Slay The Rainbow Makeup Tutorial | Jaclyn Hill

Slay The Rainbow Makeup Tutorial | Jaclyn Hill

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[Music] hey guys welcome back for today’s video we’re gonna be giving a mega tutorial on this supernatural just very minimalistic little products just minimal everything everyday makeup look perfect for church I actually went to church to be totally honest but that just means new clothes even Who I am you belong to make me not sorry okay Siri for those days video is dedicated to all my unicorns out there everyone who has left hundreds and thousands of comments asking me to do something fun and different and step outside my box and really go outside my comfort zone because normally I turned my straddle the line of my comfort zone today I blew half that covered the line I go with the deep end like and it was so much fun like I still have a salad this makeup look makes me feel alive like I had some good times releasing my inner child today creating this look for you guys I was actually totally inspired by this jacket edweird and that sound I purchased this ensemble as you will like oh we can have two weeks ago it actually has like matching shorts down here hey this outfit is Chanel which kind of like I get so uncomfortable and you’ve no idea I can’t look in the camera my face work out a lot mirror like I never thought I’d see the day anyways I had to have this like the second I thought oh my god it’s just so cool Bokke me on so many levels I love the color I love the texture I thought everything about it so spunky is different and I love it so when sharks to my house a couple of days ago I put on a garment bag so I hung on my door because that’s just something I do whether it’s making products clothing or handbags accessories if there’s something I’ve really been wanting once I get it I like put it on display somewhere where I can see it every day I got what I want I am sight anyways I had to pay me on the door and like 20 times a day every time I walked past it I wouldn’t have to do it makeup look like revolve it around this I’m just so inspired by it so this is what I came up with I hope you guys enjoyed it it makes me think of Lisa Frank so much but I would have died to be able to wear this makeup and like this color around a little girl like up until the age of like 15 this would have been my dream makeup look like you have no idea so I don’t know this is really fun to kind of it connecting with my inner child if you will and you guys do like this colorful makeup look please give this video a thumbs up I believed a little button is a right below the video is the right hand side hit that little bump mark to let me know that you would like to see more color incorporated here on my channel and also please subscribe and you haven’t already unless you just don’t like like me or just want to hang out with me but that’s fine too I am clearly so excited to be filming today’s video as if it wasn’t obvious enough already so I would just state it one more time my eyes are primed and good to go the first thing we’re going to do might seem a little strange but we’re going to pick up some jeffree star liquid lipstick in the shade Queen B I’m going to take a synthetic brush and just go ahead and pick up some of that lipstick and begin to apply it on the inner corner of my eye I didn’t have a Paint Pot or a cream color base for the eyes in the shade of yellow so I thought we would improvise and it worked beautifully just going to look down and let that drive like 20 seconds and then it’ll be set and good to go next I’m going to pick up a makeup forever eye shadow in the shade M – 7:20 which is like super perfect because that’s my birthday and I freaking love this color I actually should have done this first before the yellow but it doesn’t matter just do you slap that bitch on and you’ll be good to go I just wanted to apply this in the crease area because we are going to be going in with a lot of shocking more intense colors and this will help the blending process as we move forward with everything else now I’m going to pick up a Nastasia waterproof cream color in the shade ice blue this color is so beyond beautiful it speaks to my soul I’m going pat that on with a synthetic brush and as you can see I’m literally patting it not rubbing with the cream-colored I’m going to lightly blend that into that yellow and it’s really cool because it’ll make kind of a green shade as we mix them together and they’ll just look amazing later on then I’m going to grab some mac cosmetics basic red this is an old product I’m ashamed I even used it but you know what it was creamy still and it works so thank you for coming through Mac in a time of need love you and appreciate you I’m going to actually create a wing with this which is so intimidating at first even for me I was like I’m going to do a wing with a cream and then try to blend that out like it’s intimidating and it seems that you’re going to fail and mess it up but honestly you can do it if you just use a tiny bit product at a time and as you can see me going over it over and over and over to blending out you will get to a blended point and then you’ll be able to go over top of it with shadow and make it seamless I promise then we’re going to go in with a jeffree star cosmetics androgyny palette we’re going to start off with using this fetish color right here which is a really beautiful red shade and I wanted to initially go in with a deeper red like this as opposed to a really bright intense shocking red because I don’t like