Saga Spirit of Discovery Suite, Balcony, Single and Deluxe Cabin Tours

Saga Spirit of Discovery Suite, Balcony, Single and Deluxe Cabin Tours

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Ahoy cruises. Let’s take a look at four different cabins on
Saga’s Spirit of Discovery. An all balcony ship. The first cabin is a midship suite with balcony. These cabins are huge with up to 730
square metres of space. There’s a dining area, living area
and separate bedroom. We found these cabins to be modern, clean, yet sophisticated. There’s a bar and fridge. As well as a kettle and
Nespresso coffee machine. Let’s head into the bedroom. The bed is gigantic. With a firm mattress. It was super comfortable. The room even comes with a butler. There’s UK plug sockets. As well as European plug sockets. There’s a walk-in wardrobe just off the bedroom with the loads of space and a safe. The bathroom is large with a huge shower
twin sinks and a bathtub. There’s a separate toilet room which
leads back to the main living room. The balcony is huge with a door to the
living room and bedroom. The furniture is premium and very comfortable. We were so lucky to stay in this cabin
for two nights. it really was perfect. The next cabin is a standard balcony
cabin. The bed can be separated to be twin beds
or joined together to make a queen bed. The cabins are still big
with 245 square feet of space. Once again they are designed beautifully. There’s comfortable seating areas. As well as plenty of storage. We found the bathroom to be much larger
than most other cruise lines. There’s a shower, plenty of storage space and premium products. Next up we have a standard single with balcony. What struck us was the size of the room. It’s impressive for one person and it has everything you would expect in a regular balcony cabin. This cabin is a twin deluxe
with balcony. Offering much more space than a regular balcony cabin. They’re also located higher up on the ship offering better views. There’s bags of storage space and even a
walk-in wardrobe. The bathroom is the same size as a
regular cabin. If you liked this video and you want to see more of them. Please support us on Patreon and in return you get lots of rewards. We have to say we were super impressed with the cabins. It really is hard to find anything negative
about them. Don’t forget to subscribe and hit that bell button. We have so much great content coming up. Until next time. Happy cruising!


  1. What amazing looking cabins.
    Have only been on one cruise so far, but your Atlantic crossing looks like a serious contender for my next one.

  2. Hello Ben and David, nice video, looking forward to your next transatlantic video though. You’re a source of inspiration for my husband, who today uploaded his first video with tips for Spanish-speaking cruisers. Would you be so kind to take a look at it and tell me your honest opinion? Here is the link Thanks in advance

  3. It freaked me out a little when you were touring the bathroom and I heard a shower running. I felt like I was about to walk in on someone! LOL

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