Relationship With a Narcissist (English Subtitles) – العلاقة مع نرجسي

Relationship With a Narcissist (English Subtitles) – العلاقة مع نرجسي

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Hi everybody and welcome to my new video That I will be talking about Narcissistic Personality disorder Also known as “Najassi” in Arabic I’m going to tell you about my own experience with someone narcissistic And I’m going to tell you how to know it’s a narcissist and how to get out of it I’m going to tell you about a lot of things that I’ve learned And I will help you to get out from a toxic relationship like this A narcissist might not have had enough attention from his parents He was not taken care of very well so he starts to make different personalities to fit with diverse situations He lies a lot too, just to feel important One of the most important things for a narcissist is to feel important in the society And that people always look at them, they are constantly seeking attention He does whatever it takes to get the attention, with lies, fights, anything possible Because the attention feeds his ego Or his parents might have been very controlling when he was a kid So he starts lying A narcissist does not want to be responsible, he wants to take and never give There are many red flags that shows you that a person is a narcissist When you first go out with with a narcissist, you will find that he’s charming Knows how to talk and act to have you fall for them To later be able to manipulate you and get what they want from you And when you go out with him more, you will notice that he will take what you say Mirror it, to tell you how had exprienced the same things as you, so you feel that you have so much in common He takes a story you tell him and tells it to you in a very similar way only that he lived it too An example is, when I was living the US then decided to move to Tunisia And I moved, because I felt hat I didn’t have any purpose in the USA and wanted to live something new And I was then telling my narcissistic ex How I had finished my Bachelor’s and Master’s degree and worked there I felt I did everything I wanted to achieve there and wanted something new I had a great life, but I’m looking for something with purpose So he started to tell me how he felt the same things when living in Canada And that’s also why he moved to Tunisia Because he felt exactly the same things as me Turns out, he never graduated from Canada. He went there to just party, drink and do drugs And he never even graduated So he lied about everything to make me feel that we were so alike So that he gets you hooked, and make you feel that you were made for each other He does everything to make you feel alike So he mirrors everything you say But sometimes you will notice that he’s not consistent in his stories Today he likes apples, tomorrow he like potatoes He might say he likes something today, and say the opposite tomorrow Also, when you call him he will make up stories why he’s not answering his phone My phone was under water for 3 days, I was sleeping, my phone was closed These are all lies. He’s with some other girl and he is cheating on you He also thinks that he is the most important thing on Earth Everything has to be about him And he says “I love you” very early on And he makes you feel that you have to say it back even if it’s still early You have to reciprocate the love right away Otherwise, you have wronged him and don’t love him And he creates a problem out of it. He creates problems from nothing A narcissist lives a life in which he makes an image of himself to the world that’s not true He puts all the effort to lie in everything he does And in the end, he starts believing his lies He lies to you about his job. He always says that he’s the best worker in the world Lies about promotions, while he might not be doing anything at all He might be at home sleeping and doing nothing with his life This way he gives you the image that he is the best He always talks of how people are always jealous of him, becasue he’s better than them And people want to be like him And he always gossips And he acts like a girl Something that I always questioned was; why is he so sensitive? He always overreacted like a girl Even I don’t act like that He would act like the girl, reacting on what I say and do too much This is a red flag, be careful And a narcissist wants a girl that is wellspoken and educated Somebody that has status in the society Because they want her to be a perfect image to show off with A good picture that will add to the image he has built for himself in the society That he can add to his deceptive life If you’re the ideal picture of the perfect wife in his sense He will do all it takes to marry you He will bring his family in the picture, that will lie with him Because in the end he must come from a narcissistic family If he’s a narcissist, most likely his family is too They will lie, hide things and do everything to help him get what he wants for family image Don’t ever go to his mom, dad or any of his siblings and tell them your problems They will be on his side, lie to you so they get what they want He can be lying to you, make his family, friends and co-workers lie to you as well All his entourage can help him with the lie that