Spa Facials : How to Make a Facial Toner

Spa Facials : How to Make a Facial Toner

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Do you like to make your own at home skin
care products? My name is Keeley Selvage with Keeley Skin Solutions and I’m going to show
you how to make your own facial toner. This is an excellent toner and I like to use fresh
herbs; rosemary from my Mama’s garden, smells delicious. And I’m just going to squeeze them
a little bit so you can get all those essential oils out and get them working and I’m going
to put it in this little jar, you can use a mason jar too is great. Whatever kind of
fresh herbs you have, you can use those. Like if you have lavender, that’s great too. I’m
also going to use a little tea bag. It’s got chamomile, it has lavender and it has licorice
in it. So if you have something like that, that’s an excellent way to do it too. So I’m
just going to stuff that in my jar. I have some vinegar that I’ve heated up. I’ve heated
this up for about forty five seconds so it’s a little bit steamy; if you can see the steam
working there and I’m going to pour it over my little concoction here, let it steep a
little bit. You want to actually let this sit for about two weeks and it’s going to
be really ripe and ready to go. So while its doing that, you want to leave it in the refrigerator,
let it sit for two weeks. When it’s done after that two weeks, you want to have yourself
a bottle; I just have a small bottle today; but you can definitely use a larger bottle.
You can get those at craft stores and you want to strain out the herbs and add your
vinegar to your distilled water. It’s that simple. We’re just going to pour it in there.
This is an excellent refining and refreshing toner. The vinegar definitely has skin enhancing
qualities. Put it in there, shake it up, smells delicious and you can either spritz it on
your face or you can put some, have some cotton swabs, cotton ball; a little, I have little
cotton aesthetic pads and swipe them over your face very gently and you’re going to
feel fresher and brighter and younger. My name is Keeley Selvage with Keeley Skin Solutions
and that is how you make an at home facial toner.


  1. She should clarify what type of Vinegar she's using,The only vinegar you should use on your face is Organic Apple Cider Vinegar & it should be diluted with water or aloe vera juice.

  2. @heyimchels it is actually quite good but use APPLE CIDER VINEGER it is the only vineger safe to use on skin!

  3. @TheLovely1919 yeah asians use green tea extract on their skin because it is so rich in anti-oxidants and it leaves the skin feeling really good

  4. I made this toner and loved the smell! Added mint and camomile to mine along with dried rosemary. Makes my face feel very clean. The vinegar smell gets to me a little bit, but I bet that could be fixed by adding a little more water. Thanks for the video!

  5. I don't know. I make my own toner and just seep the herbs in boiling water for about a half hour and then I use it right away and it works great.

  6. Lavender oil can really dry out your skin ,Undiluted lavender oil can work wonders on stings and blemishes, but it should not be applied to large areas of skin simply because it has a drying effect, due to rapid evaporation – the same reason that alcohol is drying.

  7. I have been using lavender essential oil on my skin for quite some time and it has never dried out my skin. I use it mixed with a carrier oil and apply all over my face, I also use it mixed with some other ingredients as a toner a couple times a week AND when I do aromatherapy. Never had any problems. You shouldn't use any essential oils especially lavender undiluted even on blemishes as they are way too strong and can cause irritation that way. That's why you have it mixed other things.

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