Sephora Haul | Collective Makeup Haul | ABH, Viseart, Kylie Cosmetics, & Artist Couture

Sephora Haul | Collective Makeup Haul | ABH, Viseart, Kylie Cosmetics, & Artist Couture

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it's Chevy Monique and today we're
going to be doing a collective haul video for the items up version it's like
over the last two to three months some of the products I haven't even used yeah
I love them I like brand no all of them are brand new so I just want to jump
straight on into it and show you all the products because it is a lot of them I
may have to break this up into a two part so yeah it's that crucial all right
so the first thing that I'm going to show you I'm not gonna jump into
eyeshadow palettes because I do have a bunch of them I am gonna show you the
miscellaneous things that I purchased and a lot of time and things that I just
thought that I needed I placed an order with an associate Beverly Hills I
actually played two orders with on Sasha Berlioz but one of them isn't here yet
as you guys may know if you actually watch my channel that I love the anasazi
Beverly Hills thick foundation so which is rare because most people don't seem
to like it but I really really love it it's like holy girl for me like I have
to have it and I'm nervous that they have it like himself because I'm like
wow oh wow but I'm gonna buy a bunch but why
I'm sorry buck – I'm about to buy two more with my Macy's gift card but I
haven't even had the time to do that that's how busy my life is lately and
I'm like behind on everything surprisingly I'm actually behind on
YouTube asked in reference to like my plan my plan was supposed way more than
I posted which is the act I mean I've already posted a lot but you know
whatever the next thing I have is the Anastasia Beverly Hills what is this
thing College I never get the name right dip brow gel and oh I bought this when
it originally came out I'm gonna say about the small size and I loved it and
I kept losing it I think I've talked about it in one of my videos but I kept
losing it so I Reaper just a full one and then I
actually when I bought the foundation stick or recently like two days ago
I purchased another one a small one because I figured I could just have it
in my purse and then I believe this came free the Anastasia Beverly Hills um new
I heart or is it new I totally kids knew that I've never seen it before but I
would just be buying eyeprimer so who knows
um icicle what I know I don't really be venturing off in different I primarily
because I don't feel like just that necessary but whatever it some people I
don't know um the next thing I bought is a Holy Grail lipgloss and such Beverly
Hills actually has my favorite lip gloss like the best lip glosses so I purchased
the honest fashion Beverly Hills lip gloss and rum I also like fudge a lot I
like sepia a lot I like a lot of them mostly the ones that are in this brown
shade because it is just so gorgeously dope on the lips but yeah so I purchased
and react on this and then of course I have to pick this thing up because I
have seen so many people spray it and I've been on this settings for a kick
where I've been trying different setting sprays and I've noticed that I really
like dewy setting spray since I prefer like matte foundations and stuff like
that which I would have never thought seems I get wooly that I would like a
dewy setting spray but sometimes with my matte foundation in my mouth powder I
find myself needing a little refresh more on the hydrating side especially
right after I put on my foundation and I've been really loving powder
foundation so maybe because of the summer I don't know my body my body my
skin never usually follows those type of translate because the summer powder
foundation works better but I don't know like I think it's I think it's the
powder foundation I've been using the honest last day on Sasha the Make Up For
Ever Joanna and the makeup forever matte velvet both of those mix together
I think that's what caused me to want to use the settings braid but I've tried so
many different one that you can just order the all nighter the new beachy
scent I wanna say or summer solstice scent just ordered that from Sephora so
maybe that'll be in a future all I also got the artist
for Diamond bronze diamond lights finishing this thing is so gorgeous it
means I'm going to show you a little swatch of this magic so you can see you
can't see it in here so you're gonna stay right here and that is what it
looks like it's so magical it's so pretty
and glittery but really really pretty not just a glitter but gorgeousness I
love artists couture highlighted they aren't my favorite hold the girl
highlighters ever made in existence and I could live with just those
highlighters if I had to you literally I literally have like the majority of the
collection and I could literally live with just those highlighted too like if
I could do YouTube videos and stuff like that orange around his feet if I wasn't
a kind of junky in Sderot I probably would live on just less highlighters and
never purchase highlighters again other number when they released some new other
than when they released some new ones but it's just not necessary holiday I
just love their highlighters that much so I am picked up two of the dominique
cosmetics palettes I got the dominique cosmetics bay and cream palette and I
got the Dominique cosmetic latte palette I got these like a couple months ago
maybe like so much although I'm still debating buying the new one which is a
rustic glam palette but how would even relieve these so I need to dip into
