So I Tried Using Soy Nail Polish Remover? 🧐 because Natural Nail Care πŸ₯°

So I Tried Using Soy Nail Polish Remover? 🧐 because Natural Nail Care πŸ₯°

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she lies she lies she could if because
you don’t got time to choose it hey tribe its kiya from heritage 93 and
in the last video we bounced all the way back from the super duper crusty dusty
busted nails to a fresh clean and much healthier looking mani in that video I
decided to use a more natural alternative to acetone polish remover to
reset the girls but then I was wondering if you all wanted to learn more about
this soy nail polish remover for the nail care series this month and as a
result it’s a go so I had to rearrange the order of the video goods to get this
one up and out to you guys next so yea in this video we’re taking a deeper dive
into what soy nail polish remover is like and what it can do so that the next
time you’re looking for our new polish remover you can make a more informed
decision on whether or not this product is something you’d want to try out for
your natural nail care needs it’s all about making us someone else’s life
easier in the name of better nail care so I’ve been using this product from
time to time on my nails and in this one I thought it’d be really helpful to test
it out on a few different polishes light dark and clear coated also I wanted to
try out cotton balls versus cotton rounds for this review and as a heads up
this video is not sponsored I saw the soy I bought this away I tried
the soy to see if it lives up to the hype and to share my findings with you
guys but if you’re looking to grab this product after this video I’ve left an
affiliate link for this product in the description box below
note that purchasing items through affiliate links is designed to link you
directly to what you’re looking for while generating a small Commission on
the sale this in short helps to make more nail care content for the tribe but
no pressure you do not have to use this link so you ready for the tea on the soy
let’s get started okay let’s start with what’s in the package the bottle comes
with a screw-on cap that is sealed with plastic the dropper comes separately in
bubble wrap and has a total length of just under five inches long reaching
down to the of the bottle now this formula is by
Majestic pure cosmeceuticals in tea tree oil it’s eco-friendly non flammable and
free of harsh chemicals like the infamous acetone and acetate which can
both according to research seriously harm your nails and skin in the long run
acetone and acetone free solutions are pretty much the greater and lesser forms
of the same evils which is not good when there’s better and greener options out
here so the soy route seems to be greener steps in the right direction
it smells faintly of tea tree yes but I get more of a green apple smell to it
too but it also smells slightly dry despite being a liquid kind of like wine
it’s pretty interesting but please do not drink this stuff now let’s check out
the four ingredients soy esters d G da and tea tree oil soy asters come from
the soybean oil as a clear liquid and with natural cleaning properties they’re
an eco-friendly alternative to the harshest in thetic solvents mentioned
earlier like nail polish removers soy esters can also be found in liquid soaps
detergents and other personal care items next is dimethyl blue tur aid an organic
solvent and emollient that protects and moisturizes the skin after that is
dimethyl adipate aka another organic compound that generally helps with
removing ink and paint and you know I’m Nicola I got a little nervous reading
paint remover because you know that one craze that was happening was just that
but you know we should be good with this one
and lastly tea tree oil which acts as a natural hand sanitizer all-purpose
cleaner and antifungal solution now first of course I tried the stuff on the
months-old light colored polish it seemed like no big deal in that last
video but it definitely required a little bit of muscle to work the polish
off but the directions do say to let the polish remover sit on your nails for up
to five minutes to soften the polish so fair I like to apply the polish remover
directly onto my nails it was very beautiful but it was very necessary to
have some paper towels on hand to absorb the excess drops full disclosure I’m
comparing this product and its usage against acid
polish removers now for the verdict well the downside is that it took two to
three times longer to completely remove the old polish but on the upside my
nails didn’t feel stripped at all it’s like my nails were used to drinking soda
and this remover was like a natural smoothie I may have wanted the fizz for
the moment but this also got the job done and I feel like I made a healthier
decision for myself the removal score I had give this an 8
out of 10 for removing old crusty polish it works well you just got to work in a
little bit next up is the soy remover on clear polish I know clear polish doesn’t
seem that challenging of a job right but let’s be clear the twist here is that I
have a glued on silk wrap on my phone which can eventually be removed piece by
piece with acetone but what will the soy nail polish do here well the clear work
that expected it just didn’t need to soak on just some direct rub but the
remover and a cotton ball was fine the silk wraps usually peel off in pieces
with the acetone but with the swipe polish remover it peeled off in one
wholesome piece very satisfying so overall I give it a 10 out of 10 for
removing the clear polish with the silk wrap that whole piece silk wrap removal
was very impressive lastly I’ll show you guys the soy nail
polish remover on dark colors there will on the girls for a few weeks
my main concern here was the staining because everybody keeps saying dark
colors equal stains but more on that later but for now I’ll try it out the
same as normal just chop some remover onto each nail wait a little bit and
then rub but this time I was kind of concerned because I was rubbing and
rubbing and nothing was happening I just talked it up to the topcoat I was
wearing above all these colors as something the remover had to take its
time to work through which isn’t the worst thing in the world speaking of
these polishes and healthier alternatives in natural nail care I did
a swatch of these polishes from another brand that I have also tried definitely
let me know in the comments if you guys want to hear my review on some not five
not six but eight toxin free nail polishes sooner rather than later for
the nail care series back to the present overall how did the soy nail polish
remover hold up well let’s weigh in on the pros and cons the pros is a
non-toxic formula that can do what acetone and acetone free products are
primarily used to do remove regular nail polish it doesn’t have a super few me
smell it works to effectively remove all types of regular nail polish it’s a
green alternative with organic compounds it doesn’t have any male staining dyes
it moisturizes the natural nail and happily removes glute on silk wraps in a
wholesome fashion it’s super gentle to use and it has straightforward
directions now for the cons the older your nail polish or more layers you have
the more effort and elbow grease you have to put into removing your nail
polish also this product can be really messy you’ll have to wash your hands
because of the oil it’s dry so when you rub it on with a cotton pad it might
squeak on your nails which might actually make you cringe just warning another con is that it’s just not as
quick as acetone even with clearcoat and the takedown process can’t get really
gunky when you’re removing fresh nail polish like if you change your mind
right after applying the last color now my most favourite thing about this is
that it works without drying my nails or stripping the natural shine off my nails
my least favourite thing is that it takes a little more time to completely
remove all coats as for the duel between the cotton round and the cotton ball I
personally prefer the cotton round they both look mangled by the end of it
but the cotton round at least has some dignity to start meanwhile the cotton
ball just pulls apart and just it’s just like no so there’s that another thing
this white polish remover doesn’t dry out the cotton ball or cotton pad versus
the acetone that literally turns cotton balls into crunch balls overall there is
a lesson here just because a product is quick effective or the current
mainstream nail care norm that doesn’t mean that it’s the healthiest option
available as for the soy nail polish remover I gave it a strong 8.5 out of 10
and I would recommend this product to anyone looking to try a more natural
solution to removing your nail polish those peeps include the frequent nail
polish changers the eco-conscious nail lovers the nail lovers whose nails can’t
stand the drawing effects of the acetone or the strong smell of it the nail
lovers with brittle nails who need moisture at every turn of the nail care
journey even when removing polish and lastly anyone looking for a healthier
alternative who doesn’t mind it taking a little longer to completely remove their
nail polish so now I’m curious like what’s your thoughts of this non-toxic
nail polish remover would you give it a try have you tried it before let me know
your thoughts in the comments and of course if you found this one helpful
feel free to give this video a thumbs up and save it for later also if you’re new
and you’ve made it this far I welcome you to subscribe and join the tribe if
you’d love to learn more about the world of natural nail care for your troubles
so yes I hope you girls enjoyed this what in the soy nail polish remover
is going on type tutoreview and truly found this one helpful I hope this
allows you to make a more informed decision on whether or not this product
may be right for you in your natural nail care
needs as always thank you guys so much for watching engaging and requesting
this one up next take care and happy polish removing I will see you soon in
the next one


