Rubelli Beauty V-Line

Rubelli Beauty V-Line

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how the house soul first of before I make this beauty review I would like say sorry for my voice Coz I have a bit of flu and last night we’ve been drinking because of my friend’s wedding and of course to celebrate the come back of an old friend who just came back from HONG KONG to have his one day vacation here in the Philippines well this beauty review is all about small face, how to have small face and how to get small face without using any makeup. So if you have this big face or round face shape Girls, beauty for us is a no no well if you are going to base it on being beautiful o in some Asian countries like Korea, japan Thailand, Singapore, China, Taiwan or even the Philippines. Well Tnx to Korean celebrities and K-Pop stars who started it all. V-Line faces are so in demand everywhere here in Asia. So what’s their secret? I don’t know maybe jaw surgery but you can find an alternative way to have that V-line face without getting any surgeries right? Well first, you can do RF treatments or slimming products for the face Today I would like to share to you my favorite product to have that V-line face or small face So its the Rubelli Beauty V-line face and this is the product see, if you can see the box is divided into two the number one and the number two and number one it says that V-line sheets and the second is the neoprene belt. On the other side its a picture of a girl demonstrating how to use this V-line sheets Each box has 7 facial mask or a chin mask and its says that its a self heating, intensive nutrition and moisturizing product this is a facial belt that you are going to use after the chin mask So before I proceed to the actual using of this product I would like to share some or a little background with Rubelli. Well rubelli is quite popular in KOREA because I’ve searched it online and a lot of korean girls are using it. and its says that it will definitely reduces your thick chin and reshape your facial contours Using a makeup remover wipes on the part where in I will place the chin mask. make sure to remove it well so that it wont stain in your neoprene belt Use bobby pins to hold the hair. This will secure the hair so that you can use the neoprene belt neatly and tightly Time to use the chin mask. Like the other facial mask this is also soaked with nutrients. The Rubelli V-line Face mask sheet contains an active ingredient called Corum9235 that gives a warming sensation when it is applied on the skin Once you open it, you can easily see the V shape part in the sheet place it just below your lower lip Then use the neoprene belt Can you see the two folded llines
That will be your guide place it just below the lower lip again, to cover the chin mask pull the band or belt as far as you can until you can feel the tightness on yur face adjusting the belt for the ears I don’t know if you can understand me but just want to say that the mask is really working coz I can feel a heat inside. Okay i’ll stop talking now coz the mask is moving. Hope you like my review and pls check my blogsite. I will post the link below Hope you guys like my video and I’ll see you soon, mwah bye bye


  1. I have a square jaw, can this help me achieve a more pointier chin? or its only for making your face cheeks look slimmer?

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