Runway of Dreams Foundation: A Short

Runway of Dreams Foundation: A Short

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When I grow up I want to
be a singer and a dancer. I’m funny. I’m friendly. I’m kind, at least,
that’s what I think. I am a funny, loving kid
who likes to tell jokes and I have a lot of friends. My daughter Gianna. She is happy. She’s outgoing. She enjoys life and takes
in every single moment like no other. She’s 6 and 1/2, and she was
born missing her left forearm and hand. What we deal with
with Liam, he has something called spinal
muscular atrophy, which is a neuromuscular disease. So in Liam’s situation, he
needs to use a power chair. He cannot walk. And all he wants to do is
just be one of the kids, because he is just
one of the kids. Mary’s a confident,
energetic, open person, who just brings her personality
into everything that she does. For us and for a
lot of families, it’s very hard to find clothes
that fit certain body types. When I grow up, I
want to be a teacher. With Lily, because of how
her lower extremities are, stretchy leggings are
about the only thing that she’s able to wear. Putting jeans on, you
can forget about it. It just takes way,
way, way too long. My name is Mindy Scheier. I am the founder of
Runway of Dreams. I’m a fashion designer
by trade, and the mom of three beautiful children. My middle son, Oliver,
was born with a rare form of muscular dystrophy. And one day he came home
from school and said, mom, my friends are wearing
jeans to school tomorrow. I’m going to wear
jeans with them, OK? And it was the first time
that I had to really make a choice of do I let him go
into school wearing jeans that he wouldn’t be able to
go to the bathroom on his own, he wouldn’t be able
to wear leg braces? Or do I say to him,
I’m so sorry honey, you can’t dress
like the other kids and you can’t wear
what they wear? And that was really
my inspiration of starting Runway
of Dreams, because I didn’t want anybody else to
have to make a choice like that. Runway of dreams is
able to really fine tune three different categories that
were affected across the board. The first one being
the closures used. The second was having the
ability to adjust the clothing. And the third was
having alternate ways to get in and out
of the clothing. So what Runway of
Dreams is doing is that it’s allowing
Liam to be one of the kids and be just like them. I’m Dr. Danielle Sheypuk. I’m a licensed
clinical psychologist. I was born with my disability,
spinal muscular atrophy. So this is just how it’s
been from the start. And you take what
you’ve been given, and then you navigate the world. So that’s the great
part of Runway of Dreams because it’s helping
us navigate the world, making it a little bit easier. My name is Ronnie Ellen Raymond. I started my own brokerage
firm when I was 32 years old. I was diagnosed with
MS when I was 35. Everything is a
struggle– everything. Brushing your teeth, combing
your hair, getting dressed. I can’t do those things
by myself anymore. I am Jillian Mercado, and
I am an editor and model. I never grew up knowing
I had any disability, because my mom never
treated me at all different. It’s very hard to explain,
but my chair is part of me. It’s a part of my body
as my legs and my arms. I don’t feel any different
when I have one arm. When people stare at you,
you just go up and say, are you staring at my arm? Because I was born like that. Runway of Dreams
is at the forefront of a revolution that’s
starting to happen, that will happen
and change the way we look at disability in
this country in a really positive way. Why has nobody done this before? Because our culture has never
been more ready for something like this to happen than now. I don’t want to ever
have that question again, why hasn’t anybody
ever done it before, because finally we’re doing it. And now we even have
Parsons Designer of the Year, Lucy Jones, who was
recognized for her seated body design, on board as
our creative director to take us even further. I’m Eric LeGrand. I’m a former Rutgers
football player who was paralyzed
on October 16, 2010. And I’m a motivational
speaker, a sports broadcaster, and all around believer of life. Eric is a very positive,
outgoing person. And he just wants to
make everybody happy. He wants to make people smile. That’s Eric. He likes to be fashionable. He wants to look good. To have other designers come on
board to design adult clothing and make it adaptable,
not only will it help people who are actually
wearing the clothes, it will help people like me
who are putting on the clothes. It’s amazing. Keep on dreaming and
keep on believing. I think it can make a
difference because people will know that it is time
for the world to change and the world to see
that we are all equal. Because I just want to feel
as normal and as non-different as I can. Because I just want to fit in. I really wish that when I go
into a room people look at me and think, wow, she’s
dressed really beautifully. Now I believe it will
happen in my lifetime. Adaptive clothing
will absolutely be that next
department that we are going to see in our
stores and our society as something that becomes
very much a mainstream notion. I won’t stop until it happens.


  1. This is wonderful!!! My 17-year-old daughter Noel has Spinal Muscular Atrophy Type 3 and is also a model. Thank you from both of us!
    Here is her photography modelling page:

  2. Crying happy tears watching these inspirational and beautiful people talking about how they feel about their difference! Through my seven year old amputee son Rio, I can relate – through his life experiences – so much to what they said! I can't wait to show him this wonderful video when he gets home from school today! Keep up the great work Runway of Dreams – you are breaking down barriers and leading the crusade for fashion equality for differently-abled people! #RunwayofDreams #FashionForAll #Inclusion

  3. Wonderful concept. Wish I could have found decent clothing for my husband, who had peritoneal dialysis for kidney failure. The fluid put into his peritoneum would expand his stomach for while and then his belly would go down- I could not find pants that would fit for more than a day at a time. So he had several wardrobes, none of which looked nice. Elastic waistband on dress pants??? Thanks for listening.

  4. This is a beautiful celebration of diversity. We need to embrace our differences & what makes us unique. Let's just be our best sparkling selves.

  5. Fantastic video! Is it possible to put captions on this that aren't auto-generated? I want to share this with my Deaf friends.

    Hopefully adaptive clothing will become mainstream very soon.

  6. Words can't express what this means to a mother with two special needs children. A mother who struggles everyday to help her little kids get dressed because they want to do it themselves but they just can't. I want to be a part of this. The tears won't stop. I haven't been this moved in a very very long time. Sometimes people take for granted little things like getting dressed each day. I hope this reaches people who can make this an ultimate reality. Who can get these clothes in the hands of the families who need them most. Let's find a way to change the world of design!!

  7. Can we get an adaptable shoe line next? I was born with two club feet and I just want one cute pair of flats for the summertime 🙁

  8. thank you, Mindy! this is fabulous. I wholeheartedly support this concept as there is such a need. My daughter was born with hearing loss, and although she is not affected with mobility issues, there are challenges of a different kind that we've had to embrace. Everyone should be considered valued and equal, no matter what body they are given. All my best, PortaPocketGal (my signature line includes the name of my other 'child'… a little carrying case system that has helped disabled people make their daily lives easier by allowing them to hands-free carry things they need. perhaps it might be a helpful tool for your audience to know? xoxo)

  9. Since I was born missing all fingers and the majority of the palm on my left hand I've always had trouble doing stuff like dragging up zipper, buttoning my shirts or even something as simple as dragging up my right arm sleeve.
    I can't explain how thankful I am for this.

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