Stippling, Buffing & Expert Face Brush Tutorial | Real Techniques

Stippling, Buffing & Expert Face Brush Tutorial | Real Techniques

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Hi guys, I’m Sam. Today I’m going to be
talking you through the differences between these three brushes and showing you how I use them. Starting with the stippling brush, I use this brush mostly
for very light foundation. So foundations that I want a very sheer finish with,
things like BB creams and tinted moisturizers are utterly brilliant for
this. This brush will give you a really nice light coverage and where you need
extra coverage you just stipple which means you push
the product onto the skin like that. Now for those that like a compact foundation,
the buffing brush is really brilliant for that. It works the foundation in
circular motions really into the skin so if you’re using a powder foundation or a
cream to powder, this is a great brush to have in your makeup bag. The expert face
brush is going to give you a little bit more coverage, so I tend to use this when
I want a flawless finish. I’m going to use it now with a medium coverage
foundation. So using my expert face brush I’m just going to start and work this
foundation just in circular motions from the center of the face outwards towards
the jaw where we’re just going to blend that in a little. You can see very little
foundation is required to get a really good flawless finish.
So absolutely essential for those that want a medium coverage or slightly
heavier coverage. The Real Techniques brushes are also multi-purpose I’m now
going to use a bronzer and my buffing brush and I’m going to work that just
across the cheekbone, again circular motions. And we’re buffing that in so we
don’t get tons of product on, just a little where we need it and this is a
powder bronzer if you’re wondering but you can also use it with cream. Because
we’re using that circular motion, the brush will just pick up the high points
of the cheekbone. And I’m going to brush a little of this just across the brow bone, just using the edge of the brush. I’ve used a powder bronzer
and I now want to put a cream highlight blush over the top. I’m going to use my
stippling brush because this brush if I push it on top it won’t disturb anything
underneath so I’m going to use my highlighter blush here. This is a very
shimmery blush and I’m just going to take from the product onto my brush and
then I’m going to push this just over the top. You’ll get a really nice sheen. And those are my top tips on using these
three brushes together to create a flawless finish. Thanks for watching and
I’ll see you next time. Bye bye!


  1. Hi, I'm not that familiar with makeup brushes. 🙂
    Is that also what they call a kabuki brush? If it's not, what's the difference?  

  2. I actually use the stippling brush for my foundation – I don't use it in circular motions, I stipple the foundation on – it gives a great great flawless finish on my thin liquid foundation – Best foundation brush I have ever ever used!

  3. I dont know if you guys have one similar to the mac flat top foundation brush but I would love to see you make one I love these brushes I just wish I had a flat top foundation brush from you guys!

  4. I have the expert face brush, and I have fine vertical lines on my cheeks. When I apply liquid foundation with this brush, it puts more foundation into the fine lines and makes them more noticeable. Do you have any tips for a smoother application?

  5. Hello, I am interested in purchasing one of your Real Techniques brushes but I would just like some help from you on which brush to choose because I am torn between the Expert Face Brush and the Buffing Brush. Please help

  6. I own all three brushes ( and more of course ) and they are just absolutely amazing!!! They have not shed on me whatsoever and I have been using them for a long time now. I've also washed them a billion and one times. I love your brushes!

  7. I know that this is a super unnecessary and random comment, but have you noticed that in the music video 22 by Taylor Swift they use the blush brush in one of the scene. I just watched again and I thought it was super cool. 

  8. I just bought the real techniques sponge, and I fell in love with it. I can't wait to use the expert face brush, because I feel like my liquid foundation brush from a random brand just makes everything look streaky. I'm so excited!

  9. Please consider making the buffing brush available as a single brush since it's only available in a set right now…would love to be able to purchase on it's own..thanks!

  10. can't wait for the buffing brush sold by itself as I use pressed powder foundation & liquid foundation (AND I've just signed up for the newsletter!!). or please just sell these 3 as a set lol!

  11. Thank you for this video, I have been looking for about an hour to figure out if I wanted a stippling brush or something different and you explained the differences so clearly, it really helped me out. Thanks again

  12. I have a stipple brush Real Techniques and it never stopped to loose hair since the day one and now it is getting worse and worse after 7 mounths. Iherb refuses to refund. It is like to throw mmoney through the window. This was my wonderful expérience with this brush !

