Rich Lux, Petty Paige, & The Viewers Voice Gang Up on 600 Sub Channel Earf Muva | The Rewired Soul

Rich Lux, Petty Paige, & The Viewers Voice Gang Up on 600 Sub Channel Earf Muva | The Rewired Soul

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that’s right you didn’t read the title
incorrectly we have gigantic channels like rich lux and the viewers voice
going after a young woman who had only 600 subscribers so we’re gonna discuss
this we’re gonna discuss the community and make sure you stay tuned until the
end of this video because I’m actually going to defend Nick Snider of the
viewers voice just a little bit what is up everybody this is Chris from the
rewired soul where we talk about the problem but focus on the solution and if
you’re new to my channel what I try to do is take different topics going on in
the YouTube community to try to see what lessons we can pull from them to improve
our own mental and emotional well-being so if you’re into that stuff make sure
you subscribe and ring that notification bell and before we get started some of
you might be new some of you have seen my face around or seen some of the
videos made about me so I will address it is there some bias in this video
absolutely the people who I’m going to discuss in this video they have made
hate videos about me which led to me being cancelled a little bit earlier
this year but anyways if you want to learn more about that my new book
cancelled inside YouTube cancel culture it’s how I’m out I always look down the
description down in the pin comment below alright
hey anyways we need to talk about this so Earth Mother she’s a small Channel
she’s starting to gain a little bit of traction because she made a video
criticizing people like the viewers voice rich luxe Patti Page Ashlee Kyle
Dustin Bailey and things like that and we got to talk about that in a second
but there’s two main reasons two main reasons why I’m making this video the
first one is I hate hypocrites and something I’m constantly trying to do is
make sure that I’m not a hypocrite and I was given my book away for free for like
a month and a half so many of you have read it but in that book I discuss how
when I was going through this when I had all of these drama
doing a coordinated attack against me and ganging up on me
nobody was defending me alright so one of the reasons I’m doing this is because
I don’t want earth-mother to go through the exact same thing now don’t get me
wrong she’s she’s handling her own and definitely doesn’t need me defending her
all right but I am going to talk from a different point of view than the hate
mob that is coming after her because I see a shift happening and more people
are starting to catch on to this I’ve discussed it recently too the bias that
goes on in this drama and commentary community which is clear as day but
anyways the second reason the second reason I’m making this video is if I’m
being honest with you like when I got cancelled and seeing other people get
canceled I’ve been absolutely fascinated by human behavior just so fascinated
with how the internet responds to things how logic goes out the window
how hate mobs just start online I’ve been so intrigued with it that I’ve been
reading all of these books on social psychology crowd psychology all sorts of
stuff and I might do a video like my five favorite books on it like I’ve just
been plowing through books but a couple off the top of my head one of them I
just finished it’s called hive mind excellent book I’ll link these down in
description below next one is invisible influence that’s a great one another one
is the coddling of the American mind that’s a great one like there are so
many good books all right I’m currently reading a new book called the righteous
mind which is very good it talks a lot about moral psychology too so anyways
I’m loving it oh don’t let me forget so you’ve been publicly shamed by Jon
Ronson alright I’ll link all those down in the description below if you are
fascinated by like online hate mobs start reading these books with me it is
just mind-blowing so anyways what happened what happened Earth Mother 600
subscribers 600 now 600 thousand six hundred subscribers made a video being
critical of these dramas you know the same the same channels who
have made channels being critical of other people all right and since then a
Nick Schneider of the viewers voice he made a video response to it and rich Lux
popped off on Twitter and he ended up deleting his tweets but I’ll read that
to you in a second but anyways the first thing I want to discuss because again
I’m just fascinated by social psychology right now like how is nobody noticing
that people are punching down like that is something that we I thought we
collectively like as a society thought was bad right like when corporations are
stepping down on the middle and lower class right that is punching down right
like this is something that many people have been called out on so what I see
when I see these influencers with hundreds of thousands of subscribers
going after a young woman with now she has 800 subscribers and last time I
checked you only have like three point six thousand views on that video like
I’m like oh my god and the fact that the audience the audience of these drama
channels isn’t speaking up like yo that’s not cool like what are you going
after these people like like I hope you’re seeing that you know although
commentary channels and drama channels they kind of play the morality police on
YouTube they don’t really have all that many morals when it comes to who they go
after you know what I mean like I mentioned before like when this happened
to me all of them were making videos about me getting tens of thousands of
views right and even to this day I’m still smaller and I have bigger channels
who make hate videos about me and it’s just weird because that used to be
something that all of us were against and now we’re not I’m just confused
what’s happening tell us when this first went down rich Lux tweeted this out this
is my psycho stalker exposed the reason I have security
she is legit sick in the head you want attention on my blog you got it your
effing trash and in my opinion a racist get out of here and it’s it’s crazy
I’ve noticed this while watching different youtubers is they love to use
the word stalker all right like be mindful of the words that people use the
labels they try to put on people like rich Lux
it seems like he pulled this straight out of the Trisha Paytas playbook I
discussed this in a previous video as I watch it recognize behavior and this
behavior is pulling people a stalker and trying to push that whenever she doesn’t
like somebody all right and I saw this I saw this happening in the Spill video
she bought it instances of Trisha Paytas doing this to Nina unrated
