Review sữa tắm kiêm sữa rửa mặt Eucerin pH5 Washlotion | Happy Skin

Review sữa tắm kiêm sữa rửa mặt Eucerin pH5 Washlotion | Happy Skin

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Hi everyone! It’s Emmi here Today i’ll review a product for face and body that I’ve used recently Since i really like it, i want o share with you guys immediately and i feel like this product is my wonderful discovery People who like 2 in 1 products or who are lazy and have sensitive skin need to watch this video Don’t forget to subscribe to Happy Skin and watch till the end of this video Because i have a big present for you guys at the end Okay no more spoiler. Let get started Review a 2 in 1 product for face and body Yes, you didn’t mishear. The product i’ll review today can be used as face cleanser and body wash You guys will be confused because we don’t use clean face with body wash and reverse, right? Why we shouldn’t use body wash for face and reverse? The thing i said is right The reason is face skin and body skin have different characteristics So using one product for these two type of skin isn’t encouraged Body skin is thicker, loses water less and ages slower than face skin So body washes usually focus on cleaning with lots of surfactants and have a high pH level Because of that, using body wash on face can unbalance the pH level and lack of moisture Your face will be dry, skin start peeling, easy to get acne and irritate According to a study published in the British Journal of Dermatology by Greg Hillebrand, patients with excessively alkaline levels (higher than 7) developed more fine lines and crow’s feet than those with balanced pH levels (between 4.5 and 5.5) By contrast, using face cleanser for body is also not encouraged because of two reasons First, in some cases face cleansers can’t deep cleanse body skin because they only contain extra-mild surfactants and make less foam and we don’t do double or triple cleansing for body because we don’t use any regular makeup remover and oil makeup remover before, right? Second, it’s very wasted Let do some simple calculation. Face cleansers cost between 100,000 and 300,000 VND for only 100-200ml. If we use face cleanser for body, i’ll be empty within a month On the other hand, body washes cost between 90,000 and 200,000 VND for 200-500ml which we can use for like 2-3 months So after all, i always use face cleanser and body wash separately to avoid damaging epidermis and skin barrier and of course, save money But life isn’t predictable who would know I’ll review the product that can be used for face and body today I’ve changed my mind after I’ve used it for a while because i really really like it Actually, using one product for both face and body isn’t completely impossible The problem is the ingredients in that product, Will they be mild enough for face? And today product is Eucerin pH5 for body and face washlotion I’m sure that you guys have heard about the brand Eucerin a lot Because lots of its products are sold at pharmacies, Guardian and Medicare Eucerin is a Dermo-Cosmetic brand from Germany which is famous because of their products for acne, melasma, age-aging and sensitive skin I was attracted to the word “Washlotion” when i saw this products the first time When i glanced at the packaging, i saw only the word so i though it was just a normal body lotion But then i saw the word “wash”, i released it was in-shower body lotion I also saw “for body and face” Connected all the words, this product is a daily-use face and body cleanser Generally, its properties and benefit sarouse my interest So i wanted to try immediately even though I’ve never ever used any products which are for both face and body Honestly it wasn’t too risky because the packaging was quite reliable to me and this product was also from the famous brand, Eucerin, so i didn’t worry to give this product a try It is quite liquidity and the smell isn’t too strong the foaming ability of the product is ok but still have enough foam for cleansing It feels very nice after making enough foam. It likes having a thin lotion layer I use this product every day and night after removing all my makeup carefully Actually, the cleansing ability of this product isn’t good enough compare with other face foam cleansers But it has enough foam for cleansing the skin particularly after we remove makeup carefully The importance is that the skin isn’t dry When it works as body wash, it’s the same because the foaming ability isn’t good as other body washes So after showering, we don’t feel our skin is super clean but our skin isn’t dry Personally, i don’t like the super clean feeling after washing my face or showering because the pH level will be unbalanced When i use this Eucerin pH washlotion, i can see the cleaning ability is just enough and my skin is still soft and smooth Overall, after using this to cleanse my face and shower, my skin feel very smooth and moist without being oily There is a thin layer which is very soft and it feels very nice But it’s just visual perception To evaluate if this product can maintain the balance pH level and moisture on the skin I’ll use moisture meter before and after using Eucerin And like what i feel, the result