  1. Oh this is interesting. I didn't know that Soy Remover existed. I just recently cut my nails. Watching your video now πŸ™‚

  2. How do you keep your nails so long. I need day to day touching things tutorial. Care tutorial. Breathing tutorial. I looked at a doorknob too hard and my nail started peeling. Ugh. Help.

  3. I think I'll stick with my regular nail polish remover. I don't want to scrub that much for my polish to come off. Although interesting to learn about. Never knew it existed.

    Can you please let me know what type of silk wrap you use and how do you apply it to your nail? I'm used to the ones you cut small pieces and self stick to the nail but it seemed like you had the entire nail covered. The small pieces shows where it starts and stops and that's a no no!

    Thanks for the information video!

  4. I’m very inspired by your channel !! Can you do a tutorial on how you actually record your videos? I would love to start a YouTube channel of my nails too.

  5. Well, I appreciate the video. I'm worried with my fragile nails that the extra rubbing and pressure will cause just as much damage as shorter exposure to acetone polish remover. I'm also concerned that a peel off base coat could also peel up layers of my nail 8-(

  6. Love that remover. I don't like chemicals, I much rather use natural products. I had never heard of this stuff. Thank you for showing this product. I would use it.

  7. I’ve never heard of this type of polish remover BUT I’m definitely gonna give this a try! Thanks for the review!

  8. Very interesting! I have experienced that pure tea tree can irritate sensitive skin like mine. Maybe that is not the case with this nail product, but I am always carefull

  9. I am sure it will smell way better than most removers out there, I actually like the smell of tea tree πŸ˜€ I'd love to know if you also tried to remove any difficult glitter polishes, I use A LOT of glitter polishes especially this time of year ^^

  10. My hand and nail care journey started with your channel and my nails are the best they have ever been. It's so exciting! I appreciate all that you do.

  11. Thank you for the thorough explanation & review πŸ’œ

    I don't think it's for me, my nails are 6.5 cm long SO to rub and rub at them just would make me πŸ€ͺ

    but I do think it a good option out there for people with "normal" nail length and especially for those with dryness or skin issues (like eczema and psoriasis)

    For my nails I usually use unt peel of base.

    only the under of my nails and on my toes I use regular base coat therefore I remove with acetone- I add a few drops of the nail oil to pure acetone, it feel way less drying, but still remove very quickly. πŸ€— and when I finish removing I moisturize them with nail oil for a while before I apply new polish πŸ˜„

  12. to be honest you made me want to try some more healthy options of removing nail polish. I am not sure if this one speaks to me and it seems like for me regular nail polish remover is just quicker and better because of this, but I might get some eco nail polish remover to use when I have more time or when my nail need more care. like during wintertime:) I would love to see some tips and tricks as well on how to make it move nail polish faster… πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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