to Daniel oh my god it’s it’s kind of just like to the point of almost like
borderline harassment just like constantly coming for ice it’s like if
it’s on Erasmus very stalkerish behavior it’s scary it’s like it’s scary when
Trisha Paytas doesn’t like people being critical of her she calls them a stalker
all right so to see rich Lux say this and the other thing that’s fascinating
about this is rich locks and other drama channels and even my own right a lot of
you know I’ve made multiple videos on the same person but different stories
and things like that right like for for earth-mother
to make I don’t know but like how many videos has rich Lux
made on people like Geoffrey star or Jacqueline Hill right or James Charles
you know what I mean like what if they said oh my god rich you’re the reason
that I have security there’s a new video out there by creative who I won’t name
but this person labeled me as a stalker even though they have multiple videos
about me and I made one response okay so I got I want you guys
to keep an eye on that all right and then Nick Schneider from the viewers
voice he made an entire video on this right like hundreds of thousands of
subscribers and he made an entire video response and like I said I’m gonna
defend Nick in just a little bit but I just don’t get what’s going on so again
like make sure you check down in the description below and check out earth
mothers video on this but she is just pointing out the very clear bias that’s
going on like we’re all biased the best thing we could do is just acknowledge it
try to keep it in check but we’re all gonna have our likes and dislikes we’re
all gonna like you know certain channels more than others certain influencers
other than others but anyways I’m also going to link down below a channel by
the name of Sarita explains it all so those of you who don’t know I’m
half-black hi look anyways Sarita and Earth Mother they they’re
bringing up conversations that I haven’t seen people discussed which is the topic
of you know no black women or even black men in this kind of beauty community
right so I’ve been loving watching their content and kind of learning more about
this and understanding it a little bit more so I highly recommend you guys go
check them out go subscribe go follow them over on Instagram and Twitter and
things like that too I’ll link them down below but anyways last thing I want to
discuss is this so with Nick Snyder of the viewers voice I’ve been watching him
from afar and like I feel bad like I feel bad man he’s he’s opened up and
discussed you know his struggles with alcoholism and trying to stay sober he
discussed a little slip-up it’s awesome that he has a supportive community but
as many of you know I’ve been cleaning sober for seven years like I can relate
I can relate and when I first got sober like I was Restless irritable and
discontent and anything would set me off and that’s one of the reasons like I’ve
had to work so hard on myself now don’t get me wrong
I still have work to do but it’s much different than where I was
seven years ago so when watching Nick’s response video
to earth lava like I did what he’s saying
like I’ve talked about this in a few videos recently people bringing up our
past or things like that or even what we’re currently struggling with like I
get that kind of you know that kind of stings like I’ve mentioned this with
many people in the public spotlight I can’t imagine having a massive following
and trying to stay sober with that many eyes on you like I felt judged enough by
my friends and family and strangers in 12-step meetings so trying to stay sober
in front of hundreds of thousands of people like I can’t imagine that type of
pressure but I I hope the best for him on that journey you know what I mean but
you know as we grow and things like that I obviously can’t speak for Nick I could
just speak for myself but as I I’ve grown in thing it’s like I’ve learned to
let certain things slide when I do get upset like old Chris still
pops out every now and then and then I try to you know make amends where I can
I try to adjust that behavior where I can if things like that but anyways like
at the end of the day here’s a thing like we need more people talking about
this stuff like and just like having conversations like this isn’t like a
huge deal I I’m hoping that audiences from all these people aren’t going and
attacking people even though I kind of have seen that they already are like
like we can be critical of each other like this is something I’m just trying
to get through to everybody we can be critical of each other we can talk and
like say hey I don’t like this about this creator out there or whatever like
that’s cool it doesn’t mean we hate that person like I don’t hate anybody anybody
I’ve talked about anybody who’s made videos about me I do not hate them do I
just like them yeah alright but it doesn’t mean I hate them so for anybody
in the community to go and attack people is absolutely ridiculous like we need to
work towards having home rational conversations because
here’s the thing at the end of the day at the end of the day like I’ve heard
like people saying like you know the you know influencers are paying off these
drama channels I don’t think that’s the case or not but right now the currency
is Klout all right so like it’s just natural we see this all the time
throughout the community once commentary or drama channels meet an influencer
their opinions change alright and that’s for a variety of reasons I don’t think
it’s necessarily bad because when there’s that disconnect that person
might not even be you know human to you they’re just they’re just an influencer
right but then you meet them and you’re like oh wow they they’re human like me
they just make mistakes so I’m not saying it’s bad but just realize that
you know bias does exist obviously I’m gonna be defensive of my son I’m gonna
be defensive of my family of my friends right so it’s just like just acknowledge
that it’s happening and just understand when you’re watching these channels make
videos and sharing their opinion just know that there is some bias behind it
and that’s why you the viewer needs to be an independent thinker okay anyways
don’t forget down the description down to the pin comment below go check out
earth-mother as well as Sarita explains it all I will link their videos a
channel down below I’m not sure which one I’ll do yet alright anyways if you
like this video please give it a thumbs up if you’re new make sure you subscribe
and ring that notification bell and a huge huge thank you to everybody who
supports the channel over on patreon who everybody who supports the channel bye
bye much like this cool rewired soul shirt all my books and all that kind of
stuff you’re all amazing alright thanks again for watching I’ll see you next