to use too many bright intense shocking shades on the eye because it won’t I don’t know in the end I’m not going like the end result as much so kind to mix more muted colors with really bright colors so I’m picking up the Urban Decay electric palette and I’m going in with this gorgeous shimmery purple shade in the shade urban I’m going to just pack that on the whole outer corner and originally laid down all these cream bases first in case you’re curious is because it’s going to intensify the pigment in the shadows so much more and because we’re putting this purple over top of that red it’s going to change and manipulate that purple a little bit and just make it look different than it would on its own then we’re going to pick up some charm which is a gorgeous matte creamsicle shade from the androgyny palette I’m going to put that right over the edge of that purple just to help blend out cuz I wanted to go from yellow to blue to purple to like pinky red to orange like I want all the colors just to be like flowing together as one you obviously you can see my vision I’m going to grab a makeup wipe just wipe underneath the eye and just use my finger to clean up and make it nice and sharp then I’m going to go back into the electric palette and I’m going to go in with I don’t even know what this shaded actually called I can’t read it from here sorry but I’m going to grab a little brush begin to put that right over top of that orange e red shade I initially went in with just for more of a pop now I’m going in with the purple shade again but this time we’re going to spray the brush with six plus and we’re going to go over the exact same area to make it pop even more you can do this with mattes and shimmers anywhere on your eye if you wet your brush with a little bit of fix+ it’ll just really intensify the eye look then we’re going to go in with the Aurora palette by anastasiya we’re going to pick up this Beauty full icy blue shade and I did wet my brush with some fix+ with this as well just so you know because it did have a lot of fallout so I did get a little spritz I’m just going to pack it on right over top of that blue just to give it that really gorgeous metallic shimmer which I love then picking up this color which is called the rash it’s like neon yellow e green on 3rd I’m only going to put it where that yellow meets the blue I’m not going to take it all the way to the inner corner because I love how that yellow corner looks super yellow with the jeffree star liquid lip but I wanted to go from like bright yellow it’s like that neon green to blue now we’re going to go in with this gorgeous makeup forever star powder don’t even get me started on this highlight look at this we’re gonna take a moment of silence look at this highlight you guys we take a minute I’ve owned this for like maybe two months ever cited my Sephora haul and you guys I think it’s almost gone I use it every day so I’m going to prime my face and I’m going to go in with my foundation I’m going to be using the Dior forever foundation you guys oh my god I’m have to go into depth about the foundation in my favorites video coming up but I cannot even begin to tell you how much I love this foundation it is so gorgeous it makes my pores look like they don’t exist like when I wear this I cannot believe how many people compliment my skin and ask me what my skincare routine is and I’m like it’s not my skin it is literally this foundation then of course I’m going to be using some Tarte shaped tape for my concealer under my eyes and then a dance Beauty sponge well since we did our eyes first and we created that sharp line to make sure that you’re using a Beauty Blender that has a point or a brush that has a point so you can get right up and tight next to where that shadow is but not actually damage it or smudge it or ruin it now to set my face I’m going to be using this Charlotte Tilbury powder and a big ole fluffy brush I get questions every time I use this brush and it is by then I’m going to move on to my lower lashline and I’m going to start off by going in with charm once again and a big fluffy brush for underneath that lash line to really buff and blend out and make it super blended and intense I’m going to use that color to connect the lower lash line to all the products that we applied on the upper lid then I’m going to go in with a more precise brush I’m going to apply that same purple from the Urban Decay electric palette it is really really buff that nice and good all of that lower lash line and connected to that purple that we have going on so we applied earlier on the upper lid I’m going to go back in with basically every single color that we use and put it right there along my lower lash sorry off with the orange the purple then blending out with that more like intense shimmery kind of electric coral if you will just so that everything on the top blends really well and matches with the bottom I want it to look like a peacock when I’m looking off to the side you know like from my side profile I want everything to line up now I’m going to grab this absolutely gorgeous matte blue that was just speaking to me and I didn’t know where to use it or how to use it so I just picked it up on my finger I just tapped it right in between that beautiful blue and that purple just for an additional pop and I loved it as I get add something so special to the look that I wasn’t expecting but I love the way it tied like the entire eye look together now going back in with that shade thrash I’m going to put that on the inner corner of my lower lash line