he’s living He has put so much effort in manipulating you That he has calculated every step he takes He knows how to act around you and manipulate you He doesn’t take you to places he always goes to, and doesn’t want you to go there He doesn’t want you to make people that he might know He always wants to take you to places where the he can control the environment and who’s around He really doesn’t want you around his territory and it’s all carefully thought of on his side You feel that he’s hiding something When you feel that he’s not there or present when you talk to him Know that’s because he’s talking to other girls and doesn’t want to get caught Apart from being big liars Narcissists can never be loyal They’re cheaters, and they cheat all the time They cheat their friends, people that love them and of course their husband/wife They cheat on their partner because they always want to hear that they are amazing from other people They always want to make sure that they are relevant, and cheat to get attention Even when they sleep with someone else while married They do so only to get confirmation to feel grandiose and relevant To feed their ego to feel that they are important and get a bigger sense of self So they always cheat, lie and live in an illusion they have made up and believe And they want to feel that they are the best in the world Another thing you will find is that the narcissist will compare themselves to you And they will be jealous of you Yes, a man can be jealous of a woman or girl Because, inside he feels that he’s nothing In the end a narcissist is someone who feels they are nothing on the inside He has no confidence, and that’s why he does all this So that he feels important, since he feels he’s nothing He really feels that he’s nothing I’m a mechanical engineer and have worked and studied hard in the USA I’m thankful and I know for a fact that I succeded in my studies And succeded in many things in my life and I ‘m thankful for that And this is known among the people that know me and the society I live in This person that lied to me about graduating Which he never did, because he partied and went home He told me that it’s impossible for me to get a job because I don’t know how to work And that I’m stupid and don’t know anything While he is the smartest and have to direct me in everything I do in my life Because he knows everything Let’s give this a moment to process The person that you are in a relationship with and you think loves you Can be jealous of you, straight up jealous Jealous of your career, work, even if people like you Because he doesn’t like the attention to be on you Even when we go out and I would be talking, he takes over the conversation to talk himself He doesn’t like you to get any type of attention, he gets jealous of it He wants to take away your shine and make you feel bad about yourself He will tell you mean things everytime, to make you feel inferior, so that he can feel superior His whole life is messed up, and he never wants to do good for others Even of he did something good, it will be small compared to what he expects in return For him it’s always; what can I win from someone? Narcissists don’t have the ability to love and don’t have any mercy Their hearts are like stone, so they only look for what they can win from a person When the narcissist sees you sick, he runs away and never takes care of you He has nothing to win from you and doesn’t want to waste his time If you need his help in something, he’s gone If you want something from him, he’s gone You will only find him in the good times, when he needs something from you And when the narcissist gets married For him marriage is just to get better status He doesn’t care about you, or your family or his family For him the marriage is going to give him an even better image in the society he’s in Because for him everything is about image So he has pride in the marriage And pride of the wife, that he loves to show off He uses you as the woman that will raise his kids and take care of him And he will continue live his life like before The narcissist leaves his wife under extreme manipulation So she’s doesn’t go anywhere. And wants to get kids right away So she’s stuck with him forever He thinks that if he marries her and they get kids, then she will never leave With marriage and kids, now she is stuck and he can do whatever he wants He goes out with whoever he likes, he doesn’t help at home, always partying and coming home drunk He does whatever he wants because he thinks that you will never leave him Also, after you get married the true colors of the narcissist starts coming out Because you start living together with him You can start to see the things he used to hide before getting married You will start seeing that things he said before, are now totally opposite He used to say that he’s organized, now he’s not He used to tell you how he likes reading and learning, now he doesn’t like books He used to tell you how he wanted a good life with routine, he’s lying Everything he has told you before were all lies He made you live in an illusion that you believed And he keeps manipulationg you to still believe in that image and illusion he made up So that he can get what he wants from you Either he wants a clean and educated