Sir Richard Branson | A Force for Good | Skoll Foundation Interview

Sir Richard Branson | A Force for Good | Skoll Foundation Interview

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– I love creating things. And if I feel that something
could be done better, I will step in and try to do it. The world we’re seeking
to create is a world that is not too different from the
world we that live in today. The world we live in today
has oceans that sustain us, has too many conflicts, but every decade is
getting slightly better, and has a fairly balanced temperature. And the world we don’t want to create is a different world from this. And so, it’s up to all of
us to do everything we can to make sure that the world
doesn’t spiral out of control. We have social workers
working very hard to avoid it. We have governments working
very hard to avoid it. And I think what we now need
is for businesses worldwide, every single business
person, entrepreneur, to play their part and use
their entrepreneurial skills and technical skills to help overcome these problems. For instance, we have a spaceship company. And one of the things we’ll do through that spaceship company is put out an array of satellites that will enable the three billion people
who don’t have mobile phone or internet access to get it. And if you can get a mobile
phone, you can run a business. If you can get internet
access, you can be educated. I think that the vast
amount of pension money that is invested can
be invested in products that are positive to the
world rather than products that are negative for the world. For instance, if we retrofitted
every single building in the world, we could reduce
carbon emissions by 40 or 50%. And it would make
economic sense to do that. So, the pensions would get a return. There are more and more
people now that are spending more and more hours of their lives trying to get on top of the world’s problems. If we can get every
business thinking like that, every business becoming a force for good, we have a real chance to get
on top of the world’s problems.


  1. I found this channel and the Skoll foundation from a odd message in my junk mail box saying skoll wanted to fund my art at which made me laugh that something of a pirate negative nature brought me to something positive. Subbscribed to the channel as its nice to see others who believe in a good world. I would love to see more done for women in the world as it helps the women in my life and it hurts to see them struggle over unnecessary things like prejudice, but in particular supporting women who want to do creative things. As an artist I have found the combination of a man and woman making an art work is incredible, two very powerful world views creating one true vision.

  2. Great video guys! Do you mind if I share this on my channel and give you guys credit?

    My channel is here:–fMeSeNA

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