Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips

Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips

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everybody welcome back to my channel so
today’s video is another nail review I wish I could do a demo but I can’t and
you’ll see why in a minute but anyway if you’re excited to see this video then
please keep on watching go ahead and hit that notification about I upload a video
every single day of the week and I don’t want you to miss any so this week it is
on the Sally Hansen salon effects real nail polish strips I have four different
styles okay so these nail polish strips are amazing they are made with real nail
polish when you open them up they smell like nail polish okay
the reason why I can’t do a demo is because my nails are really short right
now and with nail polish strips you do have to have a little bit of a tip to
wrap the strip around for it to stay so anyway so I have this one and this one
is called heartbreaker it’s a really really cute white base with heart and
skull and crossbones I have this one and this one is called horse around it’s a
cute zebra print and then tack too much really really cute and then this one is
called disco Queen okay so inside the box it is going to be two packs of nail
strips okay so they come toiled packed okay sorry that’s blinding people okay
and then you also get this little pack and it has like an orange stick and a
file so basically what you do is just like a regular nail strip nail polish
strip is you just need to make sure your nails are clean
there’s no lotion or anything no residue and then you’re going to apply the nail
polish strip and smooth it out and then file down the edge but anyway these are
really really great you can find them at Big Lots even at the dollar store
sometimes you can find them of like Walmart too but anyway they are great
they last about 10 days and they’re just absolutely amazing I’m not
really super good at nail art but you can get a really gorgeous look really
really fast really easy and they’re just wonderful so if you are wanting to try
out some cool nail designs and you’re on a budget I would definitely check out
the Sally Hansen salon effects grilled nail polish strips they are absolutely
amazing but anyway guys hope you enjoyed this video if you did go ahead and give
it a thumbs up I’d love for you to share this video you guys can follow me on my
other social media my twitter and facebook sup budget glam babe and my
instagram is that came at make up and i will see you guys tomorrow for another
video her great day guys


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