  1. Earf Muva vid:

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  2. LOL. I must laugh just a little! When I watched his video, I literally made a comment: stating that it sounded like a video that 'Rewired Soul' would make & I asked if it was you. omgoodness & then you make this video… Earf Muva…
    oK. She came at them with her commentary & of course they are going to defend themselves. Just like you do, Rewired Soul. So, I am not even going to listen to your video.

  3. This seem like a pr stunt on her size because if she get these bigger youtubers to mske videos about her it bring more people to her channel!

  4. Thank you for speaking out Chris! I’m aloud to have my opinion just like they are. People don’t like when black women state their opinions outside of the bounds of the respectability politics they want to keep us in and that’s just not me anymore 🤷🏽‍♀️ let em talk.

  5. Thanks for showing me this video! I applauded her for that video! I feel like what she said about the drama channels is spot on and people have been saying what she said behind their backs and to their comments

  6. I think it really sux bcuz these people who do these drama channels are fragile or have something going on and jstar knows how to play with em.

  7. I’m so sick of these trash ass drama channels. They’re all disgustingly biased and paid off by he who shall not be named. They love ganging up on and attacking people. They’re a bunch of bullies who act like high school mean girls. It’s pathetic.

  8. Chris, I feel Earf Muva hit below the belt in her video. Those channels are comedic and light hearted, especially Rich Lux.

    Earf is of course allowed to express her opinion, and I am allowed to be repelled by the things she brought up about them, and the toxic attitude by which she expressed said opinions.

    Disparaging Rich, calling him a racist, and saying he wants to drive the slave boat? Disgusting.

    I will defend those content creators with all my might, just as I defended you when the mob was trying to cancel you and your channel.

  9. I don't even like Trish or the drama channels. Why is this even recommended. You're still ridiculous and a huge hypocrite. Enable your likes/dislikes & allow people to be bias about how they feel about your stupidity of a channel.

  10. You obvs didn't see my video. Go home unqualified Dr Phil. We don't need more gummies like you in this industry. You went after everyone. Well it's time for my video on you as well.

  11. Im disappointed on how u defend her. She literally a drama channel too. She even criticize tati in her old video. Cant drama channels defend theirselves for this just bcoz her channel small..?

  12. Dude you need to do better research, because I really think you think you really missed the boat with this one. What she is doing at the very least is race-baiting and trying to pass off hate speech as her
    " opinion" she is deliberately out to hurt people, and that's a fact if you watch her videos. She always bring race into it. I know she's young (23is) but mentally she comes off as a very young immature teen. Who is jealous and desperately grasping for any attention she can get. I also suspect Someone has hurt her hens the attention seeking behavior. That's just my opinion.

  13. Doesn’t surprise me that you would try to insert yourself in ANY situation to try to get views/clout, which will fail. Go write another “book” (yes I read it, thus, I use the word loosely) where you play a victim throughout, not taking ANY responsibility for your vile, disgusting behaviors or for the people you hurt.
    The high you are feeling from this video is temporary and you will crash, like always. You talk the talk but don’t want to do the work. You’re so transparent. This girl is not bright enough or doesn’t care that you’re using her/her situation for your own gain.
    You both are similar in that you take zero responsibility for horrible behavior.

