Steve Spurrier’s Reactions and Facial Expressions During the 1996 Fiesta Bowl – Florida vs Nebraska

Steve Spurrier’s Reactions and Facial Expressions During the 1996 Fiesta Bowl – Florida vs Nebraska

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Steve Spurrier is an SEC football legend
roaming the sidelines in the southeast the ol ball coach accumulated numerous
wins but also displayed some of the funniest reactions and facial
expressions especially during the 1996 Fiesta Bowl so sit back and enjoy this
video of Steve Spurrier’s reactions and facial expressions when the number one
Nebraska Cornhuskers took on the number two Florida Gators in the Fiesta Bowl
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to 19 eSports nostalgia thank you very much Florida this season scoring drive took
an average of two minutes and four seconds how would you like to be playing
defense in that thing first on 24 and the Gators backed up at the 8 yard line pretty worn you can’t get any closer there’s the safety Williams Nebraska is great against the run they
came into the game saying they are not going to allow Florida to run the ball
third down in one foot and they stopped them they won’t gamble down at the 22
that’s for certain 12 rushing plays so far tonight for the
Gators for a total of four yards of four balls on that drive see Horford goes
back to him that pass picked off picked off by Michael Booker free room ahead
Michael Booker in for the touchdown bad throw because he couldn’t put his weight
into that pass looked like the leg two of Reggie Green his left guard got a
little tangled with the quarterback as he was trying to fling it he’s over
there explaining to Steve Spurrier that I couldn’t come in uncontested again on the
quarterback 214 they came back and scored over 60 points in that game so
this game is far from over in Florida two players who are usually on the third
team depth chart Erick Warfield and Mike Rucker a freshman and sophomore
who’ve seen limited action this year but they each got a sack on the last series
two things that Nebraska felt coming into this game were important one to
rotate the defensive lines the tackle well to win this football game like every good football coach why also ball control they’ve been
patted and give it an antique cheap touchdown about
an interception third along on i-20 be witnesses Tony villain one-time game tonight that
number 11 will go on to another special player Jim he has been a special one for
Coach Spurrier and look at this ball free still down we recovered by the Cornhuskers those are superior athletes they’re hard
to tackle certainly the protection of Danny Wuerffel was a major problem
tonight in this game two five-yard loss on food razors total go to go fetch put
that last effort found the end zone and goal at the 15 Shawne rolling


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  2. That 95 Florida team was one of the 10 best teams of the 90s but only 2nd best in 95! Nebraska was a unstoppable machine back then!

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