Skinbreeze Facial With Mummy Felstead: Binky’s Boutique S05E1/8

Skinbreeze Facial With Mummy Felstead: Binky’s Boutique S05E1/8

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Hello everybody. We are at here at Harry’s
getting a skin breeze by the most amazing Debbie Thomas who is doing facials today.
Moms already got one done and she is feeling very moisturized, sexual, young, vibrant.
Amazing treatment. I feel very, very hydrated. And i’m about to get my treatment done and
I am looking forward to see how it goes. [Music break] The reason why I am having the skin breeze
facial is because I want my skin to be glowing, feeling fresh for the summer and there are
lots of benefits to it. Ok, we are doing the skin breeze treatment
today which is one of the more of the, entry level skin treatments that I do. Its great
if you just want a boost for your skin, if you want to get glow, if you want hydration.
Ok, I’m just starting off by cleansing the skin, just using a really nice, soothing cleanser
that has some orange extract in and it smells yummy. Yes, it does smell yummy. Ok, so now the skin is nice and clean. Because
of the way that we do the treatments, I don’t generally need to remove the eye make up or
lipstick which some people quite like because when they leave they don’t want to look completely
naked. Because we have a slightly stronger, younger skin this time, I am going to use
a slightly more aggressive tip. So its a medium tip instead of a fine tip. And its basically,
as you can see, almost like sand paper but its very, very fine. We aren’t trying to rip
into the skin, we are just trying to lightly buff off the dead skin that is on the surface.
So what I’m going to be doing now is I’m also going to switch on a red light and a blue
light as well which will irradiate the end of the machine. So at the same time that I
am buffing the skin, we are also going to get the red and the blue light therapy shinning
on to the skin. Red light is very healing and soothing and regenerating and helps to
stimulate the collagen and the lasting production. And the blue light helps with any bacteria
on the skin. That is very nice. There is no pain, its like
a cheek massage. So now that we have completely cleared the
surface of the skin, I am going to start the oxygen and serum infusion. So what I want
is to get the serum nice and deep into the skin to hydrate it. We are going for a lightening
and brightening serum this time. just because we want radiance. I am placing the serum for
the moment onto the forehead and then I’m going to do the treatment. Then I will do
each side of the face and we basically want to work over the surface of the skin while
the serum is still on the top while its moist so we can glide over very nicely. So this
is our oxygen infusion hand piece. And basically little burst of oxygen come out right here.
We move over the areas that we put the serum and we are going to pump the serum into the
skin. Its a weird sensation but i like it. So we have two steps left. The main one is
the hydro mask. So this mask goes on. It feels like someone has just put a jelly fish on
your face, so its kind of slimy but it actually feels really, really lovely after you have
had the other things done. Its very cooling, very soothing and as the mask says its very,
very hydrating. It has an extra, added bonus as the mask is on and one of the reasons that
it is clear is that I am actually going to go over the top of the mask just with the
massaging tip on the first hand piece that we had. Ok, so we are just lifting the mask
off now. And underneath you can see, the skin is looking more hydrated. Its feeling much
smoother. We are going to do one last final step which is quite quick but again adds to
the sealing of all the ingredients and the finishing touch for the treatment today. So
i’m actually going to use a little spray gun which is going to spray out a fine mist of
cool air and some serum. And the serum I am going to use is a calming and soothing one.
I must admit that even with one so young, I didn’t think I’d see much of a difference
because she’s young but actually I can see a difference. I really can, all here. It was
a bit dry and tight before but its all come back to life. Really? So I think its all good news. We have
little bit of a SPF that has a little bit of a tint to it. Thank you so much Debbie. My skin looks so
much better. It should look even brighter and fresher tomorrow. Thank you all for watching
this and we will see you soon.


  1. There is no set age for when the treatments are suitable – any age from 18 years old. There are different treatments for issues that happen in the skin at different times throughout ones life. (ie: Blemish's more likely to occur in younger skin/anti-ageing for older women). Hope this answers all of your questions 🙂

  2. Skinbreeze treatments range from £20 – £90 depending on the treatment and how long it takes. Examples: Wrinkle Reduction (15 minutes) £20, Acne & Blemishes (30 minutes) £30, Anti Ageing (90 minutes) £90.

  3. The course is a 10 treatments long but a one off facial can also work wonders on your skin. Skinbreeze is the only treatment on the market that offers LED light therapy paired with orbital microdermabrasion. There are no harsh crystals or grains used and the treatment is incredibly relaxing whilst leaving your skin feeling rejuvenated and soft, without any red marks or pain. Hope this helped!

  4. The Skinbreeze treatments are exactly the same, the only thing that is different is the type of serum that is used. Binky had the lightening and brightening serum which makes the skin more radiant and hydrates it.

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