girl to show off with her Or he wants a woman that gives him what he wants And have on the side to party with her After the marriage the narcissist uses very mean and degrading words He can even hit you He will cheat on you and not even try to hide it anymore Because he thinks that with marriage and kids you will never leave him Also, he thinks that you will not leave him because of what society would think She will never get away from me, she’s a victim and everything is in my hands When you’re in a toxic relationship like this When you fight him, he will alyas make you the one that’s wrong Even if you have concrete reasons and show him evidence that are obvious He will turn everything around and make you look crazy That you’re not understanding anything and he’s the victim And that you wronged him You start doubting yourself because he makes it look so real, you get confused You start not believing things you see with your own eyes He has totally brainwashed you And you don’t understand. I was very innocent I hadn’t ever had a serious relationship before And hadn’t dated many guys at all So he easily manipulated me And I was really nice, so he thought I was stupid Same thing with his family, thinking I was stupid because I was nice Because I have manners and class There are things I wouldn’t say that are mean I was acting as I was dealing with and educated and concious person So they will use your niceness against you to get what they want Another thing is that he wants to reflect the things he does on you If he is talking to other girls and cheating on you He will reflect it on you like; why are you wearing short clothes? Why are people looking at you? Why do people talk to you? He doesn’t want you to have friends while he does whatever he wants While he goes out and talks to whoever he wants Another thing is that narcissists usually have some type of addiction Because they have a lot of emotions they want to repress They would be alcoholic, use weed, cocain Or sexaddict, he would sleep with anyone They have some type if not several addictions to hide their hate, jealousy and resentment And the person they hate the most is themselves And people like this do all this and hurt people Because on the inside, they’re not living at peace Their ego has taken over and they feel some kind of shame and inside guilt In the end, they are living a battle on the inside And what they are doing on the outside is a reflection of how they feel on the inside They don’t love anyone, they can’t love I remember, once my ex got drunk and he started to tell me about himself and things he went through And he was telling me how much he hates his family I was really chocked He even hated his grandma, that had raised him And his mom and dad were all bad, and his siblings too I thought, how can someone have so much hate inside of him And I never connected that if someone hated his family What would he think of me? How could he love me if he hates his family? So be careful, these are all red flags and there are many of them And he can make you live in a really good illusion I’m thankful to have ended it after 1 year For some people it takes 10, 20 or 30 years and have kids from these narcissists And will suffer for the rest of their lives If you have kids with a narcissist, know how to act around him Don’t get into too many arguments with them You will never beat him with his craziness He will just turn everything around and make you wrong There’s a quote by Einstein that says You will never win an agument with stupid, so ignore and move on So this is how it is to be in a relationship with narcissist Who ruins your life And then comes the time when you start awaking to his lies When you have enough things to understands what he is And he gets caught cheating and lying This is the worst thing that can happen to him He used to have a person that he controlled, you were his victim When he get’s caught and you now know who he really is, you have to leave Don’t tell him you plan or what you plan to do Less words, more action Be careful, because if you talk to him and tell him how he hurt you He will manipulate you with his words to try to take you back You have to leave and cut all the contacts with him Remove him from Instagram, Facebook, delete his number If needed, remove all your social media Do not contact him He will do everything to get back to you When I ended things with him, he started writing to me on Facebook and even on my YouTube page Like, dude I blocked you and blocked your number He then send his mom, dad and other family members to talk to me To then send people from my city that he knew to talk to me There’s no limit for this kind of person He wants to get to you so that he can go back to manipulating you And get from you what he wants Not because he loves you, he just wants to get revenge He wants to take revenge for you leaving him Because he feels that he is grandiose How can you be the one that leaves him? He has to be the one that breaks up with you, not the other way around And now you have started to win yourself back Go back to who you really are When you break up and start winning yourself back The best revenge you can ever do is Is to forget him He no longer exists You start a new life, where you go back to know