these before I just pull off venturing and purchasing other palettes and I'm
trying to calm down my palette buys because I just got stopped it's
ridiculous so this is what this palette let it slag on the inside and let me
know if you would like well a swatch video is to come because I'm going to
swatch all of the palettes in my collection for you guys eventually one
by one so you'll see a bunch more of that coming in the near future next palette NZ berries and cream and
I'll quickly show you that one this is the babies and cream palette as you can
see it is still brand new because I haven't gotten any use out of it which
is particulars again I know but what can I say I only really wearing infill
colors to work so I just have to make time and making these YouTube videos
will definitely give me time the next thing that I recently picked up from
Sephora it's going to be a Fiat I massage in Beverly Hills nor vina
palette and the Anastasia Beverly Hills Alyssa Edwards palette I have luma Draya
Anasazi Beverly Hills college but for some reason I had never picked up the
noir Vina palette I just recently think that because I really really liked I
happy I have the unit oxygen ona Leela palette and I had the huda beauty
palette that have the purpley pink tones I've read the name of it right now but
I'll link it or put a picture of it right here so you guys can see but I
have that too so I figured I just didn't need this one cuz this change were
similar but I kept looking at it and wanting it so I just went and picked it
up so the next palette that I picked up is the unsession Beverly was Alyssa
Edwards Kelly and this one came out more recently I picked them up at the same
time though so that's how recent this one is in case you are wondering but
this is pretty new so I'm pretty sure you guys know that it's recent and this
is what it looks like a swatch video will be coming real soon as this one as
well the next palette I've actually used a little but I've never shown it on my
channel it's brand new like I just recently about it maybe two
months ago and it's the vizier at grande pro palette I got it from Sephora I
believe during the sale this is one of the only things I got during yourself
and I love my busy art mats so when I saw this pilot appraised I was like oh
it's so expensive but then I just had to get it because it's gorgeous and their
masks are so long so even though there's a lot of light shades on this and their
mats are just so bomb I just felt like it was worth it
and it was a pricey penny but definitely worth it and it's so sleek and pretty
and good for trouble and I actually really really love this palette need to
put it in my purse the last two Paulo's that I picked up is the Kylie cosmetics
burgundy Bernini and bronze palette they've extended they were actually on
sale and I thought it was a pretty good deal I hadn't tried highly in so long
that I figured why not and then they went on sale on Ulta and that's where I
got the other ones from but this what this one looks like the other ones that
I have in the giveaway if you haven't entered my back-to-school giveaway make
sure so enter if you have anything to make sure to go re-enter and get your
bonus entries in notice I didn't remind you because I remind you in like every
video but there we go that's the highly cosmetic bourbon media and then I got
the kylie truck medics bronze palette so many palettes I know it's ridiculous and
here it goes right here that's what it looks like on the outside so I have a
couple more haul videos coming up soon but I will show that to you I think I'm
just gonna split it up and do it a different one I have a color pop and I
have a crayon case of all coming so I think I'm just gonna do them in separate
videos because I've got a lot of stuff from each brand and you have some more
stuff coming in from crayon case and ask someone so coming in from color Bob so
cuz I had set so I'm gonna wait and film those videos windows things come because
that just makes more sense instead of having to do like 15 haul videos so I'm
gonna wait till those things come or super long haul videos so when we saw
those things come and then we'll talk about those when they do but that I'm
sure it was like way too much for you guys and enough let me know if you want
to see a swatch video on any of these actually really just let me know which
one you want to see first and I'll kind of tally of votes from
there because I'm gonna do a swatch video on every single one of them okay
so I hope you guys enjoyed this video and I will definitely see you guys in
the next one make sure to enter the give away and don't forget I still have
my Anastasia Beverly Hills sotry pilot giveaway on my channel so
I'll link that video down below in the comments in the comments in the
description box as well as a card up above so that you can enter that
giveaway as well and my back to school giveaway and with jeffree star cosmetics
jawbreaker collection all the pallet inflection and my Baxter's was applied
and to kylie 99 pilots and yeah i hope you guys enjoyed this video I will see
you guys in the next one bye


  1. Have you tried any of these products??? If yes do you like it?

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  2. Any time I see a haul, i automatically drop everything !!! I love these and seeing what you got. I drool 🤤!! Thanks for another great video Girl have you seen that Sephora face palette in Deep??!! LAWD I want it!!

  3. Yay Good morning lovely girl any plans for the weekend hope it’s amazing love you beautiful😘😍♥️♥️♥️♥️

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