator but the fake
one is a thinner than the original color wise too
they are very different this is a lot lighter than the original now let me
swatch them for you so let us see if the dry matte or not the fake one has already dried matte
while the original is still slightly wet and I think it will take some more time
to dry out completely because it is slightly thicker in consistency than the
fake ones by the way I’m wearing cheerleader the original one on my lips
right now now let us try to remove the swatches using a makeup remover I’m
using the kaya beauty makeup remover to wipe off these swatches and let’s begin
so first I’m removing the fake one and taking a lot of effort over here and now
let’s try to remove the original so as you can see both of them eventually came
out but it was a lot easier to wipe off the original as compared to the fake one
but there wasn’t much of a difference I mean very slight difference there I hope
you found this video useful and if you did do let us know in the comment
section below and also give this video a big thumbs up also if you have a few
pointers to share as to how we can differentiate between the fake and the
original huda beauty liquid matte lipstick do let us know in the comment
section below so that’s all I have for you today till then you can follow me on
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these social media platforms until next time this is me Pankhurie signing off


  1. I've ordered Huda beauty pink edition lips sticks for 199 I'll check and update it's original or not 😁

  2. What will I do with diffrncs of the package nd all that,,,, not an usefull vdo!! U did not tell anythng about its quality of the product, like if the fake one harms your skin or if it looks bad nd all that! What will I do with the packing of the product????

  3. I bought this fake one for 120…It's soo long lasting and superb matte, i don't know if this is all bcs it's a fake product… But the truth I like itt…

  4. Hey i got huda beauty lipsticks of rs 50 from SADAR BAZAR Delhi but it is awesome.Smell is choclately as she told.So if it would be fake then sadar bazar must abandoned to sell this products.

  5. I think why we want confusions of fake and real . Both will affect our lips sooner or later so we can use lip balms if occasionally we can use the lipsticks 😜

  6. Who has so much time to examine like a CBI …Fonts…Size…. Alignment…. Package…Bla..Bla…Bla….No one has time to ask u r applying a rs 300 one or rs1600 one…real or fake …..Just wear n rock …

  7. Well the harsh truth is that using a fake one may make your lips a bit more darker as in skin tone I am talking about… Yet I know being a middle class girl… We usually go for Rs 300 or max 600… But its better to use maybelline liquid matte than to use a fake one… Its totally my opinion and I am not judging anyone.

  8. Makeup to fake fir bhi thik hain but fake people se kese bache unki to koi pehhan he nai hoti πŸ™„πŸ™„

  9. But huda products are not really available in India …talking about real one and more the real huda lipstick they contain more amount of caramine, lead etc which is all enough to spoil ur pink lips

  10. We can't afford the real one.. That's true.. The 1st copies are also nice… I use huda beauty.. N i m happy with this 😊

  11. Why is ur face painted so much u shud do a video : fake Pankhuri with painted face and original pankhuri with no make up

  12. i got the original one and i dont like the smell of the lipstick not really good as the other lipstick. smell's like chocolate w/iron πŸ˜€πŸ˜πŸ˜‚

  13. i got the original one and i dont like the smell of the lipstick not really good as the other lipstick. smell's like chocolate w/iron πŸ˜€πŸ˜πŸ˜‚


  15. I would say ,though fake one is affordable for some people ,u shade go n take some other but genuine brand which are affordable n that will not cause harm to ur lips, like IAmsterdam ,NY bae n if u really can't buy any matte lipstick then just put some compact powder on ur lipstick n make it matte , it won't give complete effects of matte lipstick ,but it will look like matte one 😊I have a beauty channel, do like n subscribe my channel

  16. I bought fake one couple of month ago and it stuck on lip it was burning so bad blood was coming out of my lips i had to go to the hospital it was a horrible experience i didn't know it was fake i bought from amazon i promess my self never bay beauty product or skin product online am even really scared of the real website i go only to sephora

  17. can I order this lipstick from flipkart is it good site plzz relpy plzz

  18. can I order this lipstick from flipkart is it good site plzz relpy plzz

  19. Fake things r dangerous for skin..
    Want cheap lipstick go for Elle 18 or Mableine..
    All are made of chemicals..but the fake one more nd more carries harmful chemicals…