  13. My friend has bought me the expert face brush for my birthday, cant wait to try!! X love the real techniques collection

  14. I'm shocked to see you can use the buffing brush for foundation! Since I've had the core collection, I started using the pointed foundation brush for foundation, just because it had foundation in the name! Haha

  15. Hello! I just recently purchased the Core Collection and am excited to try it! Does anyone know if the Buffing Brush can be used with liquid foundation?? Thanks in advance!x @pixiwoo

  16. Would the buffing brush work well with a liquid foundation? I own the buffing brush and the stippling brush and I love them both but I can't find the expert face brush anywhere, so I was just wondering if until I get it would I be better off using the buffing brush or stippling brush?

  17. The expert face brush works amazing with the stippling technique. It's so dense and great quality. The brush is my favorite in my collection.

  18. Hi. Can you use the face expert brush with loose powder foundations like BareMinerals? Love your channel. Learning so much!!! xxx

  19. Can you put liquid foundation directly onto the expert face brush or do you have to put some onto the back of your hand first?

  20. Can you use liquid foundation on the buffer brush because I find the pointed foundation brush far to small for my big face!

  21. I loved my first brush so much that I actually have bought nearly every brush available. They're actually the only ones I use now because they leave NO STREAKS ON MY FACE! They're now my holy grail.

  22. Hello from Montreal, Canada! Heard so much great feedback on your brushes that I bought them yesterday in a core collection. Not sure how to use the pointed foundation brush and detailer brush just yet. Love the quality.

  23. I use your stippling brush for putting on my cream blusher… I am addicted to the effect it creates… so natural! Thanks for ANOTHER great brush !

  24. my stippling brush broke at the handle before I ever used it. upset because I was so excited to use it.

  25. I have the expert face brush, but when I try to apply foundation with it, it looks streaky and cakey, no matter how much I try to blend it. any advice?

  26. i have a question wich one would work better fora liquid foundation without leaving strikes (the foundation i use is the nude air by dior)

  27. The brush I got was really good I had it for quite a while but a couple days ago the brush came out of the handle and this brush is my go to but now I've got a sponge and it is brilliant

  28. I personally hate the buffing brush with liquid foundations it feels so flimsy but I think that it has a lot to do with my foundation being more of a cream/ more stiff. If your foundation is more runny and spreadable it might be good! But for sure, with powders it works very well.

  29. I have a question… I went to my local department store and I was looking at the real technique brushes and I noticed that there were 2 different shades of the same brush… in the powder brush, there is a dark orangey color and there is a lighter orangey gold color. the fonts of writing are also different… should I be concerned??? I hope you can shed some light on the situation…. Thank you.

  30. i use the born this way foundation and i wanna get a new foundation brush but i'm kinda lost now, should i go for the expert,buffing or stippling brush? which one works the best without leaving any strikes? thank you

  31. Hi real techniques bought a stippling brush and after washing it in running water and dry it up side down the hair of brushes are removing thats why i stop using it now because everytime i use it now hair of the brush is going to my face.i hope you can check about that because only in stippling brushni experienced that while my other brush are not like that thanks

  32. Ladies I only just caught on to using brushes for foundation, and I have to say I LOVE this brush!!! best investment – thank you xoxo

  33. Hello! I want to use mineral powder foundation but I don't have the buffing brush. I have the stippling brush and the expert face brush, which one would work the best please?

  34. Hi! I have a rare autoimmune disease that makes me hypersensitive and gives me rosacea&acne. Your brushes feel like heaven!! I wish I had bought your brushes sooner but I'm living on a limited budget so I could only dream of buying all the brushes (though they're on all my wish lists lol).
    Last week I found out had to change my bare minerals foundation and I was told to to use a precision brush to apply it so I bought your sculpting brush kit. However I'm now concerned that I may have gone wrong & wasted money I don't have. I know your brushes are versatile, which is why they are awesome, but I'm not sure I'm getting the right coverage with the precision brush used as a foundation brush. Are there any videos of the precision sculpting brush being used to apply mineral foundation? Thanks so much!

  35. Thank you so much for making all those wonderful video, love all of them.  I do have a question on using the buffing brush on skin that has a lot scaring from previous pimple and acne. How can I cover them with out caking them with a lot of powder? I mean serious deep holes on the skin.  Should I seal them with glue in stead? Many thanks.

  36. Can I ask how you get your skin so naturally dewy and glowing? How did you achieve that before even applying any makeup? Amazing!

  37. I love watching this lady, her videos and techniques. And I also own many RT brushes, they are fabulous! 🙂

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