Season 9, Episode 8 – Shaking the Foundation | Red vs. Blue

Season 9, Episode 8 – Shaking the Foundation | Red vs. Blue

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*wrench rattling* Simmons: There. Man, that safety switch was had to bolt on. probably should have gotten a bigger one. Donut: It’s not how big the switch is Simmons, it’s how ya flip it. Simmons: Donut shut up! Sarge: Alright, robot’s all done. Time to fire it up! Let’s hit the ol’ power button. Who wants to do the honors? Grif? Grif: Nah Sarge: Well said. Donut? Donut: Sorry, just clear coated my nails, not chipping one of these babies. Sarge: All right. Simmons? Simmons: It would be an honor sir! That is, if you’re sure you don’t want to do it. Sarge: Now that you mention it, it does sound kind of fun. I always did like pushing things. Simmons: Oh… Ok Donut: Hey Sarge? Whats this robot gonna do for us anyway? Sarge: Oh you know, the usual robot stuff: Math we don’t wanna do– Simmons: Right, like that exists Sarge: Tasks like, maintaining the vehicle Simmons: Maintenance is crucial! Sarge: Organisation Simmons: Hmm, maybe I should make a list of all the robots duties… Sarge: And basically any tasks that no one wants to do, or is a part of anyone’s official job description. Simmons: Additional work? What? You mean Like extra credit? No one told me there was extra credit What is it? I’ll do it. Donut: Hey Simmons, sounds like this robot is going to be doing all the jobs you do! Simmons: Hahaha…yeah… Donut: Well don’t worry, I’m sure Sarge will find some other responsibilities for ya. Right Sarge? Sarge? Sarge? Huh? Oh right, one of the robots functions is to answer awkward questions that I don’t want to better turn him on. Here we go, let me just get this panel off, make some specific noises and drop it on the ground… Holy guacamole! Simmons: AAAHHH! Another earthquake! Everyone institute emergency plan! Hold on a second let me put on my marshall’s vest! Everyone just remain calm! whatever you do don’t… …panic. Donut: Looks like the earthquake stopped. Simmons: Yeah… Donut: You’re just disappointed that no one got to use the emergency plan, aren’t ya, Simmons? Simmons: Sorta Donut: Aww, there there, don’t feel bad, no ones read it anyway. Simmons: Oh…that’s a relief. *robot powering up* Robot: *in Spanish* Hello, my name is Lopez. Thank you for activating me. Donut: Oohh, robots on! Lopez: *In Spanish* How are you? Simmons: Uuhh, is he speaking spanish? Donut: Sounds like it! Simmons: Maybe the quake messed something up when you activated him Sarge, could be a polarity issue… Sarge: Actually I ordered the Espanol speech unit on purpose. Simmons: You did? Sarge: Yeah, I thought if we added a little multi-culturalism around here, we could all learn Spanish together! Be closer as a unit. Donut: Speaking of getting our units closer… Simmons: Not now, Donut! Seems inconvenient, Sarge. Sarge: Yeah it does, don’t know what the hell I was thinking, seems really out of character for me. Lopez: *in spanish* Warning! Warning! Donut: Hey! Look Simmons! He’s already doing your job! Simmons: Great… Donut: Want me to get your vest? Tucker: Whoa! There’s another quake! Church: Yep Tucker: You don’t seem too worried. Church: No I’m not, because I know all of this, isn’t real Tucker: Not real? You mean not real like your fake girlfriend? Church: My girlfriend is real, it’s the world that’s fake, and everything in it Caboose: EEAARRTHQUAKE! Church: That was ten seconds ago! Man, you really need to get your reflexes checked. Caboose: Maybe I was just early for the next one, now you’ll be ready for when it happens. Church: Oh shut up. Caboose: Meteor Tucker: So everything in the world is fake, except your girlfriend Church: Right Tucker: Who’s in the world Church: Yes Tucker: Where everything is fake. Church: Correct Caboose: Well I am following all of this as well as I follow everything else. Church: You see, all this–see–ok, we’re just inside a memory unit, which is sitting in a snowbank, somewhere in the world the real world. Tucker: A snowbank? Church: Right, and that memory unit is dying, so we’re feeling all these, like you know, little quakes and stuff Tucker: If we’re in a snowbank, why isn’t it cold? Church: I don’t know, it–it–it doesn’t work like that, it’s like being inside if a snow globe Tucker: Yeah, but a snow globe has snow in it. Caboose: I thought it was a globe made of snow! Church: Uuugh, you’re not getting it. Ok, try to think of it as like, uh, it’s like a diorama. Caboose: Ah yes, cafeteria for dinosaurs. Church: Shut up, Caboose! Caboose: Typhoon. Tucker: So this memory snowbank thing, it’s just sitting there and we’re inside it doing all this stuff. Why? Church: I don’t know, I guess it so that I can, you know, figure out about Tex and, what I’m supposed to do. And if I can’t figure it out, well, then I just need to, move on to the next memory unit I guess. Tucker: Right, and that’s by finding those freelancer guys you talked about before. Church: Exactly Tucker: And going on some big adventure with them and finding the snow memory Church: Memory. Unit. Tucker: Whatever, and then going into it Church: Yes. Tucker: Even though we’re already inside it. Church: And so on and so forth Tucker: And so on and so on until what happens? Church: I don’t know. If I knew that, I could stop already Tucker: And we have to do all that before the memory unit laying in the snow dies, and we’re all crushed by falling rocks. *rocks falling* Tucker: Good timing Church: Yeah it was Caboose: Well if only there had been some type of warning system in place Tucker: Ok, I think it all makes sense now Church: Oh good, I’m glad Tucker: Dude, that was a fucking joke, I have no clue whats up. Church: I don’t know, It doesn’t seem that hard to me, man Tucker: I know one way to check. Hey Caboose, explain whats going on, recap for us. Caboose: We are going to eat lunch with dinosaurs. Tucker: Yep, perfect sense. Caboose: I AM GOING TO EAT A GIANT EGG!! Simmons: Hello everyone. Now that we have our own YouTube channel, I have taken the liberty of regoranizing everything for a streamlined viewing experience. Just hit subscribe to put it to use. Grif: You’re supposed to convince them to subscribe, not put them to sleep! Loser. Simmons: *sigh* I hate him so much.


