Spring Glow Makeup | Haley Kim

Spring Glow Makeup | Haley Kim

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  1. I'm waiting for your skincare routine video, coz I really wondering how did you take care of your skin, lots of love❤❤ from Thailand

  2. Haley going the extra mile with her editing and minimalist sound effects is just so amazing. >< Always supporting you!

  3. Congrats on the sponsorship! Can't get enough of your makeup videos, so beautifully executed and so doable for every day. Keep up the good work!

  4. love this look❤️ whenever I follow your looks,I get the best results ✨✨they suite my asian features and they make my skin look great✨❤️

  5. I like you very much. You are very beautiful. I have been following your channel for a long time. If you have Thai subtitles, it will be great.

  6. 와 헤일리님 이번 메이크업룩 너무 잘어울리고 이뻐요!! 제가 처음 헤일리님을 접했던 러시안 레드 메이크업과 비슷한 분위기라 더 맘에드네요。•◡•。

  7. I wish I had a bit more defined and pinker lips. My lips look so bad with any colour that's not dark. I wish I can just wear tinted lip gloss and go on about my day but having an ass hole like lips urggggg just not good 😂

  8. 오늘 메이크업 자연스럽게 핑크핑크하고 글로우해서 너무 예뻐요..ㅠㅠ 이번 맥 제품 헤일리님하고 찰떡이네요 💖💖 맥 섀도우 케이스도 원래 블랙이었던거 같은데 투명으로 바뀐건가요..?! 맑은 분위기에 더 잘어울려요💙

  9. You are the first time I follow about make up in YouTube, because many people said they nature but I saw they apply too much in their face and never see who makeup natural look until you .

  10. She’s the queen of minimal makeup with a pop of color 👌🏼. Your makeup style gives that “effortlessly chick/naturally pretty model off duty” vibe. I love it because I’m one of those who the harder I try and the more products I use, the worse it ends up looking. Not just because my makeup skills are none existent but also because I can’t stand the feeling of heavy makeup. Keep up the good work! @03:33 🙌🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  11. Love this look!! I always thought I'm the only one who doesn't like heavy makeup look but so happy to see someone like you out there making it possible! x

  12. 제가 원래 피부에 하이라이터 올리는걸 안좋아하는데 헤일리님이 하이라이터 쓰는거 보면서 저도 점점 하이라이터를 써보고 싶단 생각이 들어요😇 특히 오늘 하이라이터 너무 옙흐네여🤭

  13. so proud you’re partnering w big brands!! you create great looks 😍 ps you slapping your base makeup in is giving me life 😂😂😂

  14. I am never tired of these videos.♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ Been looking for natural subtle makeup which can be done in minimum time. Big big fan from india. 🥺

  15. You are one of my favorite beauty bloggers. Your makeup style is very natural and suits Asian skin. I really like your glow and dewy skin. Let's make more makeup videos. I always follow and support you. Love youu <3

  16. 이 영상 보면서 마침 가수 이루리님의 환상이라는 곡을 듣고 있는데 우연인건지 닮으시기도 하고 곡하고도 잘 어울리시네요.

  17. I love how you do easy make up and as someone with tanned skin your tips really helps!! Love you keep on making video

  18. Haley, yours is the only makeup channel that i follow, you are so talented and natural, I love how you use your fingers to do the whole makeup and the way you pamper and embrace your skin 🙂 , I have learnt a lot from you, I hope you grow personally and professionally too! All the best dear and keep teaching and inspiring us <3

  19. I just found your videos couple of days ago, and i felt like this is what ive always wanted to see. Your videos about natural simple looks fit me so much. Thank you 💖

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