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Hello, Hello dear viewers!
channel’s Today we have a review and test of Simes, inexpensive Simes, they bought on
market Let’s see if it’s worth buying such slimes.
All of them are shiny today or by adding glitter mother of pearl and other ingredients So let’s get started. Let’s start with this slime.
4 slime inside, different colors with sequins, transparent Here is such four color of, me very little, but absolutely transparent, stretch do not stick to hands, smell without features Not the best slime,
fit for play The next slime is like this, unmarked The worst part is… how to take it out there? Surprisingly everything worked out Clicks, stretches, almost transparent, does not stick to the hands The smell is neutral, not melted, thickener is not needed Some Simes shop, as you can see, immediately suitable for the game It is not like when Simes melt something need to be done.. I think that this is not quite right . This is my personal opinion. Slime is fit to play. I do not like the packaging very much, but this is again my personal opinion. The next slime is like this. It’s very shiny. I don’t know if you can see. Let’s see what he’s like inside. The color is not very beautiful. It is taken out well, there are sequins, does not stick to the hands, the smell is neutral, stretches well, almost transparent Still a very beautiful shade
pearl’s. I don’t know if you can see Very nice, clicks. Will have something to play with my kids. I like this slime too click and packaging very well The next slime is like this: white mother-of-pearl with filling his only inconvenience is that
put so it is impossible .. It is possible to put only so. Already torn. Slime many. The smell is a bit pungent, slime clicks. Does not stick to the hands, despite the first torn, now stretched. Very beautiful, mother-of-pearl color opaque. . can be said slightly slightly transparent… stretches well Packaging is not convenient . Have to hold to move back Slime himself is good I think the packaging resembles a light bulb. A whole galaxy inside Next slime, the color of my nails, here’s a bucket Slime purple, with sequins . It’s too liquid. This is the case when, as you say, Slime melted. I can’t get him out of there
it seems possible, otherwise I can’t wash my hands of slime It is a pity, the color is very beautiful, but it melted. Thicken and it will not, just send in the trash You often ask “Why don’t I
testing handmade Slime from famous Slime ?” Because in most cases they come from Slime melted.. and I do not like to do something with slimes, thicken, modify..I prefer the ready-made version, that is, the store The last slime in today’s review is this It is also pearlescent, it has several colors from transparent to red and green. Very interesting, very brilliant slime ..Let’s mix it But unfortunately it has dried up. I
I always check with my fingernail first to see if it’s liquid slime or not . Can it be taken out or not This slime is quite good Star galaxy. There’s a habitable planet here somewhere, and it could be here..or here.. or here..Good clicks.. Smells good, stretches well, transparent, does not stick to hands, very pleasant to the touch I want to say that from
of all today’s slime, this is the best slime I like this slime. All the best for the children, so I’ll give it to the children tomorrow too. And ask their opinion Slime mixed, the color remained beautiful On this I will finish my review. Do not forget to put “like” and subscribe to the channel. Write a comment. I read the comments. And come again. There are many interesting things on the channel: ASMR ,
tests and reviews and Slime I am glad to every spectator. That’s all. Bye.. Bye.. Waiting for you in the next video. Bye.. Bye..


  1. ❣….🤩😍🤤🙏🏻❤🙏🏻🤤😍🤩….❣



  2. В этом видео почти все слаймы хорошие❤😮 Обожаю Вас❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤💌


  4. wonderful video💜💚💙love u so much💙💚💜💗thanks for shearing💗💜💚💙
    i also make slime videos
    💙💚💜💗🌹lots of love

  5. Мне нравятся твои ногти очень хорошо, и слизь вполне удовлетворяет 💞

  6. Обожаю ваши видео Вера,а особенно про слаймы.Но…Жалко что слаймы выходят из моды.Может быть их будет более сложно найти в магазинах.

  7. Fria como um iceberg, primeiro tortura o lodo dentro das embalagens; depois estica-o até ele rasgar; por último, com o lodo no chão, mergulha pela última vez as magníficas, perfeitas e apaixonantes unhas ultra compridas. Sem misericórdia. :)) Obrigado Vera! 😉

  8. Мне нравится когда вы говорите не шёпотом, а просто тихо. Это очень круто.

  9. Здравствуйте Вера! Я не могу понять одно… Как вы ходите с такие ногтищами???

  10. Hola nails vera te acuerdas de mi tu me dabas corazones y hablabas con migo aquí en youtube no pude nunca ver tu canal por que me cambié de celular y no me acordaba como se llamaba tu canal y vi un vídeo asmr y vi un vídeo tuyo y me metí en el video y busque como te llamabas y por eso estoy viendo este video

  11. ох ПРЕКРАСНАЯ ЦАРИЦА ВЕРА изумительно красивое видео!!!!! смотреть безмерная радость ваши видео!!!! восторг и восхищение!!!ваши руки создают сказку волшебство и радость людям!!!! жду с нетерпением новых прекрасных видео

  12. Традиционно шикарныедлинные когтищи в прекрасном ролике!!! Побольще следов от когтей и проникновений…)

  13. Создайте другой канал с голосом, а этот для асмр, потому что в голос говорить это не асмр. лично моё мнение без обид

  14. Мне всегда кажется, что слаймы хрустят у Вас…. Но это не хруст, а звук от ногтей 🙂

  15. Хочу увидеть её реакцию,когда она сломает ноготь о трудно открываемую баночку😹😹😹

  16. Здраствуйте я хотела узнать это ваши ногти или нарощиные ответьте пожалуйста☺

  17. Как окружающие реагируют на ваши ногти? ) А мастер маникюра как?

  18. Здравствуйте я тут новенькая 🌝и я уже прямо сейчас подписалась ❤у меня вопрос. А эти ногти ваше или……?🌝

  19. Вы прям очень интересно и понятно говорите!☺️☺️
    Ну а ногти бомбезные!!☺️💞💞

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