  14. The drama community are not supposed to be without bias. They give their own opinions on things which will always come from a place of bias. All our opinions do. I hate the idea they're wrong or bad for sharing their opinions. They had a right to clap back. Just like she had a right (and a huge point ) in her video. She was really on point but her delivery was wrong. She was hateful and it wasn't necessary to get the point across.

  15. drama channels: James Charros is a predator and a pe*ofile
    Sheeps: "wow so comedic and informative"

    black women give her option about YouTube ethic
    Sheeps: "She is clown and a bully"

  16. I want to apologize to you Soul cuz that time when Trisha and the drama channels came against you I believe them. I was really brainwashed. When the Tati drama and the Nicko Avocado drama happened I opened my eyes. You were always right. Keep building this commentary channels!

  17. I am writing and listening and just want to let you know i have been with you a while now. Chris this "young woman" hit below the belt. You could tell she was jealous. She mentioned Rich and his collab and also how he is ashamed of his ethnicity. How does she know how he feels? The things she said about Petty page was horrible. Super disappointed in this one. This girl does NOT just point out the bias she is mean and cruel. May e if she talked about how you are ashamed of your black side you would be si ging a different tune?!

  18. It’s quite obvious, the hate mob of YouTube channels are in your comment sections. Don’t relent or stop your moral content on what is good. Those channels are 🗑

  19. You are garbage and so is “earf”. Maybe learn the difference between ganging up and calling someone out. Also, hiding likes and dislikes? Not fooling anyone, we know your video has all dislikes

  20. I was truly disgusted by many of these DC after this video and seeing how they reacted and sent hate toward this lady. I dont agree with everything she said, but she did make valid points on that community. Their true colors came to light.

  21. I watch every single video that Rich Lux posts and I haven't seen him talk about this girl or you either Chris. Am I missing something? As for the others, I really wouldnt know because I dont watch them.

  22. That earf girl is a clout chaser.
    Rich luxx is battery acids thrower's bootlicker.
    That blonde guy with cocaina written all over his forehead is definitely not an angel.
    Now petty paige is the only one that i didn't have any problem watching.

  23. You and Earf are both the problems Chris, you never see it til your too late. sigh she attacked a MOTHERS CHILD. NONE OF THATS OK.

  24. Chris, who cares about the num of subs, are we not all human? She def went after paiges color AND CHILD. But thats ok, cause poor Earf.. pathetic. I really use to enjoy your channel man… i really did. You just continuously let us all down. And no babes, no.. trish said that because the amount you claimed to know and clearly how you watched her channel for any bit of juicy ness. Thats what stalkers do. From someone who dealt with a real stalker for 8 yrs (see my last vid) i can tell ya. You have the makins of one. Im done. Plz just stop , we all know ya need the views. But grow up- get over yourself. You were cancelled for good reason. Cuz your a SNAKE.

  25. This colorist chick wasn't "ganged up" on. She's being rightly called out by damn near everyone and their mother for her vile shit she spewed.

  26. She is getting back what she put out there. Calling Rich an ass kisser of the whites is absolutely ridiculous. Just like everyone else they can decide who to talk about or not. So they dont like Jackie , neither do I. And I defended you several times.

  27. I understand the whole bias argument. BUT when you have to name call and hit below the belt like a child the the opinion is null and void. She could have had a great video with good points but her immaturity ruined it.

  28. Woooow…..did you even watch thst woman's video? She is one of the nastiest most hateful persons I've ever seen here on YouTube. She is SO BITTER and your biased is blinding you Chris. SHE came for them…..they are not allowed to defend themselves….she drew first blood

  29. I love that she made that video! I thought it was great and of course the drama channels hate it because she's speaking truth lol finally someone who has no relationship with them said something. Now I'm sure they will all attack her just like they did you. Such a shame

  30. I went and watched her video after watching this. That girl needs to stay in her lane. She got a lot of things wrong and and I don't even like most of the drama channels. She got a view from me, but I won't watch anything else from her. 100% agree with hive mind and mob mentality though, fans need to stop being sheeple. The number of subscribers she has shouldn't matter, she went after them first.

  31. What's funny is they make commentary videos on ppl every day, and that's all fine. They clown on ppl on Twitter all day, and that's all fine, but this woman makes a video on THEM, and it's all hell breaking loose on her. It's bullshit.