yourself again You awaken and start loving the people that love you You go back to the person you were before you knew him And you have a new life Because if you think of him, he will always be in your life Even if he’s not physically there, he will be living in your mind Don’t let him live in your mind for even half a minute of your life He’s not worth it Be strong and know your worth, and have self-love Because you know what you deserve Don’t you ever, ever, ever spend one second thinking about him You know that when you break up and leave Know that he already have many other girls he was talking to while you were still together There’s no difference between you and somebody else They’re all the same for him For him you’re an object, like his phone or car Something he owns, and uses when he wants To satisfy his needs, or to do or help him with something So don’t you ever look back Or say, I wish I had changed something about myself Or that you’re wrong Don’t feel guilty about anything Only that you accepted his bullshit That you said, you know what. I’m gonna be with him and I’m gonna stand by his side Because you’re a loyal and good person Give the love and support you have to someone that deserves you To someone that sees your worth To someone that will his whole life appreciate you for who you are And in all of this, the thing that will hurt him the most from his point of view Is that you show his truth to the people Because he spent 30 or 40 years of his life Building an image for people that he’s perfect If you hit him at his weak spot, with the truth that he’s been hiding This will truly kill him But, you have to be better than him because you have manners and morals You don’t have to do something like this Because, there’s God And God will pay him back with all the bad things he did to you And in the end, someone like this is sick How can you blame a sick person? How can expect justice or an apology from someone sick like this? He will never admit that he wronged you No matter what he did to you He will never say “I’m sorry”, this is impossible for him So don’t sit around and wait for an apology Or that he will man up and do the right thing This is never going to happen, because he has no sense of responsibilty whatsoever Not with himself, nor with other people And he has no type of humanity, because his heart is like stone And he has no mercy, if he sees you fallen on the street He would walk by and leave you there Because they have no hearts, no kind of mercy God Says in the Koran, that they are blinded and deaf Despite having eyes and ears They’re neither awake or concious of their actions Their actions are evil And they keep doing the wrong thing The more bad things they do, the worse their life becomes The more blinded they are to their actions And when something bad happens, you awaken While the narcissist doesn’t, he keeps doing bad things And God blinds him even more Because he’s not a good person God doesn’t like the people that do bad thinigs and hurt others And God also say, “The good men are for the good women, and the bad men are the bad women” I think the best thing you can ever is to take care of yourself Forget what happened, but learn from it And have it as a lesson to help others But please, don’t waste any second to explain yourself Or explain to people or to him why you did what you did Why you left and started a new life Because you don’t have to explain anything to anyone You know that you’re right and God knows too You don’t have to explain anything There are men that are much better than that narcissist You put your worth as high as you can, because that’s where you’re supposed to be Please, please, please. To the boys and girls watching me Don’t ever let someone walk over you, or put you down Or lower your worth These narcissists wants to take away all the nice things in life They want you to live in a lie and an illusion to win something from you You’re so much better than that You deserve the best things in the World And you’re a great person, who deserves to live beautiful things Don’t let yourself be a victim of someone who’s already a victim of their own ego A person that’s unconcious of their own actions and doesn’t understand life Who wants to use you as way to hide his inner battles And you will never be able to change him I always thought he would change No, never. Their truth always comes out sooner or later He won’t change And you don’t have to suffer your whole life for his sake You’re free And you’re the most important thing in your life Value yourself 🙂 I hope this video could be to some help Don’t forget to like, subscribe and comment I love you a lot


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  2. I can totally relate to your story. I'm actually suffering in a similar 6 years toxic relationship with a narcissist 😣
    He was able to almost destroy all my self confidence 😥
    I'm struggling to find a way out, but it's not easy because I have a toddler.
    There were so many red flags and I was blind and hopeful that he'd "change"…
    I hope I'll be able to walk away soon because it's consuming me day after day 😔
    Boussa kbira and thanks for spreading awareness with such great videos you're making 😘

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