[Review] Benefit Cosmetic Products in Surprise Box | 使用 Lazada 开箱里的贝玲妃产品 |

[Review] Benefit Cosmetic Products in Surprise Box | 使用 Lazada 开箱里的贝玲妃产品 |

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Hello! We are People’s Connection! Today, there’s only me (YJ) because I am going to review on what we have unbox previously which is benefit surprise box I will use their primer, eyeliner and mascara so… Throughout the day, I will also review on how it goes I won’t talk much on primer because it helps to smoothen your skin for easy application of foundation (I guess) But you can stay tuned on eyeliner and mascara’s review Conceal all ma pimples! Other than the smell, the application is smooth~ I like Opps I didn’t know I’m blocking the camera with my mirror I always have problem to draw symmetrical eyeliner ): Looks good! Omg it bends! HAHAHA *blocking again* So far so good~ Let’s go work! There’s haze so I was wearing a mask out There’s a bit smudge because of the humidity I sweat I’m in the office! (With Jackson) Look at my eyes, not my nose (FYI) Hi~ so now it’s about 8 hours this is the result of our mascara and eyeliner Eyeliner is still very thick Just that the end is gone~ (smudged) I got some smudge over here *trying to focus on ma eyes* Smudge ): I’m not very sure if it’s from the mascara or eyeliner I’m back! I had ended my review Overall I feel… I wouldn’t use the mascara unless if I have no choice However, I like their eyeliner and I am using it currently Ok, just that I am using the mascara that I’ve been using previously which I like it a lot The reason why I want to film this video is because I want you guys to judge whether those surprise box products are worth it or not Please comment down below to let us know your opinion on the products or if I had made any mistake on using them or if there’s any feedback for us. Please remember to subscribe and turn on the bell for latest update! I shall see you in the next video, bye-bye!

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