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[MUSIC PLAYING] HAILEY: Hi, my name is Hailey. Today, my mom is bringing me
in for surgery at St. Mary’s Children’s Hospital. You can follow along, so
if you ever need surgery, you’ll know exactly
what to expect. My mom says we’re right on time. The first thing
we’re going to do is check in on the third floor. This is where I’ll get a
plastic bracelet with my name and birthday on it, so
everyone knows who I am. Today, I’m kind of a big deal. Next, we take a ride on the
elevator to the eighth floor and let the nurses
know we’re here. Now we’re heading to the coolest
room in the entire hospital, this room. And on surgery, it’s my room. MOM: Hailey, are you ready? HAILEY: Look at me, Mom. MOM: [LAUGHS] You look great. HAILEY: Before we
get started, I get to change into these
cool hospital pajamas. Today, mine have tigers on them. In my room, a nurse
will check my vitals. That’s fancy hospital
talk for making sure I’m ready for surgery. She checks my weight,
height, and temperature. She also checks
my blood pressure with a machine that gives
my arm a little squeeze. In my room, I get to
meet a lot of new people. This nurse asks me and my
mom important questions. She makes sure I have
not eaten or had anything to drink this morning. She puts all of our
answers into the computer. Next, I meet a child
life specialist. She tells us all about
what’s going to happen today. She answers our questions,
shows me pictures, and lets me touch some
of the medical equipment. This stuff is really cool. This is like the mask
I’ll wear in surgery to help me fall asleep. She even lets me pick out
a yummy smelling lip balm that we rub inside the mask
to help the mask smell better. Sometimes you have to wait a
little bit to go into surgery. Luckily, there are lots of fun
things to do while you wait. You can color, watch TV,
or go into the playroom. When it’s time for
surgery, the nurse comes to get me and my mom. She gives me a ride
on this cool bed with wheels all the
way down to surgery. Like I said before, today
I’m a pretty big deal. In the pre-op room, I get
to meet with my doctor. She makes sure my mom and
I don’t have any questions before surgery. Next, I meet nurses that
will help me with my surgery. One nurse will stay right
by my side the whole time during surgery. Now we meet the
anesthesia care team. These are the people that will
give me sleeping medicine. They’ll use a stethoscope
to listen to my heart and have me open my mouth
real wide to make sure I’m looking good for surgery. I’m not really tired right
now, but they talk to me about the special mask that
will help me fall asleep when it’s time for surgery. Then I show them which
lip balm I picked out to put on the mask. If I was a little
older, the doctors might want me you can get the
sleepy medicine through an IV. An IV is a poke that leaves
a tiny straw in my vein. It kind of leaves like
a pinch when it goes in. I was nervous about
going into surgery alone, so I asked my doctor
and my anesthesiologist if my mom can come into
the operating room with me. They said yes. But first– MOM: Ta-da! [CHUCKLES] Do you like it? HAILEY: –she had to
put on a bunny suit so she doesn’t bring
germs into surgery. Mom looks funny. I wish I could take a picture. You can ask your doctor
and anesthesiologist if your mom or dad can come
back into surgery with you too. [MUSIC PLAYING] When it’s time for surgery,
my surgery gives me a ride into the operating room. Everyone’s wearing hospital
clothes, hats, and masks, to make sure
everything stays clean. It makes me feel better
knowing my nurse will be right by my side
during surgery. My surgery team stickers
on my chest and belly so they can watch my
heartbeat while I sleep. They also put a
sticker on the finger that tells the doctors
how well I’m breathing. Then they put a blood
pressure cuff on my arm. It gives my arm a little
squeeze when it starts working. The anesthesiologist shows me
one more time how the sleeping medicine works with the mask. And once I’m ready,
they put the mask on me and I start to get very sleepy. [MUSIC PLAYING] And just like that,
surgery is over and I wake up in
the recovery room. There are a lot of computers in
the room, and even other people who just had surgery. I still have the stickers
on, and I will still have an IV in my arm. Remember, this is a small straw
to help give you medicine. If you’re not feeling
good after surgery, it’s OK to tell the nurse. She might be able to
give you something to help make you feel better. After just a little bit of
time in the recovery room, my nurse gives me
a ride on my bed back to my room, where
my mom is waiting for me. Then I can have some juice,
or even a Popsicle, if I want. Some kids have to spend
the night after surgery, but my nurse says I
get to go home today. When it’s time to
leave, the nurse gives me to ride in a
wheelchair to my car. Well, that’s it. That’s all there is to
having surgery at St. Mary’s Children’s Hospital. Thanks for coming with me today. Bye. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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