  32. Those drama channels love to write their own narrative and make themselves the victims. It's so blatantly obvious. They've adopted dog whistle techniques to get their followers to do their dirty work.

  33. Ok so help me understand… So its fine for gabbie hanna to clap back at 1 girl that had no platform for 1 snarky comment but this women who comes for them and their character and basically calls them racist but no its not ok to defend yourself man hypocrisy doesnt look good on you

  34. She asked for it, You actually defending her makes me think that you are like her obviously you agree with her content in the way she spoke about Paige and Paige his child and innocent baby so dude I’m unsubbed sorry

  35. No, you're a wolf in sheeps clothing. You take pitty on people who get "cancelled' who are thrown out for GOOD reason. You're only doing this for your own manipulative gain. For revenge. James charles? Main audience young teens and children yet posts adult content yet you defend him. These drama channels are news reporters, people have a voice, they use the internet to use their voice. If you don't like people having an opinion… get off the internet. This woman "earf muva" has posted disgusting content about Paige. Did you see her break down on her live? No? Yes? Do you care? No. Yeah thought so. God complex? No. Narcissist. She got it wrong. You don't deserve that title. Full blown narcissist. And if you feel tempted to respond to me, don't bother.

  36. Wait… is this title clickbait? Because I know what went down, and I just don’t see how anyone could objectively believe that they had no right to respond after what she said.

  37. “Hate mob coming after her”
    Really? One thing that people like you need to understand is that when a single person puts out a very disliked and openly judgmental PUBLIC opinion, those who are not judgmental assholes are going to respond in a very negative fashion. These influencers with thousands of subscribers are simply defending themselves against a rude and jealous bitch who wanted to call these people out like she’s got a vendetta against them. If you truly watched her video and approve of what she said, then you are judgmental trash as well. People like you and her are the cause of many of society’s problems. Make an attempt to be a better person and stop standing by someone with an attitude like hers. She’s classless and so are those who support her. You dislike clout, but your reaching for it.

  38. See the reason why I am offended by earf muva because being a black woman myself, people treated me like I wasn't black enough. And I felt Petty Paige hard. We are all part of the black community. Including biracial people. I mean yeah some biracial people identify as white because they are white passing but I still think black is part of their heritage. And I don't think it is right to strip that away from anyone.

  39. No offense but why didn't you look at Petty Paige's video. She seemed pretty hurt and distraught by this video. You never ever tell another black person, they are not black enough.

  40. TRS: "Oh look, a chance for me to interject myself into drama that has zero to do with me and get in on that clout!" jumps in balls deep… 🙄👏😑

  41. This dude is so dumb and needs to some serious soul searching and research for once in his damn life. Second video, still not subscribing to this BS! Nah, you cancel yourself hun. Bye

  42. Soooooo have you accepted that you’re a drama channel too or are we gonna hide behind being this unbiased moral gatekeeper?
    Cause you’re shady af talking about a community you have issues with BUT HERE WE ARE , WATCHING YOU COVER DRAMA, FOR NO REASON.

    Literally, you seem like you need some attention, get a puppy

  43. What are you even talking about? This was more than an opinion about bias. It was pure hate. If you're going to spew hate be prepared for the consequences. She easily could've shared why she believes there's bias in the drama community without the personal attacks

  44. I’ve noticed a lot of internet outrage is just people wanting to be apart of something because they don’t want to be left out the fomo kicks in

  45. What does the channel size have to do with anything?? If a person is being malicious and plain mean what does it matter how many subscribers they have? Do these people not have a right to defend themselves?? And to you directly Chris, you need to humble yourself. I've seen so many people in recovery get caught up in negativity and forget where they came from. It leads to relapse every single time. Maybe get off the internet and focus on your own recovery. Just a suggestion. Good luck

  46. “Nobody came for my defense” uhm maybe because you’re in the wrong… ever thought of that?? And there’s a difference between being critical than being plain spiteful (that’s what she is? If you can’t understand that… well what can I tell you… 🤷🏻‍♀️

  47. "When this happened to me, all of them were making videos about me". You seem… personally invested.
    If I didn't know any better, I'd say you're maybe a tad bitter, and therefore biased.

  48. I subscribed to u just because petty Paige and smoky glow don’t like you and the bs they are pulling on earf muva plus their tone deafness and willful ignorance on race, racism, and such is really freaking annoying.

  49. Again, like every vid on this topic, a bunch of white ppl who don’t WANT to understand how race underlines just about everything in the US. It’s all “race cards” and “race baiting” and “they” are just complaining about everything. And “they” should be grateful that white people are giving them any attention.

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