and then I’m going to just throw on some mascara I’m using the l’oreal voluminous carbon black mascara then for lashes i’m going to be applying house of lashes in the style boudoir don’t worry everything that I use every brush every product I will a sit below in my description box because I know I am moving quickly through this for my lower lashes I’m going to be using the Mac extended play gigablack lash mascara because it’s my absolute favorite for lower lashes and it has been for years I think it will be my whole life and then to make this even more intense and really stand out I’m going to just put some fascinating eye Kohl by Mac on my inner waterline to really make it pop now for contour I’m going to be using the Marc Jacobs Omega bronzer which is technically a bronzer but I’m going to be using it in the technique of contouring today so using a kind of precise brush I’m going to start at the top of my ear area and I’m going to bring it down towards the corner of my mouth not bringing it all the way though otherwise it will look a little bit too dramatic stopping about same percent of the way and then blending it all over the hairline as well then once we’ve done that I will go in and just bake out this entire contour using the perfecting setting powder by coverfx this has been one of my favorite powders like I came to be going to tell you guys it is so beautiful it looks so natural on the skin I was so right or die for the RCM a no color transition powder this one has definitely taken its spot it’s just so natural and so not drying and I just love just love the way it looks it looks beautiful in pictures it looks beautiful on the skin it just looks like skin and it’s just it’s an amazing powder I can’t say enough good things about it now I’m going to go ahead and just coat my brows with some clear brow gel this is the Anastasia of Beverly Hills a clear brow gel just to lock those bad boys into place then for the blush I’m going to be using this color pop highlighting blush duo I don’t know the name of this you guys I got these in PR and there’s literally nothing on the box like there it doesn’t say anything it’s blank I’m going to find it for you I’ll find it I’ll link it down below now for the fun part I’m going to go in with these Sourav ski crystals I found at Michaels they have them in a million different colors I bought them and I think like 30 different colors honestly I’m going to put a little bit of lash glue on the back of these and just pop them in the center of my eye and I used like a greeny blue iridescent one that I saw just matched this look so perfectly and then what I’m going to do is I’m going to highlight the inner corner of my eye using another starlet powder by Make Up For Ever this is in the shade 0-2 it’s got a really intense kind of gold greeny undertone in it and I thought that it was absolute perfection with this look so I’m going to put a generous amount of that on the inner corner and I’m going to put an even smaller one of these gems and it’s actually just like a plain light lime green I’m going to put that right over top of it it came in the same exact packet is that your Destin twins I have on the lower lash line I’m going to pop it in there in a corner okay so now for a highlight I wanted to do a really fun just like holographic different highlights so I’m going to be using to make it forever star powders in a few different shades and I started off with the purple one then I’m going to go back and with the same one I use on the inner corner of my eye that has that green undertone I’m going to put that more at the top of my cheekbone what I want basically is it’s big green blue purple so I’m going to go in with this Kat Von D holographic palette and I’m going to pick up that blue sapphire a very generous amount of it and I’m going to put it at like the highest point of my cheekbone that way it goes from like a greeny gold to blue to purple and the cameras going to pick it up as much in this lighting but in person it was intense and I was obsessed for the lips I’m going to be going in with jeffree star cosmetics mannered a lot of jeffree star cosmetics happen in this video this is another one of his liquid lips in the shade mannequin it’s one of my favorite news of all time but I knew I wanted to do a liquid lip in this video and I definitely want to do a nude one because I didn’t really know which route I was going to take I’m going to show you two different options here and I definitely wanted to highlight that Cupid’s bow of course if that Cupid’s bow popping I want the whole face in the whole body to be highlighted very intensely for this and then I actually started off by doing a silver metallic stripe down the center of my lips to really make this like look like a festival look and this is a Pat McGrath silver eye shadow that I use and I mix it with some mixing medium and John was standing behind the camera telling me that he loved it but I was like I think I can make it better and he’s like it is super super cool and I was like no I want to try something different so instead I packed on some mac cosmetics reflective teal glitter and we both agreed that it made the look way cooler like we just liked it you could even do this with the silver stripe if you wanted but I didn’t want to be too much and too extra so I just stuck with this that complete this look you guys honestly I hope that you enjoy it so much I had such a great time filming it for you I love you and I will see my next video bye guys [Music]


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