before and after are pretty different Before cleansing, the result is about 36 After cleansing, the result is about 49 Of course, moisture on the skin doesn’t depend only on cleansing products We still need continue to moisturize Overall, moisturizing ability of the product is very good Eucerin pH5 washlotion has very good ingredients sensitive skin The most prominent are three ingredient which have natural resource And they are proven that can activate, protect enzymes, recreate skin barriers, increase the moisture level and boost your immune system There’re pH5 Citrate Buffer, Castor Oil and Glycerin Castor Oil will your skin and calm irritated skin After that, glycerin, the infamous moisturizing ingredient, will maintain moisture level pH5 Citrate Buffer helps restore and stabilise skin’s natural pH and protection against irritations. Eucerin washlotion doesn’t contain strong surfactants It only contains 3 surfactants which are extra-mild and have natural resource They are also used in products for sensitive skin There are Sodium Cocoamphoacetate, Sodium Myreth Sulfate and Lauryl Glucoside In conclusion, this product doesn’t contain soap, colorants So it’s really safe for sensitive skin Some notes when using Eucerin Wash Lotion My first note for this product is “What skin types can use it?” Actually you can see on the packaging the words “Dry Sensitive skin” My skin type isn’t dry or sensitive either. It more like normal skin type But i really like using this since my skin doesn’t too dry or too oily after using If you have oily skin, this’s maybe not your best choice Because it doesn’t make you feel it can cleanse or wash every single pores like other foam products And if you have oil and sensitive skin and you cleanse or wash twice a day, you can combine this with other body washes or face cleansers to avoid drying your skin because of washing and cleansing too much People who have body acne need to use specialized products that can be inflammatory and destroy bacteria like what i’ve recommended on my body acne video After getting acne treatments, the skin will be dryer and more sensitive At that time, you can use this product for extra cleansing/washing and keep skin natural moisture barrier People who have super sensitive skin, before using on your body and face, you should test this product out to see if it’s safe by using the product on inner elbow a few times If you don’t feel any itchy or irritated, you can definitely use this product in case you see strange phenomenon, you should go to see dermatologist Can Eucerin Wash Lotion wash off sunscreen? Because it only has mild ingredients, hasn’t it? In my experience, I remove my makeup first, On the day i wear heavy makeup, i’ll do triple cleansing by using oil and liquid makeup remover and i still use this with my facial cleansing brush So I feel totally fine, my face is still very clean For body, to be honest I only apply sunscreen on my neck and a part of my arms I’m too lazy to apply on other parts of my body It’s just because i’m lazy It’s very good if you can apply on your body I’ll take sunscreen supplement and wear sun protective clothing for more protection In this case, i’ll use hand wash first before using my hand to cleanse my face When i use hand wash, i’ll rub up to my arm like this So my arms are quite clean And i use makeup remover to wash off sunscreen on my neck So when i shower, i still feel clean But if you use sunscreen on full of your body or when you go swimming or go to the beach especially physical sunscreen this product won’t wash off all the sunscreen like other foam products After all, if you want your skin healthy, along with deep cleansing, you need to balance the pH level and the moisture level Especially dry skin, i think you should add Eucerin to your routine If you want to improve the washing ability, you can use bath scrubber This product is also introduced that the most sensitive skin can use it So I decided to try this on my baby It’s pretty convenient when i shower and bath my baby After using for a week, Joy didn’t have any irritation or rash so i really like it Who have baby, you can buy a 200ml bottle to shower and bath you baby at the same time and you can use it to cleanse your face or you can cleanse your face and bath your baby Generally, one bottle can do 3 things. Super convenient In conclusion, 165,000 VND for 200ml and you can use on your face and body even your baby without causing dryness, uncomfortable and maintaining the pH and moisture level This product is a good deal, very good deal Especially for people who have dry sensitive and normal skin and want to maintain skin natural moisture barrier you definitely should give this one a try It’s also very convenient when you travel because you can use this as face cleanser and body wash But if you travel to very far places, you should use mild products like this one Since we can irritate the source of water and foods Okay Thanks for watching today video If you want me to review other products, you can comment down below and don’t forget to subscribe Happy Skin channel And join this week giveaways See you in my next video~ Muah~


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