Sassy + Chic Facial Cleansing Brush

Sassy + Chic Facial Cleansing Brush

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hello thank you so much for coming back
to join me for this week’s dollar tree gold item so today I have the sassy and
chic a facial cleansing brush this is like an automatic like you put batteries
in it so if you like to see me turn this out for the first time and see if it’s
worth the dollar see if it totally jacks up my skin then please keep on watching
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for you okay so yeah I’ve had this in my little
Dollar Tree pile for a couple of weeks and honestly I was kind of scared to use
it I’ve tried some of their like manual cleansing brushes and they’re very hard
and they definitely should not be used on the face but I thought this would
make a cool video and so here we are so I already did take this out and I put
batteries in it and I have to be honest I was completely kind of shocked so the
brush head is actually a lot softer than I thought it was going to be still it’s
not super evenly cut there are some little brush fibers that are longer than
other ones so it just wasn’t very evenly cut but that’s okay well we’ll still
give it a try so there are two settings there is low and high okay you know
Debbie it does make noise and it does spin so
that’s high hello and off so yeah we’re gonna give
it a go so I do have a little bowl of water here
and some cleanser so we’re just gonna go ahead and give this a go but I’m kind of
excited and everything but we’ll see okay okay so I just went ahead and put
some cleanser on the little brush and let’s try this so we’re gonna try it on
low first we go ahead and just dip it a little bit
more water it doesn’t feel bad it doesn’t feel
overly rough it doesn’t hurt or anything but if you
do stay in one area too long you can definitely kind of fill it but
it is not as bad as I thought it was going to be I thought it was gonna be
like really rough okay so I did that for probably almost a
minute I don’t want to over do it on my skin I didn’t use it around my eye area
okay so I’m going to go ahead and I’m gonna go rinse my face and then I’ll
come back and we’ll talk about some of the claims and instructions on the backs
I totally don’t agree with that but I’ll give you my little review and all that
so I’ll see you here just a second okay so I just rinsed my face and everything
so the instructions on the back which okay sense that this is gentle enough to
use morning and night no I would not use that morning and night to me personally
I would not use this morning at night I would maybe use this once or twice a
week most likely once a week instead of using
like a scrubby like physical exfoliator because I have found two that I really
liked then I would maybe just use this instead because I do feel like that a
gentle physical exfoliation can help when maybe you are using a very light
gentle chemical exfoliator during the rest of the week so anyway I would not
recommend using this twice a day I think that would just tear up your skin so I
really concentrated around my nose and on my chin because that’s where I have a
lot of embedded whiteheads and blackheads and stuff like that so even
though I like really concentrated my skin might be a little bit pink okay
but my skin does not feel sore it doesn’t feel overly exfoliated it does
feel really smooth so I do like this for around my nose and I guess more of my
trouble areas actually think this is a cool product for a dollar I think if you
don’t have extremely sensitive skin I think this is worth picking up what I
didn’t know until here at the back is the brush that is actually removable
which i think is cool so like I just took the brush head off
like really wish watched it like rinsed it really well and you can like let this
air dry or whatever so I think that’s nice it’s gonna be a little bit more
sanitary so I think that is cool I don’t think this is a bad product at all I was
going into this very thinking oh this is gonna suck it’s gonna hurt the skin it’s
gonna be total garbage I think if you have very sensitive skin I would not
recommend this I wouldn’t recommend any kind of
cleansing brush or anything for that matter I think if you have trouble areas
that I think this could be a good tool to help combat that yeah my skin feels
nice it feels smooth it doesn’t hurt it doesn’t feel like it was assaulted or
anything like that it feels really really nice actually I’m glad I picked
this up like I said I’m not gonna use this daily there’s no way I wouldn’t
recommend anyone you know unless you have a very expensive cleansing brush
like a Clarisonic or I know there’s another one it’s like silicone II a
camera or what it’s called but those things are 100-200 dollars a pop even
more sometimes for the Clarisonic those I believe are usually safe to use daily
I think even myself even if I didn’t have one I still wouldn’t but I think
this is a cool little tool to use once or twice a week to really deep cleanse
the skin like do I think that this is gonna get deep down into the pores now
what this is gonna do is it’s going to remove dead surface skin that’s what its
gonna do it’s not gonna it’s not getting down into your pores the bristles are
too large you know that’s what a chemical exfoliant is used for is
getting down penetrating deep into the pore so this is a cool item it’s to me
it’s worth a dollar I will definitely continue to use this does take two
double-a batteries which were not included but I think this is cute too
came in a lot of different colors I they pick up the pinky couple one
because that’s what I like but yeah I think this is definitely worth it so if
you are not planning to use this daily if you are looking for a cheap cleansing
brush just to use once or twice a week I think that this sassy and chic one is
definitely worth it I think it’s really nice I think it’s I think it’s a good
product but like I said it’s I yeah gentle enough for use in the morning and
the evening no I personally want to do that but I
think it is cool and I’m glad I picked it up but I will continue to use it
because I like the way my nose is looking and feeling so there we go it is
definitely a Dollar Tree cold and I’m glad I finally used it because like I
said it’s been sitting here for a little while but anyway thank you so much for
watching I hope you did enjoy this week’s a Dollar Tree item if you did
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have you seen these at Dollar Tree and you were scared to pick it up like I was
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screen but yeah i’ll see you here in just a sec


  1. This looked good for a dollar Kim. I use a manual facial brush which does not have batteries and it does soften more with use. I do love mine and use it twice a day most days and it does not cause me any problems and I have sensitive skin although I have never used a battery operated one so it may be a little more coarse xx.

  2. I see them at DT all the time..I might get one…see how it does.Iused a cleansing brush once hurt my face…. I saw on a you tube channel she used the brush to clean her bathroom sinks lol…!!!

  3. I haven't seen them at dollar tree but, I got one on Shop Miss A. I only use it on flakey area's it's pretty cool to use once or twice a week.

  4. If you are interested in videos on budget recipes, food reviews and more, check out my other channel:

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