  1. "let me just get this panel off Ratchet and metal ding, make a specific noise power drill and drop it on the ground Metal ding again ." Another RvB Gem right there haha

  2. I wonder if Caboose sometimes sees things slower than others. For instance, the Earthquake, but also when Grif had the Super Speed ability.

  3. I love how ever since they said it in a waaaayyyy earlier season caboose has been ten seconds behind everything except for conversations, lmao.

  4. "It's not how big the switch is, it's how you flip it." If Tucker was near by he would have said "Bow Chika Bow Wow!".

  5. Ha, I understood Lopez perfectly 😀 But they probably should have kept the subtitles for those who don't speak Spanish (._.')

  6. Because everyone in the red teem is different I was expecting Lopez to be speaking English with a British ascent

  7. I wonder why everyone can understand Lopez in the comments? Hmmm maybe because those were the easiest to learn and understand Spanish words

  8. Wait…they made the robot to do jobs that nobody else wants to do…then they made him speak Spanish? Raaaaciiiist…

  9. Church-Episilon trying to explain their world's structure to Tucker makes it sound like they're stuck in The Matrix.

  10. When I first saw this, I thought that Lopez would be anything other than English of Spanish, because everything's different in the memory unit.

  11. Wow for an internet series that can only use halo locations and character designs it has sure aged well. Adult swim shows should take note

  12. remember In one episode Lopez said "meh" and I ment "up yours" made me laugh when Sarge asked Grif to turn it on and he said Meh

  13. 2:58
    Okay everyone, be on the lookout for a meteor. As we know, there's no such thing as a continuity error or a one-off joke in RvB.

  14. How did identical bases sprout up in Reach? Is it in a specific build category? I'm trying to recreate it.

  15. Caboose: were having lunch with dinosaurs
    Tucker; perfect sense
    Caboose: I AM GOING TO EAT A GIANT EGG you really should have church at the end yell GOD DAMIT I HATE THIS PLACE

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