  20. I also has a Huda beauty liquid matte lipstick but it is small in size but as told that real one smells chocolaty my product also smells the same so i am happy that i have a real one… thanks for this video it helped me a lot

  21. Thank you… This is very informative!!! ❀️ I would rather wear the real deal and support the creators of the brand. ❀️✌️🏽

  22. Last month, someone gift me that lipstick i thought that its the fake one but n now after using half of the quantity of this lipstick, I found its original

  23. I think I got the fake one made in China 😁😁😁😁 but it smells like choclaty and didn't dried early lipstick mein jyada chemicals nahi hone chahiye extended level se jyada bus lead chromium etc. Kya hudabeauty khud yeh rules follow krti hai gareeb janta ke liye fake ki theek hai

  24. What a beautiful channel .but no recent videos are in it.please do make videos .we need this.because contents are amazing.

  25. Maine v fake liya πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜”
    Mujhe iske bare m pta v nhi tha
    Lgane k baad lips or lipstick bhut dry ho jata h or easily remove v nhi hota .
    Thanku mam for this vdo

  26. No Matter What People Think..But I bought Fake Huda Beauty Matte Lipsticks Set,12 Different Shades In Just Rs.900πŸ˜‚..And All Those Are Just Wow,No Harmful,No Reactions πŸ€—

  27. original-dosent dry easily ,gets easily wiped off n burns a hole in ur pocket

    fake- dries matt instantly also not easy to wipe off n costs really less

    i bought 10 huda beauty lipsticks for 400rs n I'm pretty happy with them

  28. Babe nykka huda beauty are fake ….I bought it it's no way near to huda beauty …..come to Dubai mall and get genuine huda beauty…for Aed 105….

  29. I am from bhubaneswar odisha india a wholesaler of lyon beauty usa ans huda cosmetics…and i aprct huda is completely duplicate and have 3 copies are from mumbai raipur and kolkota…the copy from mumbai is so better…

  30. I bought ta fake one at just 100…. Bt it smells like chocolate…. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.. seems I bought original at cheap price.

  31. I got a huda lipstick in 100 and I'm satisfied with its result πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
    Also it is long lasting

  32. I got a fake one before I knew that Huda Beauty products were so expensive. But the fake one was not at all worth it; it's texture was paint-like and the pigmentation flaky.

  33. Agar ye fake products china ke phone ki tarah oppo vivo ban kar a gaye to kya hogaπŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”
    Shyad original products phir nokia ban jayege…
    Laws to sirf dekhne ke lie…
    Kya farak padata h agar market me fake products a rahe h,vo bhi online me.
    But still sabke paas ita paisa nahi h…
    I really wish china wale jita close to close copy kar sake huda ki… Paking ke sath quanlity me bhi..
    Taki sab afford kar sake…
    Especially tier 3city me…

  34. I too use cheap products but i never use duplicate products because they have no ingredients mentioned no safety nothing so better go for cheaper brands rather than buying duplicates, for example – blue Heaven, swiss beauty, etc and you can find original products on nykaa and purple don't go on Amazon or flipkart there you have risk of getting duplicate ones

  35. After seeing this….I feel that the fake one is actually better…πŸ˜…
    Bhai ek lipstick ke 1600 kon deta hai…itne mein toh mein aur 2, 3 shades le luπŸ˜…πŸ˜‚fake wale ke…aur mujhe koi problem nhi hai usse….who agrees?

  36. I never go for anything fake or whatsoever,i don't want these to harm me.. This video was helpful, love huda beauty lipsticks,they are my go to 😍

  37. Just buy an original and affordable brand if you can't afford Huda but NEVER buy fake products as they're made in Vietnam and China using alot of harmful chemicals which can make your lips darken and gradually wash out your lip moisture making it more cracked and thin. Chinese women prefer anything and they usually prefer thin lips besides that they regularly use alot of cheap makeup on their face. Their skin isn't as porcelain clean as you think. They're just good Shapeshifters and cosplayers. Big facts.

  38. Yes very useful
    Recently I saw lipstick of rs 150 of the same brand..
    So are they fake?
    Definitely they were selling without any packajing

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