SANTA TWERKING on My Nose I Makeup Tutorial (with English Subtitles)

SANTA TWERKING on My Nose I Makeup Tutorial (with English Subtitles)

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Hello guys! Welcome back to my channel for Christmas this year I would like to paint Instagram filter which is Santa Twerking on my nose So, without a further a due Lets started Okay, first step is I will sketch first the Santa on my nose by using brow pencil from SilkyGirl Okay guys, I think this is pretty decent It is pretty good I think althought it’s not perfect but I’ve tried so hard I thought it’s easy Okay, after this I will continue to paint the Santa Claus For colouring, I am using face paint that I bought from Shopee and I am also using smallest brush to colour the Santa Claus on my nose Ya guys, this is the final look Santa twerking on my nose Instagram filter and the result is so cute. I love it If you push the Santa, it’s really cute It’s look simple but actually it needs a lot of details and super focus when I made this My tips when you want to make something like this you have to use the smallest brush because there are some area which are difficult to paint because it is too small for example the Santa’s hat the shoes Those area are pretty difficult to colour Thank you guys for watching and don’t forget to subscribe because it is hard to do this you know Anyway, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you who are watching this video May God bless you May always wealthy and happy with the loves one and beloved family See you in the next video. Yaaaa

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